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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 222: Live to Sienna Pt.222 Bahasa Indonesia


By execution of Arya, who had the biggest role in the rebellion, the treason case was closed. But in actuality, Carl’s work had just started.

The great leaders of the nobles, Count Ferrer and Arya, died on charges of rebellion, and those involved in their rebellion, too, disappeared as the dew of the prison chief. It was no exaggeration to say that half of the high nobles had disappeared. It was welcome to clear up a large number of those who stood against Carl, but there was now a mountain of work to be done.

It was not just the confiscation of the property of those who participated in the rebellion and the management of the land by the state. Those who had a lot of work in the empire disappeared, so Carl had to find others to take charge of their work. The recognition of meritorious deeds led to the appointment of new aristocrats in large numbers, but it hasn’t gained full ground.

Still, for three months, Carl and his men quickly stabilized the empire. However, Carl was unhappy that he had less time to spend with Sienna due to increased work.

But it was very important to stabilize the empire for soon-to-be-born Sharillo. So Carl was working hard in the Oval Office even today.

He felt the surroundings to be chaotic, and the head servant opened the door without a notice and came in.

“The Empress says she’s in labor! I think it’s today.”

One of the servants who ran hurriedly informed of Sienna’s labor pains.

“What? Oh no.”

Carl’s face grew pale and ran out of the door. Pavenik, who was working with him, followed him.

“*PANTING*. Your Majesty, why don’t you keep your dignity? Think about the men who watch the Emperor running through the city.”

At Pavenik’s words, Carl slowed down. But he still made his steps as fast as he ran.

“You’re not going to the Empress like this, are you?”

Carl glared fiercely at Pavenik, since he was in a hurry but Pavenik kept following and nagged him.

“That’s not enough. I’m sure Miss Hain will resent me if you go right away.”

Without stopping, Carl asked, “What does that mean?”

“You can’t be spiritually dirty when a child is being born, at least that’s what she said. Moreover, when the Empress was pregnant, there were many incidents. So you have to pay more attention.”

Only then did Carl stop. After hearing that he might affect the baby, he could not go to Sienna right away. I didn’t believe in religion or superstition, but he thought he should be careful about anything for Sienna and her child.

“Then I’ll have to wash up.”

“Are you just washing up? It’s better to use the sacred water…”

“What about the lake in Elf’s forest?”

“Best of all. The lake that’s out of human reach will help us get rid of all the bad spirits on the body. By the way, how are you going to get to the Elf’s forest? It’s not a place where people can’t reach for no reason. What if you become an impure spirit yourself after getting lost in the forest on your way?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Huh? Is there really a way? Then could you please bring me a bottle of water from the lake? I’m sure Hain will like it because it’s a mystical water. Miss Hain is very curious.”

When Carl glared at him, Pavenik avoided his gaze, saying, “I’m just asking.”

“Is there anything else? Good things for a mother to do before she gives birth.”

When Carl asked, Pavenik looked surprised, thinking that Carl would yell at him for being such a pathetic man who believes in superstitions, but not only believing in cleaning up at Elf’s lake, he was asking if there is anything more he can do.

“Is superstition all right?”

“I can do anything good.”

At Carl’s unusual attitude, Pavenik smiled. It was clear that this emperor did not know how strange and funny he was when it had anything to do with the Empress.

“In my hometown, on the day when the mother gives birth, you lay the stems or leaves of trees with red berries at the door threshold.”


When Carl asked if there was anything else, Pavenik frowned and agonized.

Although he knew a lot of common knowledge more than others, he could not know much about childbirth-related things when he was not even married yet.

“Why don’t you go see Miss Hain?”

Carl frowned. Pavenik usually visited Hain for ridiculous reasons, so Carl thought he was making another excuse to go see Hain.

Pavenik, who noticed what he was thinking, shook his hand and said, “No, not because I want to see Miss Hain’s face this time. Because there’s no one like Miss Hain for this job.”

“Why is that?”

“She reads a lot of different books. She has a wide range of knowledge. Of course, Your Majesty only sees Miss Hain’s beautiful appearance, and that much beauty may be enough, but Miss Hain is cultured, elegant, warm-hearted…”

“Exclude the nonsense. I don’t know what I’ll do to you if I run out of patience right now.”

