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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 215: Live to Sienna Pt.215 Another Beginning Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s not that I don’t trust Lord Waters’ skills, but I can’t let you. According to Kissinger, the remnants of Empress Arya are still attacking the city. Kissinger led the knights to this place, but he had to fight three times.”

Jamie and Sienna looked surprised at Carl’s words. Jamie asked Carl, “You mean the empress mobilized that many knights?”

There were more than five or six expert level knights here. Moreover, they were so powerful that they stood shoulder to shoulder with the Royal Knights.

“How did she get all these people? When we faced them, their skills were extraordinary. Is it possible to train so many talented people without catching the eyes of the imperial family? They were about the same number as the number in Heidel.”

At Jamie’s words this time, Carl responded quite surprisingly.

“I’ve been constantly told that Heidel is the cradle of a talented knight, but I didn’t know it was that great. I don’t think it’s wrong to think Heidel alone can handle a tenth of the force of the Leipsden Empire.”

“It’s a place facing the monster’s habitat, so if it wasn’t that, Heidel would have disappeared at the feet of the monsters. Where the hell did she get all these knights?”

When asked Jamie’s question, Carl looked at the body of a nearby knight.

“What’s more certain is that a close investigation is needed, but the most plausible contributor right now is the Castro Empire.”

It was unclear exactly what Arya, who must have lost Castro’s trust in the purge, guaranteed to the Castro empire and brought in so many of these talents, but it was certain that Count Ferrer brought them in instead of sugarcane. Carl’s teeth were gritting over Arya’s audacity to bring the empire’s enemy to the capital to just take power.

The place where the rebellion broke out was also a problem. The city parade site, which attracted a large number of civilians, showed a vicious thought that it did not matter how much damage the citizens suffered.

Carl looked around with a bitter heart. There were quite a few children among the victims. Carl could not look at the horrors, with countless arrows lodged over their small bodies.

He couldn’t believe that this happened in the safest capital. There was no way to contain his anger which was much more than when he lost his mother or had to kill Azurel.


Rebellion caused by Arya and Count Ferrer was put down in a day. However, its effect has caused the entire Leipsden Empire to boil beyond the capital city.

While most responded that it was incomprehensible that the two people of highest power joined hands and caused rebellion, some complained that the emperor had strongly monopolized power. In particular, some said that the provision of sending central troops to each territory led to a big problem.

Of course, they were only a minority. Most aristocrats watched Carl and held their breath. If the emperor was unhappy with you, you could be swept away for treason.

There were no nobles that were not connected to the main culprits of the rebellion one way or another. It was because the two families had exerted a lot of political influence.

The emperor’s subordinates were red-eyed and searched everywhere for those involved in the incident, so the nobles had to be careful.

Not to mention those who participated in the rebellion, directly provided knights, provided funds and weapons. If they could see anything very relevant, they were called right away and investigated. All those who have ever given gifts or received even a small help from the empress or Count Ferrer for bribe have been subject to investigation.

Once under investigation, they were taken to a small interrogation room next to the prison and had to be questioned day and night for at least three days. It was a terrible thing to be sentenced to, unable to sleep in a dreary and unpleasant place, unable to eat properly.

While the nobles were so wary and couldn’t even breathe out loud, the people who worked in the Imperial City were busy. Those who were surprised by the incident were busy talking about the incident every time they got together in twos and threes.

On the other hand, the palace where Sienna was staying was quiet. One of the hardest-hit knights in the rebellion was the Phoenix Knights.

Eight of the Knights of Phoenix were killed, including Knight Commander Milton. Those who survived were in charge of busy tasks, unable to settle their solemnity over the death of their comrades. So the heavy atmosphere was inevitable. Likewise, the maids, who had been close with the knights, could not easily regain the bright atmosphere.

A close friend of Milton’s, Havali, became the Knights’ Commander. Although he usually had a bright personality, he also lost his smile.

