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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 216: Live to Sienna Pt.216 Bahasa Indonesia

Family held a very different meaning to the imperial family compared to common people. Rather, they were more afraid of blood. When looking at history, it was not difficult to find cases in which an emperor killed his child for fear of losing his place, or an emperor murdered his brother or father and caused a rebellion. For Carl, who was born and raised in the imperial family, that was natural.

Nevertheless, Sienna and her baby were completely different. He was looking forward to the birth of the child, and he hoped the child would grow up to be happy. Just by looking at himself now, he was naturally reading them books even though she didn’t ask. It was awkward even to himself.

“I’m sorry and I’m upset at myself. I’m used to receiving kindness from you, but I wonder how much other people would misunderstand you. It’s a pity that Carl seems distant and cold.”

Her words gave Carl a smile. Sienna was firmly misunderstanding.

This behavior of his was always limited to her. He didn’t intentionally draw a line and act clearly rude to others, but naturally, he only softened up in front of her. To others, he didn’t need to or want to.

But he swallowed the word ‘only you.’ Because he felt embarrassed to explain to her in words.

She checked the window for red sunlight and said, “It’s already sunset. Come to think of it, you spent away your day like I did today. By the way. I have something to tell you. I hear you’re putting off your political meetings.”

Her face was full of worry.

“I know last time you didn’t see participation in order to empower your people, but this time the matter is so important. I think the damage is enormous, even if there are not many casualties compared to the density in the capital. The knights were killed, of course, but the civilians…”

Carl replied because he wondered if Sienna would consider him to be an incompetent emperor.

“The compensation of this incident for the affected citizens is being made quickly. As you may have guessed, the reason why I’m not going to a political meeting right now is to convey my message to the nobles.”

In Carl’s reply, Sienna nodded as if she understood. Sometimes she understood easily without him having to elaborate. So it was more pleasant to talk to her.

“Of course, I know that the reason why you are staying in my place with the excuse of caring for the imperial heir is to put pressure on the nobles and have an upper hand in negotiations with them. But isn’t it time to wrap things up?”

Of course, she understood clearly. Feeling better, Carl said, stroking her hair.

“You know very well. But you don’t have to nag me like an incompetent husband who doesn’t bring home food.”

Then Sienna raised her eyes and protested, “When did I nag like that?”

Then added, “A man who works at any time is a wonderful man.”

Even that looked lovely to Carl, so he burst into laughter.


Sienna, who had been sleeping a lot recently due to pregnancy, had a languid face hanging on the sofa. For the empress who went through a great deal, the palace people were careful not to bring too much work to her.

Then Jamie came to see her.

“Jamie Waters, here to see Your Majesty the Empress.”

He greeted Sienna with courtesy. Sienna shook her hand and said, “No thanks. I’m tired of being polite today, so just do as you please.”

At Sienna’s words, Jamie shook his head and said solemnly.

“I will continue to use the honorifics greetings of the Empress as promised. Just because of the way we speak changed, it won’t diminish the bond between you and me.”

Once Jamie made a promise, he was the kind of person who had to keep his word.

It was strange that only Sienna spoke to him comfortably when Jamie was so polite. Even if they honored each other as he said, their relationship was still that of a good brother and sister. Sienna also asked him in honorifics.

“Okay, Lord Waters. You must have been very busy. You haven’t come to see me since the event happened, so I’ve been lonely.”

At Sienna’s complaint, Jamie scratched his cheek and said,

“I’ve got more work to do than I thought…”

“I just felt like saying something to tease you. I know you’ve helped a lot with the Knights of Phoenix these days.”

Jamie looked gloomy as Sienna smirked at his naive response. But the loss of the people he trained was not an easy thing to forget.

“No, it’s all because of me. If I trained them a little stronger…”

“How could that be because of Lord Waters? There’s no use of skill in the face of death, nor in the well-polished sword.”

Comforting Jamie, Sienna also controlled her own sorrows. It was hard to lose someone.

“But is the Empress getting better? You’re not just one person, but you’ve been swept away by such a big…”

“I was protected by Lord Waters and Carl. I didn’t even get a small wound.”

