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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 207: Live to Sienna Pt.207 Bahasa Indonesia

It was a very grand and arrogant remark. It was something a mere man should not say to heaven, earth, and the sea.

“Then a blue dragon, too big to even guess its size, came down from the sky and jumped into the arms of the empress. My father then woke up from the dream, screaming at that wonderful sight. Listening to this story, I thought it was a conception dream. Besides, Chelsea, who heard this story… Oh, Chelsea is the nanny of the Empress and I.”

Carl replied, nodding his head at Jamie’s words.

“I know. She’s Heidel’s midwife who can predict the sex of a child from the conception dream, right?”

“Yes, she is.”

“So what? He’s a boy? She’s a girl?”

When Sienna asked, Jamie smiled and said, “Chelsea says it’s a boy. Usually, when a dragon comes out in your dream, most people say it’s a boy.”

Sienna and Carl nodded gladly at Jamie’s words. The grand conception of the child, apart from the sex of the child, seemed to indicate that Sharillo was sure to grow up to be a great person.

“By the way, I guess the dream you had wasn’t a conception dream. Well, the Kraken is indeed too strange for a conception dream”

“The dream was so clear though…and Kraken is the Dragon of the Sea. If you think about the meaning, it’s not bad.”


Jamie, who didn’t understand the conversation between the two, asked back. Sienna told him about Carl’s dream.

“It’s as great a dream as my father’s. Kraken to bring a warship…”

“Whatever dream you’re dreaming of, Sharillo must be a great kid.”

Agreeing to Carl’s affirmation, Jamie came up with an unexpected idea.

“By the way, both dreams are so much like conception dreams…maybe there are two imperial grandchildren?”

“Two imperial grandchildren?”

“You know, it’s not common, but sometimes twins are born.”

“Well… there’s been a case. Where twins were born previously.”

At Carl and Jamie’s words, Sienna said, pointing to her belly.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Twins. That’s too rare.”

Sienna was wondering if it was possible.

Roy didn’t add the word twins when he informed her of her pregnancy. In the Holy Empire, it was said that priests would not deliver the parents information such as a child’s gender because they should be fully pleased regardless of the variables at birth, but it was not known whether Roy also did so.

Jamie said with a disappointed look at Sienna’s words.

“Well… true. Ah! So then it must have been the conception dream for the Second Empress, not the dream for the first Empress. I heard on the way here that the Second Empress had her baby, too…”



Carl and Sienna kept silent at his words.

The two have yet to inform the outside world that Bluebell was not pregnant. That’s because if Carl denies Bluebell’s pregnancy, it could be seen as falsely plotting to persecute Bluebell and the Ferrer family. On one hand, Carl was also giving Bluebell the opportunity to tell the truth herself. Sienna wanted to give Bluebell the opportunity until the upcoming Holy Day celebrations.

Of course, Carl was more than willing to wait and see how Count Ferrer would react when he learned of Bluebell’s false pregnancy. If he came to ask for forgiveness and took his daughter away, Carl might give her another chance, but if Count Ferrer prepared for the rebellion, his family would be cleaned up. Eventually, the situation was getting close to the latter.

Jamie looked puzzled as he thought he shouldn’t have said anything about that. Sienna asked about her father’s regards to change the subject.

“How’s our father? Is he well?”

“He’s not just fine, but he’s too hale and healthy. If the baby was born, he would run out of the land right away to come here and teach the baby swordsmanship himself.”

“I doubt it. I can’t even imagine my father leaving Heidel.”

“You don’t know your father very well. Your Majesty, he’s so proud of your majesty that while he seems so gentle in front of your Majesty, he talks about you all the time. You don’t know how much lectures I’ve been hearing these days. He wants me to get married and inherit the estate.”

“It’s probably because Lord Waters is of marital age. I told you to look for a bride when you stayed in the Imperial City. It’s not too late now. Find a companion while you are here. Let me help you. Your Majesty, will you help me?”

Sienna asked Carl. Carl looked at Jamie’s embarrassed face and said, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“You’re not gonna help me? Is it burdensome that my father is staying in the capital?”

“No. If Heidel’s spear would become the spear to protect the imperial family, I’d welcome it with open arms. I was saying, you don’t have to introduce a bride to Lord Waters when he doesn’t feel like it. It’s just embarrassing for them if we force them to introduce each other.”

As if to agree with Carl, Jamie scratched his cheek and smiled.

“What does that mean? Lord Waters, you are not saying you don’t want to get married?”

“I don’t feel like it yet. I don’t want to get married right now.”

Sienna frowned at his words. The only heir to the Waters family has no intention of marriage. Moreover, compared to the average age of marriage, he was already late. Sienna was worried that the Waters’ blood would die with him.