Nevertheless, everyone was busy trying to clean up the rebellion at a rapid pace and regain their original lives. Arya’s people have been captured one after another, but the intensity of the work has increased due to the lack of new personnel to fill the empty positions.

While everyone was so busy, the emperor, Carl, was more relaxed than before. He did not neglect his work, but he tried to stand by Sienna for as much as possible.

When she said he felt comfortable whenever he heard his voice, Carl read to Sienna and Sharillo whenever he could. The problem was that most of the books he read were boring history books.

“The high priest says, How dare you disobey my orders…”


Sienna yawned when Carl was still reading, closed her eyes, and breathed silently, Carl stopped reading.


The sound of firewood burning filled the space. At the tip of his nose, Carl could smell the smell of winter with the smell of soft tea.

Carl smiled lightly. He preferred winter over summer.

Unlike the capital city, where Carl was living, the frontiers were always sensitive to the season. Especially in the summer, the unpleasant smell of sweat from the soldiers could not be described in words, and they had to worry about infectious diseases because water and food easily decayed.

But even not for those reasons, he liked winter. A cold and clear season.

Carl’s gaze was shifted to Sienna, who was asleep.

‘Is she like summer? No, she’s the one who goes well with winter.’

From the first time he met her, he thought she was a very warm person unlike himself. He doubted her intentions because of her provocative words or actions, but strangely he felt that way about her.

Now that he thought about it, he thought he instinctively knew that she was the one he needed and she would become a precious person to him.

The first thought he had when he found out that Sienna was from Heidel was that she didn’t fit the location. She was too warm and passionate to say that she was from there, where the cruel winter always continued.

But after living with her, he realized she was similar to winter. A person who was surprisingly rational and cool-headed, but has a lot of heat in her heart.

She was like a midwinter stove. Making tapping sounds to heat up the air. A grateful person who conveys the heat to his cold heart.

“I’m not sleeping. So keep reading.”

Sienna woke up and gave Carl a nagging voice. She was asleep with a sound breath, but she didn’t seem to know.

Carl started reading again rather than scolding her. It was fun to watch her listen to his voice.

“The crowd answered, Fezer the Great. Emperor, what are we…

“Are you already at Fezer the Great? I think I’ve heard they say Phillyon the Great. Oh, I must have slept a lot. You should have told me.”

If she had heard Phillyon the Great before she fell asleep, she must have skipped the stories of the six emperors in between. She must have fallen asleep earlier than Carl thought.

Recently, Sienna looked into books every night to study the subjects and career activities that she could teach as essentials in the orphanages.

“You must have been really tired because you’ve been sleeping late these days.”

“Ha! I thought I just dozed off, but time went by like this. I’m sorry. It’s not easy to keep reading.”

“It’s all right. At least Sharillo must have been listening.”

At his words, Sienna opened her eyes wide and pulled her upper body back, making a suspicious face. When Carl saw her sudden behavior, he suspected that she was still half asleep.

“You’re Carl, right? You’re not pretending to be Carl, are you?

“What does that mean?”

Sienna straightened out her tired body. Since she just woke up, Carl thought she might get thirsty, so he handed her a cup of tea. Sienna burst into laughter at the sight.

“It’s awkward that you’re friendly.”

Her words gave Carl a strange feeling.


‘Should I say it’s unfair or upsetting?’

Carl stared at her and thought for a moment. He thought he has always been kind and sweet to her, but hasn’t she felt it?

As he retraced whether there was a problem with his behavior, Sienna continued as if she had just realized it.

“So it seems that Carl has always been kind to me. Very much. I’ve been getting used to it and didn’t realize it, but I would never have imagined that Carl would read this book for me and the child in my belly.”

“Is that so…?”

Come to think of it, it’s something that even Carl himself could never have imagined. If it was a few years ago when he relied entirely on Azurel…

For Carl, who had endured his imperial life with the goal of overthrowing the incompetent emperor, a child was only necessary to stabilize his throne, and his wife was a target to keep in check because she might threaten him behind his back.


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