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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 228: Live to Sienna Pt.228 Bahasa Indonesia

At Hain’s words, Pavenik explained urgently with a disconcerted look.

“I have nothing going on with the daughter of Cozeco. I don’t know what you’ve heard about me, but I don’t easily open my heart to a woman. The only person I ever thought was truly beautiful is Miss Hain. No matter how much you sang about the beauty of the Empress, it didn’t reach my ears. In my eyes, Miss Hain is much more beautiful.”

Hain’s feelings were not fully comforted, but her cheeks were reddening. He was the only one who spoke of her beauty with all his heart. But she couldn’t accept his words with an easy nod.

A womanizer was called a womanizer for a reason. Such men can easily say the sweet words a woman wants, and those are cunningly captivating.

“Well, even if you say that, it’s the love of the Cozeco family that Lord Pavenik really cares about. It’s been said that you and she were dancing, exchanging sweet conversations, and laughing together.”

Pavenik shook his head strongly, saying, “Not at all.”

“Sweet conversation? You mean a terrible conversation! I have never danced with a woman, so I stepped on her foot. I was so embarrassed I kept apologizing. I laughed at her while apologizing because I found it funny that she was forcing herself to smile just because many others were watching us. But I didn’t dance with genuine smiles. Honestly, it was a terrible experience.”

“Well, it’s not a terrible experience. She’ll understand.”

Hain’s mind was a little relieved. At least, Pavenik and Miss Cozeco weren’t in a special relationship as she heard.

“Do you know what I felt more pathetic about myself?”

“What is it?”

“While dancing with Miss Cozeco, I thought ‘I must continue to practice dancing so that I don’t step on Miss Hain’s foot when I dance with her.’ If your feet turned blue with bruises, that would make me feel so horrible.”

“Oh my! Why would I dance to Lord Pavenik?”

“Miss Hain may not want to dance with me, but I’ve always imagined dancing with you. Actually, I had imagined more than that. I thought of how many children we’ll have when I marry you and with what names we’d name them.”

Hain turned her head in embarrassment, unable to look at the face of Pavenik. However, he continued to talk.

“You only talk like that, and you don’t visit me like before.”

“My freaking boss… No, I mean, His Majesty the Emperor overburdened me with work that I haven’t even had time to go to the bathroom for the past month. If I could, I’d like to quit and just come to see you. But if I quit my job, I’ll be ashamed to see Miss Hain.”

For a month and two days, Carl has been pushing on the administration and hands-on officials, making a lot of progress. That’s why Carl was able to go to Roman.

However, the decline in Carl’s work did not mean that Pavenik’s work was reduced. There was still a mountainous pile of work that needed his attention. That was why the days of working overtime were still going on for Pavenik.

“Why feel ashamed to see me?”

Hain’s heart had already become soft like a taffy soaked in hot water, but asked as if she didn’t know.

“It’s a crappy working environment, but I’d like to make money and buy a pretty mansion to live in with Miss Hain.”

Hain forced herself not to smile at his words.

“Why would I live with Lord Pavenik?”

“Can’t I dream about it?”

“Don’t even dream.”

At Hain’s harsh reply, Pavenik burst into laughter. Hain was embarrassed and said nervously.

“Why! Why are you laughing?”

“I thought you weren’t interested in me at all, but I’m happy that you were. Were you jealous that I danced with Miss Cozeco? Oh, don’t answer. If you say you were jealous, I’d be so happy that I might roll over on the floor.”

Hain glared at him as if dumbfounded.

“I was never jealous. I just thought about it because everyone said Lord Pavenik danced with her.”

Pavenik asked with a face that he didn’t believe her words at all.

“Not at all? Not a bit? Not this much?”

He opened his thumb and index finger to make a slight gap. Hain shook her head.

‘Why would I admit so fast I was jealous?’

Pavenik nodded with a sly look that said he’d gladly be deceived.

“I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad I was able to clear up your misunderstanding about me. When the Empress said Miss Hain was very disappointed with me, it really felt like the ground was falling apart. So I barely finished what I was doing and ran here. Oh, come to think of it, I couldn’t even prepare a flower because I was in a hurry. I thought I had to solve the misunderstanding right away…”

He said so and glanced around. And he looked at the floor to see if there was a flower he could pick in the corner of the hallway. Even though he thought it was stupid, he had a small expectation that there might be flowers somewhere. But all he could see was a glittering marble.

He raised his head with a disappointed look, but then saw a vase decorated in the hallway. Inside the vase was full of lovely yellow flowers. It occurred to him that the bright color matched the clear-faced Hain.

He went to the vase and tried to take out the flower. At that moment, Hain lost the impression she just had and said to Pavenik with a look of disappointment.

“You’re not going to pull out the flower from the vase and give it to me, are you?”

At her words, Pavenik scratched his head and said, “Can’t I? Isn’t bringing flowers from a vase just like picking flowers from a flower garden…? Does it not look good?”

He became concerned.

“I filled that vase with flowers. I picked each flower from the garden, one by one! I even got some grass on my knee collecting it! I even had a thorn in my hand when I put them together, but I was proud that they were pretty! You’re not going to pull flowers from that very vase, are you?”

In response to Hain’s sharp response, Pavenik replied, rubbing the vase with his sleeves for no reason.

“I knew it was your skill. I thought this vase had such an artsy touch to it. This yellow flower looks just like Miss Hain. I never, ever, ever meant to pull this flower out. I’m just kidding. Ha ha ha ha.”

The thought, ‘You were obviously going to take them out!’ was reflected in Hain’s face. Pavenik sweated cold sweat. He even thought he shouldn’t have come.

He soon took something out of his pocket and held it in her hand. Startled by his sudden action, Hain tried to pull her hand out of his, but Pavenik held it strongly, so she just looked at what he was doing.

“It’s nothing big. I just found it on the way home and thought it was pretty. Ah! The reason why I am famous in the market is because there are many people who know my face since I live there. There are many cheap rooms there. As you know, it takes a lot of money to get a house in the capital. That doesn’t mean I don’t have financial ability. I am saving money every day to get a mansion you’ll be pleased with.”

Hain noticed by the touch that it was jewelry in his hand.

“I’m not saying you have to wear it. But don’t throw it away. It’s not expensive, but I’ve been trying for quite a while to choose.”

He turned around and ran away, as if he was too shy. The cute figure made Hain laugh.

Hain was really relieved now, but she was embarrassed for not laughing in front of him to pretend to be indifferent. Still, seeing Pavenik act like a fool not knowing what to do whenever she made a serious face or made a face full of discontent, made her think he was cute.

“Did I tease him too much?”

Hain murmured and opened her palms. She could see a bracelet made by linking colored stone pieces.


It was not gold, but the color arrangement was pretty and the stone looked dainty. It’s not easy to drill a hole in a stone, so it must be craftsmanship.

“It’s prettier than I thought.”

She wore the bracelet with a satisfied face. Every time she shook her wrist, there was a pleasant clatter.

Hain stopped as she was about to return to the living room and hid the bracelet deep in her clothes. She was embarrassed to show what she received from Pavenik. She thought other people would ask where she got it from.

But after a few steps, she put the bracelet back on her wrist to make it shown.


Hain went back to the room where the royal children were asleep, swinging her arms cheerfully.


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