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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 234: Live to Sienna Pt.234 Bahasa Indonesia

“I want to learn sword fighting! I want to be a knight when I grow up.”

“But Leah…”

It was time for Sienna to tell Leah, as usual, that Leah was still young and learning sword fight was dangerous.



Sienna was embarrassed and called his name. But it was after he had already allowed it. Leah exclaimed with joy, “YAY!”


When Carl tried to attach a condition to the word “but,” Leah held her breath and looked at Carl. She seemed nervous about what conditions he would say. As much as Leah, Sienna waited for what conditions would be thrown out of his mouth.

Sienna thought she had no choice but to teach Leah the sword one day, but it was too early. Swords were hard to deal with even for adults, so it was appalling to think that a child had to handle it. So, Leah, as well as Sharillo, were not allowed to have swordsmanship lessons.

Sienna hoped that Carl would say, ‘I will allow you if you are over 20 years old,’ or ‘If a dragon appears in the palace, I will make him or her a sword master.’

“I’ll allow you if you pass the history test a month later.”



Sienna and Leah asked back at the same time. While Sienna’s question contained a grudge against Carl as if it was too generous to allow Leah to learn sword skill over a history test, Leah was asking what kind of test he was talking about.

“I’ll tell Mr. Samuel. I’ll select questions evenly throughout the whole lessons, so I’m sure you’ll fail the test if you take the class with your current attitude.”


Leah answered excitedly, and Sienna said. “You know how persistent she is. I’m sure she’ll pass the test somehow to get her sword training.”

Sharillo continued to eat quietly, as if he had nothing to do with the whole issue.

“The same goes for Sharillo, too.”


It wasn’t until his name was called that Sharillo looked at Carl with a look of interest.

“After Leah, you’re going to teach the sword to Sharillo too?”

Sienna tried to stop him, but Carl explained first.

“Just because it’s a sword drill doesn’t mean they have to carry a real sword. So, don’t worry too much. It is necessary for children’s physical fitness.”

Sienna said with a face still full of discontent.

“I know what swordsmanship is like. I’ve been watching my brother get his sword training ever since he was a kid. Just because you don’t carry the real sword doesn’t mean it’s not tough.”

“That’s because the Waters have a particularly intense training. We can have the instructor who will teach the children to adjust to the intensity of the training. It’s enough to build up their stamina and stay healthy. I don’t want to overtrain my children because Sharillo and Leah won’t go to war.”

Sienna nodded helplessly at Carl’s explanation. But she didn’t let go of her discontent expression because she didn’t fully accept it.

“I’m going to have a simple lunch and dinner today because of work, so you should eat with the children.”

Carl frowned at Sienna’s notice.

“You’re not saying that because I’ve allowed the kids a chance to learn swordsmanship, are you? You promised me to teach them when the time came. Besides, it’s not unconditional permission – I attached a clause that they can learn on the condition of Leah passing the history exam.”

“I still think it’s too early, but I’m not doing that because of that. I’m busy with my work these days.”

“What the hell is keeping you so busy? Orphanages are settled all over the country, and you’re almost done building an academy for aristocratic children. Now we just have to wait for the building to be built as planned, but I think you’re busier than before. You’ve been skipping meals so frequently…”

“Yes, Mother! You are too busy. I want to play with you…”

Leah stood by, helping Carl, and Sharillo nodded and agreed to their opinion.

Sienna kept the banquet for Carl as a surprise, but she didn’t even tell the children because she was worried that they might learn about it and easily tell Carl. As a result, the family seemed to feel alienated.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t tell the truth now when the banquet was just around the corner. There has been a lot of trouble, and Sienna wants to see Carl moved by the banquet she prepared. So, she’s made up her mind.

“Managing the imperial register is always a busy job. And you guys have to study hard to pass the test your father will give. Especially you, Leah! You want to be trained as a knight. Then you’d have to study hard.”

Leah nodded with a sullen look. Sienna said, patting her head to comfort her.

“Shall we go on a picnic to the north garden next week? The flowers are going down now, so there will be so much maqui berry by then. Anna, let’s go together.”

“Okay! It’s fun to pick maqui berries! It turns the tip of your fingers purple. Ah! I’ll have Anna draw me that finger! And ask her to draw purple-colored lips, and also draw a maqui berry hanging on the tree!”

Anna has been learning painting ever since she showed outstanding talent in art classes. She took a small canvas and painted wherever she went outside as if she had as much interest as she had talent.

Leah clung to Anna while she drew anything that came to her mind, as if Leah found it strange and amazing that every time Anna painted a picture it bore a new life. Anna did not refuse what Leah asked for and she drew it. So, there were a lot of paintings Anna had painted in Leah’s room.

Sharillo tailed Leah in a gentle voice.

“I can’t let Anna get in trouble every time because of you. Anna’s hands were swollen last time when you asked Anna to draw the palace.”

“But Anna said she was fine.”

“You know, Anna can’t refuse someone’s request. Remember the last time she ate the Merida fruit you gave her? Even though that makes her body get blotchy rashes.”

“…I didn’t know Anna couldn’t eat Merida’s fruit at the time.”

Sharillo said with a nod.

“I know. Because you gave it to Anna. I mean, Anna never says no. So you can’t ask her to draw too much.”

“Can’t I ask for a single picture?”

Sharillo shook his head, saying, “No way.”

Sienna said, patting Leah’s shoulder. “You can’t ask her to draw every day, but sometimes you can ask for one. Why don’t you carry Anna’s paint and bucket for her instead?”

“Okay! I’m strong, so I can even carry a hundred paints!”

“So you’re going to participate in classes hard until then, right?”


Leah nodded vigorously at Sienna’s words.

Sienna turned to Sharillo and looked at him, saying, “You’re going to work hard too, right?”

“Yes. I will,” he replied.

Satisfied with the children’s answers, Sienna looked at Carl this time. Unlike the children who were soothed with her offer to go on a picnic later, Carl’s discontent seemed to have not been resolved.

“Please bear with me until next week, Carl. After that, I’ll make it up to you.”


Carl didn’t answer her. Sienna laughed because he was grumbling like a child.


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