When Carl put his hand on a sword beside his body, Pavenik shouted in a dead color.

“Okay. I’ll tell you right away. You don’t have to pull your sword out. Miss Hain must know more about what you want than I do. She’s read a lot of books related to childbirth since she found out about Empress’ pregnancy.”

“Sure. Then I’ll go wash up in the lake in the Elf’s forest first. Put in the notice in advance, and if you have anything to prepare, have it ready immediately.”

Carl, who gave commands to Pavenik, quickly ran toward the lake. Looking at his back, Pavenik shook his head.

“I’m not going to be like that. No matter how much I love my wife, I can’t believe how much dignity he’s losing. No, no one would think that he’s the Emperor right now.”

Pavenik strutted down the hall in a condescending manner. It was because he did not predict that he would make a bigger fuss than Carl in the future.

At the news that Sienna was going into labor, the imperial doctor in charge of her came running, and at the top of the bed where she would have a baby, Hain prepared a boiled and cleaned cotton cloth.

There was a thick black curtain around the bed. Inside the curtain was an old midwife and her auxiliary maid. Outside the layers of curtains surrounded by a black cloth, the imperial doctor prepared for any emergency.

The midwife assured Sienna, clasping Sienna’s hand with her chubby hand.

“It’s your first time, and you’re going to be in such pain and fear that you feel like you are losing your mind. Don’t be afraid. There are dozens of children every year who let this old woman bring them out with my hands, even though my hands don’t look like much. I once received a child from a mother who was told that she was too weak to have children. That’s not all, even though the kids were kicking backwards and the doctors said the mothers will not survive, I saved them with these hands so that they could breathe through their nostrils in good health.”

Sienna still nodded with an anxious look.

“Yes. I look forward to working with you. Will the baby be healthy? I’m worried because he’s been through so much in my stomach.”

The high-spirited midwife said with a confident smile.

“Empress is very healthy so the child should be healthy. And usually, mothers with wide hips like the Empress usually have no problem having children. By the looks of it, I think I can receive the child with my eyes closed. It’s that certain.”

The midwife smiled widely with wrinkles around her eyes.

“Don’t receive with your eyes closed! Not for a moment! I will not forgive you if something happens to Sienna!”


Sienna yelled in embarrassment. She couldn’t understand why Carl came all the way over her and created such a mess. Although they were said to be in the guest room outside the bedroom, their clamor was heard to the inside of the bedroom.

“Never worry. I even received the emperor himself who’s acting like a fool right now. By the way, I was sure at the time when I saw those green clear eyes he would grow into a sane person, but I guess I was wrong.”

The midwife spoke without batting an eyelid despite Carl’s threats. Pavenik burst into laughter and Carl frowned.

Sienna totally agreed with the midwife.

Carl was doing all sorts of bizarre things with Hain in the guest room. She couldn’t see outside because of the black curtain, but she was sure without having to see what stupidity they were doing.

Carl, who had come from a lake in the Elf’s forest, told Hain he would do whatever he could to bless the mother and child, and Hain replied, examining the books she had prepared beforehand.

“…the sky was so clear on the day you were born, that you could shoot a bow and drop the sun from that sky.”

Carl frowned and looked out the window. It was cloudy today.

The sky could not be cleared, but at least the smoke coming up from the palace could be prevented.

“Give an emergency order so that they do not use firearms until the heir is born! If there is anyone who sets off the fire so that black smoke comes out, beat them up!”

Pavenik immediately gave Carl’s order to the knight who was waiting for him. The knight rushed to execute the Imperial order.

“When the Great Phylion was born, the whole sky was covered with black clouds, and a huge lightning bolt, like an old tree, hit the ground.”


When Carl frowned, Pavenik said beside him.

“Shall we cancel the order to ban firearms right now and smoke black smoke to everyone with chimneys? But how can we get a lightning bolt that’s as big as an old tree?”

Even though it was obvious that Pavenik was teasing, Carl didn’t realize it. He was that concerned with Sienna’s childbirth.


A groan escaped from the black curtain. The pain, which had calmed down for a while, seemed to begin again.

“I want you to burn the fire right now…”

Commanded Carl, impatient with Sienna’s groan.


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