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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 212: Live to Sienna Pt.212 Bahasa Indonesia

“Empress Arya!”

Her eyes were wide open when Count Ferrer called Arya.

“Your Excellency Count Ferrer! You managed to get here safely.”

Count Ferrer frowned at the way she talked. He wanted to point out why she spoke so rudely, but the number of knights by Arya’s side were dozens while there were only two knights who stayed by himself. Moreover, those knights were in bad condition and could not play their part.

He said with a dry cough.

“What about Bluebell? Where’s she?”

“Don’t worry. She’s the most important person in this mission. We’ll keep her safe.”

Count Ferrer nodded with an anxious look.



The soldier, who was fleeing from a sword behind Count Ferrer, fell down and hit him on the shoulder. Count Ferrer looked coldly down at the soldier in terror, touching his sore shoulder.


One of the knights standing beside Arya stabbed the soldier in the stomach. As the sword was pulled out, an enormous amount of blood gushed out, and red blood splashed on the blue clothes that Count Ferrer was wearing.

“Be careful. You know who I am? I’m Count Ferrer. I’m the one who brought you guys all the way here from Castro!”

Although Arya was said to have supported the knights, it was all his own credit that the knights were able to enter the capital. Count Ferrer had to go through quite a lot to bring eighty expert knights from the Castro Empire to the capital.

He changed the route of the ship importing sugarcane and made the knights sneak into his territory to avoid any attention. Later, he dressed them up as merchants and commoners, and sent them up to the capital.

Money damage was big, but it was mentally difficult, too. He had to worry about whether Castro’s army would be found in his own territory and he would face punishment before he could revolt.

Nevertheless, the knight did not even pretend to hear Count Ferrer’s speech nor answer back.

“Ha! It’s not worth my time. You don’t know anything.”

Count Ferrer shook his head as if he could not communicate with them.

As this area became a battleground, fighting continued around Count Ferrer and Arya. Those who couldn’t distinguish between the enemy and allies at first began to stand up and swing their swords.

Count Ferrer grew more and more afraid to be in a place where the metals struck and screamed. The knights didn’t care about him, but only protected Arya. Fearing that he might get hurt by a blind knife, Count Ferrer complained to Arya.

“Empress Arya! You said you would keep me safe!”

Arya said with a coquettish smile.

“Of course, I have made a promise that I will take Count Ferrer to a very safe place. Fortunately, there’s a place that no one can get close to. A place where Carl’s armies would never harm Count Ferrer.”

Count Ferrer was relieved by Arya’s emphatic words. His mind was quickly filled with thoughts of the fruit of victory.

Looking at the surrounding situation, at least in close range, his soldiers and Arya’s knights who came down from the rooftops of each building were actively fighting. If time goes by like this, this place would eventually be cleared up and he will take Bluebell’s hand and ascend to the throne.

A child who was not yet born would not be able to do politics, so Count Ferrer would act like an emperor until the baby could work as an emperor. For at least twenty years, he would be the owner of Leipsden. A sweet smile bloomed around his mouth.

“What are you doing? Take Count Ferrer.”

She nodded to the knight who acted rudely to Count Ferrer a little while ago. The knight took out his sword in obedience. Count Ferrer opened his mouth and looked at the knight with a pleased look.

“Where are you taking…”

THWUMP! There was a sound of quick stabbing. Count Ferrer looked down at his stomach, unable to finish his words. A sword soaked in red blood had penetrated his body.

His startled eyes looked at Arya. His eyes asked why she was doing this to him. But he died on the spot without leaving a word.

Arya burst into laughter when she saw the knight pulling out the sword.

“I just made a promise. I’m sending you to a place where Carl’s soldiers can’t even get near.”

The man, who once tried to stand at the pinnacle of power by making his daughter the empress, became a lump of meat and lay on the ground. The appearance of a humble old body being helplessly kicked around by the feet around him made the power he once possessed colorless.

This was the end of Count Ferrer’s worth. Arya acted as if she was planning the whole thing for the glory of the House of Panacio when she brought him into the case, but she was not interested in such a thing. In order to easily prepare for the rebellion through Count Ferrer and to share the power of the royal baby by taking advantage of Bluebell’s weakness, she has worked in harmony with him.

Arya hadn’t had a grain of desire to share the place with Count Ferrer. That stupid old man would have expected to be taken care of or abandoned after the big event, but she planned to get rid of Count Ferrer early from the start.