“I’m so thankful.”

Jamie knew well that Sienna wasn’t hurt because he was with her. Rather, he seemed to be asking, if she was mentally distressed.

“I’m fine. Of course, it’s the same with the baby in the belly.”

When Sienna answered bravely, Jamie smiled. It was a smile to reassure others.

“I’m glad you’re all healthy. Come to think of it, your bump is much bigger than before. It wasn’t easy to tell before, but now it’s a presence… I think the imperial heir is growing well.”

Sienna stroked her belly and said, “They say it’s a little bit bigger than usual. But this is only a start. It’s going to be even bigger.”

Jamie asked her with a surprised look.

“That’s great. That would make it hard to breathe…”

“It must be hard, but what can I do? I don’t use this body alone, I have to share it with the heir.”

“I can’t get used to your appearance and it’s amazing.”

“It’s the same for me. There’s a person in my stomach…”

Jamie smiled softly at Sienna’s words.

“When will Lord Waters return to Heidel? You’re leaving after this child is born, right?”

Jamie looked embarrassed at Sienna’s question.

“I’m not sure what will happen. Actually, I’m trying to get back to work fast, but…”

“Please stay a little longer…”

When Sienna was disappointed, he said with a weak smile.

“I’d love to, but I’d like to get back before this thing reaches the Waters territory. Our father, who will be hearing this news, will need a detailed explanation, and most of all, I think I’ll have to tell him this story myself.”

“Oh, yes. I think Lord Waters should tell him in person.”

There was no one yet to hold Marie accountable for the rebellion, but surely there ought to be someone who wanted to take her as a scapegoat. Of course, if that were to happen, Sienna, a former comrade of imperial life, was thinking of handling the issue so that Marie wasn’t harmed. Even just for Jamie’s happiness.

“Don’t worry. I’ll stop them if the bad crowd tries to pull down Marquise Methena.”

Jamie nodded at Sienna’s words.

“Yes. The Emperor said the same to me. It’s just…”

He couldn’t speak with a troubled face.

“What’s going on? Tell me.”

“But, Delly…No, Lord Panacio, he will be hard to save. I want to do something for him. He really has nothing to do with this. All he did was train hard in Heidel. He doesn’t have any contact with his family…”

This seems to be one of the reasons Jamie has been too busy to meet Sienna.

Delly was the eldest son of Depine, who was a key figure in the event, and heir to the Panacio family. In the event of treason, not only those who participated in the rebellion but also their family members could not avoid the death penalty.

Sienna understood Jamie’s desire to save Delly. Her family’s involvement in the rebellion would have been a shock to Marie, who would not be able to handle the shock easily if her younger brother, Delly, was taken to the capital and executed. No matter how mentally strong she was.

But Sienna couldn’t give him an answer easily. Sienna couldn’t immediately think of a way to save Delly.

Nor was it now possible to send him to another family for adoption. Even if there was no direct connection, this case would never end if the traitor’s remnant was spared.

“It’s a hard case to solve.”

But Sienna couldn’t break Jamie’s hopes.

“I’ll try to come up with a solution somehow. Don’t worry too much.”


Jamie answered simply. He didn’t say anything like ‘I’ll trust the Empress’ or ‘Please find a way.’ which could be burdensome to her.


“No matter how this ends, Marie will have a hard time. Lord Waters should comfort her a lot when you return to Heidel. Now, Marie has no one to lean on. Even if she didn’t lean on the Panacio family before, it’s different from not leaning on and not being able to lean on.”

“Yes, but I don’t know what kind of consolation I can offer. I’m not very eloquent, and I don’t know where to begin…”

Jamie swept his face roughly down with both hands, feeling stuffy. Sienna poured warm tea into his cup and handed it over to him.

“It won’t be easy. No matter how eloquent a speaker is, words alone won’t comfort her. But Lord Waters can do that.”

“How can I…”

Jamie asked Sienna with a curious look.

“Lord Waters cares more about her than anyone else. And you are patient, and close to her physically, so you can be supportive. Of course, you won’t get better overnight, but you will try until you get better.”


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