“But Lord Waters…”

Jamie stood up as Sienna tried to tell him that he needed a marriage even if he didn’t want it.

“I think it’s too late. As soon as I arrived, I came in the presence of your Majesty so I couldn’t even greet Aunt Kelly properly. I have to go back now.”

He fled in a hurry, feeling pressured or burdened by marriage.

“Why is he saying he doesn’t want to get married?”

After Jamie disappeared in a flash, Sienna sighed deeply. Carl said, patting her stomach carefully.

“Looks like he already has someone in mind.”

At Carl’s words, Sienna looked surprised.

“What? Where could he possibly meet a girl? He may if he were in the capital city. But there’s no woman in Heidel who’s of the age to get married.”

“Why would you think that? There’s Marquis Methena. Marie Methena.”

At Carl’s words, Sienna became a blank face for a moment. Because she’s never imagined that Jamie had her in mind. She was the wife of former emperor Valore.

Of course, she knew that when Jamie entered the Imperial Palace and saw Marie, he became quite fond of her. But she thought he simply had a good feeling for Marie’s beauty, not feeling love for a woman.

“I’ve been suspecting it since Lord Waters told me he’d follow Methena, but I became sure with today’s reaction. He couldn’t have easily confessed his feelings to her because she was married to Valore. But he can’t marry someone else while having her in mind, so he’s probably using the excuse that he doesn’t want to get married.”

Sienna said with a deep sigh.

“Oh, I’m worried.”

Carl asked again with a curious look at Sienna’s response, which seemed to be deeply troubled.

“Why? Are you going to oppose it if the two want to get married?”

“To be honest, it’s not satisfying. For Marie, it’d be a remarriage. But she’s also an ideal wife. Marie has a warm heart and is a beautiful and wise person. But will Marie accept my brother’s heart? Frankly, Jamie is not as good as Marie.”

Sienna was careful to look down on her brother in front of Carl, but she confessed honestly out of frustration.

“He is the successor, but Heidel is a northern territory with just monsters and snow. It’s not as good as what others think. He has good looks, but he’s also ignorant of manners. Would Marie, who’s been in the palace for a long time, be happy with my brother?”

Replied Carl, shaking his head at Sienna’s worried words.

“You’re too harsh on your brother. Lord Waters is a man with everything. Even if he’s young, he’s reached the expert level. And although Heidel has been called a corner territory in the North, it is the largest territory in the Leipsden Empire. It has the largest number of soldiers, and there are no limits as to how many knights the lord can have. It’s never the worst place.”

It was due to the local nature that attracts many invasions of monsters. In the case of other territories, there was a limited number of soldiers and knights that could be held according to the position of the lord.

But it wasn’t always good. It was a land that could not be lived without military power, and an astronomical amount of money was being spent to maintain many soldiers. The Waters family can’t afford luxury even though monster byproducts were never cheap because it costs a lot of money to maintain the military.

“Lord Waters is the only heir to the Duke of Waters, no matter what anyone says. Also, isn’t Lord Waters’ look one of the best in the capital city? Sienna, it’s just that you don’t see it well because he’s your brother. I’ve heard that there were quite a few women who became lovesick with him while he was staying in the capital.”

Sienna looked at Carl with a startled look at his praise for Jamie, which came out ceaselessly without a breath. It made her feel very good to hear compliments about her own flesh and blood.

Jamie was a nice person even to herself. However, it was because Marie was such a great person.

Marie was the empress of the Leipsden Empire, and she alone had a castle called Methena and was the owner of a territory. Also, her beauty was so famous that it didn’t need further description.

“I didn’t know you had such a good feeling about my brother.”

“Of course it’s your blood that makes him feel friendly, but even if he’s not, Lord Waters is a fine guy. I especially like that honest and confident personality. If he weren’t Waters’ only heir, I’d be greedy. I would keep him by my side.”

“That’s a good thing for my brother.”

“What does that mean?”


“Thinking about Chancellor Pavenik’s face becoming saggy every time I see him, I’m so glad that Jamie is the only heir to the Waters family. If he had worked with you, he would have had to work so hard that he would lose his handsomeness.”

At Sienna’s words, Carl laughed and made excuses.

“Everyone else is fine. Pavenik, he’s bluffing.”

“I think Pavenik would be upset to hear that. By the way, it’s a big deal. Under the circumstances, my brother can’t easily confess or open his heart to Marie. He’s not going to die alone forever, will he?”

“I guess I’ll just have some drinks with Lord Waters. I gave her the title of Methena and the title of the Marquis, in consideration of her being able to live as she pleases. It means even if she remarries, the imperial family won’t get involved. We can’t force them to marry, but at least Lord Waters can be brave.”

“Thank you.”

Sienna smiled pleasantly at Carl’s consideration.


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