“Go and bring the Emperor’s head before me. I’ll laugh at his chopped head. I wonder if those beastly eyes would still be filled with murderous spirit even after he’s out of breath.”

At Arya’s command, the knights were more busily wielding their swords.


The number of people who had filled the alleys and been hitting one another with weapons has decreased considerably.

Sienna hoped this terrible battle would end soon, but given the current atmosphere, it was never likely that her wish would come true. The fight was only to end when Carl kills Arya and Count Ferrer.

There were many people who fell at the tip of the swords. Milton, the leader of the Phoenix Knights, who had been with Sienna for a long time, also gave up his back to the enemy’s sword and died while trying to help the youngest knight, Dimitri. Dmitri, whom Milton tried to protect, did not survive either.

It wasn’t just them. Many knights of the Phoenix Knights, innocent citizens, and aristocrats were killed.

But there was no time to grieve over their deaths. It was impossible to know when the blades coming from all sides would take someone’s life.

Smoke came up over Jamie and other knights’ shoulders. A stuffy smell came out even from Sienna’s mouth, who did not directly fight.

“Sienna! Come on, we gotta get out of here!”

Jamie, who was fighting the enemy while watching the front, belatedly noticed the wagon running toward them, carrying a pile of burning straw. The lit wagon collided with the carriage to which they were turning their back.


Fragments of the crashed carriage bounced up in all directions. Fortunately, the wagon they were hiding was strong, so there was no major damage. But the fire soon spread and the flames began to intensify.

“My God!”

Sienna rose in surprise. Bluebell was still unconscious and curled up. At this rate, she thought she was going to die from the flames, not from being cut by a sword.

Sienna stood up and pulled Bluebell’s arm. Bluebell was not reacting.

“Sienna, come on, you have to get away!”

Shouted Jamie.

But Sienna couldn’t leave Bluebell like this. Bluebell had to see the end. The kind of misery that has been caused by her choice. Sienna thought Bluebell had to.

Bluebell made no response, with her head between her knees. Sienna pulled her arm hard, but she stood still.


Unable to delay time, Sienna struck with her palm the back of the head of Bluebell hard. Jamie, surprised by her actions, opened his mouth while he was frantically blocking the enemy’s sword.

With a fierce slapping, only then did Bluebell raise her head. Her face was full of resentment, not guilt.

“Wake up! Are you going to die like this?”

“Let me die! Why do you care? You’ll be most pleased if I die!”

Two women shouted at each other. Jamie couldn’t understand how the two were staring at each other as if they were going to grab one another’s hair right away in this uproar.

“What are you talking about! Why do I want you dead? You have to live and watch everything! What terrible consequences you caused! How stupid you were!”

“You think I didn’t know? But it doesn’t matter now? I don’t care if those worthless things die or not! I just need to get what I want!”

BAM! Sienna hit Bluebell’s face. The red handprints were clearly stamped on the white skin. Bluebell looked up at Sienna with surprised eyes. Sienna said in a calm voice.

“Don’t lie. If you think their lives are not worthy, why are you crying?”

Only then did Bluebell realize she was crying, so he groped her face with her palm. Then she looked blank when she saw her hands were soaked in tears.

“You’ve already done something irrevocable. All you can do now is apologize to those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. Don’t die, but survive to the end and beg forgiveness!”

‘Even if it’s worse than dying.’

Jamie, who was struggling to protect Bluebell and Sienna, stepped up.

“Sienna! Stop arguing and leave! You can’t see that fire?”

Jamie rushed, pointing to the wagon covered in fire. The flames looked very dangerous. The heat was so hot that their cheeks felt hot.


Sienna, who came to her senses first, grabbed Bluebell’s arm and asked Jamie.

“Where should we go?”

There was no place for them to hide. Behind her back was a fire flapping its red flame, and in front of her was a sword of enemy soldiers whose eyes were turned upside down in blood.

“Knights of Phoenix! Clear the way while protecting the two empresses. Don’t let any blind swords get in your way!”

The deputy commander of the Order of Military Commissars, Havali, shouted to the knights with a determined face.

Sienna held Bluebell’s arm. They were surrounded by Jamie and the Knights of Phoenix. The enemies were still larger in number, but the knights’ eyes glowed with fighting spirit.

Most of the enemy soldiers headed to Carl’s location, but that didn’t just mean Sienna and the Phoenix Knights were safe. Enemies tried to stab anyone they see as if to exterminate all living things on the streets. The Knights of Phoenix and the surrounding soldiers had to continue the tough fight.


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