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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 202: Live to Sienna Pt.202 Bahasa Indonesia

Inviting a concert or theater troupe was also an outsider’s job. Count Ferrer or Arya could use it for rebellion if they found out.

“No, the palace is chaotic these days, and it would be dangerous if a bunch of unknown people mingled among them and entered the palace.”

“I’m glad you don’t think walking with me isn’t boring. But if you don’t like this, just let me know. It is true that your inputs are of great help, but I can do it myself. Do you want me to make a new garden on the site for new entertainment?”

Sienna opened her mouth just in case Carl would grant her any wishes right now

“You don’t have to build a new garden. Gardeners change flowers and decorations every time, and they are doing a good job, and I’m satisfied with that. But rather than that…”

When Sienna couldn’t open her mouth easily, Carl asked her to speak comfortably. Then, Sienna opened her mouth even though she knew it was not easy.

“If you don’t mind, can I go see the children at the temple? Well… …this time I’ve been working on an orphanage project, and I’d like to get some advice from the priest who’s running the temple now, and see how the children are growing up…”

Sienna felt like she was asking too much even while she was talking. It was unreasonable to go outside at a time when she was pregnant and above all, the Ferrers were about to revolt. She knew Carl was going to refuse, but out of frustration, she brought it up.

“Okay, if you want, we can go tomorrow.”

Sienna thought there would be a natural rejection, but when she was willing to accept it, Sienna opened her eyes wide and asked him back.

“Really? Can we really?”

“Of course it’s possible if you accompany me. I asked the doctor before and he said it’s possible to ride a horse while pregnant. Of course, you’ll have to be careful.”

Said Carl, who was in a good mood by her bright expression.

When Sienna revealed her plans to go out, Hain, who was the one who suggested that Sienna should go meet the priest and children of the temple, looked worried. They were worried that the outside may be dangerous.

However, she couldn’t stop Sienna because Sienna hasn’t been this excited in a long time. Moreover, her safety might not be a matter of concern because she will be with the emperor.

Sienna noticed the anxiety of Hain’s faithful heart and soul but did not bother to reassure her. The temple near the palace had already been firmly guarded and her husband was ready to protect her.

“Hain prepared it for me. How’s it going?”

Sienna showed off her light brown checkered dress. Although the material was rough because it was often used for ordinary people, the material was lighter than the dress that was usually worn in the imperial family, so she didn’t feel much uncomfortable.

“You look nice.”

“You look fine, too.”

Carl also wore clothes that would be worn by citizens living in the capital. It was coarse black pants, ivory shirt and brown vest. Wearing dark brown boots and holding a whip in one hand, he looked like a young horseman.

“I told him I didn’t have to dress up like this, but Pavenik insisted. He even named me Jack. He also gave you your name, Jane.”

“Jack and Jane. Sounds pretty good together!”

It was clear what Pavenik said to tease Carl’s little rebellion, but Sienna didn’t point it out. She was the one who encouraged Carl.

“Then when I go outside, should I call Jack? Jack, Jack… …is it because it hasn’t stuck yet? It’s very awkward.”

“You don’t have to. There is no way the general public would think that the emperor and empress would be walking on the streets. If the identity of the two of us is revealed, it wouldn’t be because of the names we call each other, but for a different reason. Shall we go?”

The two climbed onto Grittigi, Carl’s horse that lived in the forest of the elves, and went through the forest. Carl led at a slower pace than usual, allowing Sienna to look at the forest in detail.

The forest was shining in bright yellow under the morning sun. It wasn’t very cold, but the chilly wind of winter passed by the two.

When the massacre happened at the temple before, she couldn’t afford to look around the forest, but today it was different. Sienna was able to smile pleasantly because it was a nice, light outing.

The two entered the city after ploughing through the forest. Carl left Grittigi to a familiar inn as if he was familiar with these outings.

“They say today’s the market day, so why don’t we take a look? We can stop by the temple after that.”

“Okay! I don’t know if there’s anything I can give the temple children as gifts. I’m going to buy a lot more than before because I heard there are more children than when priest Roy was there.”

“Did priest Roy quit his job? He returned his Leipsden nationality.”

“It’s too bad. He had to go back to the Holy Empire. I’m sad, but…”

“Don’t be. A priest with that level of ability should be in the Holy Empire. I don’t understand why they left such a talented person alone in Leipsden. If I were the Pope of the Holy Empire, I wouldn’t have let him out of the country.”

“That’s strange. What you’re saying now seems like a compliment to priest Roy, but it doesn’t feel like a compliment at all. What’s wrong? Is it because of the way you talk? I feel like you’re jealous of Roy…”


Judging from Carl’s reaction, he seemed to be jealous.

“He’s a good friend of mine.”

“…I know. So without priest Roy, who’s in charge of the temple now?”

“They sent a man from the Holy Empire. He’s old, but I heard the kids like him as much as priest Roy. I’ve heard he’s a very nice guy, except he likes boring jokes.”

“Is that so?”

Carl responded with a nod but he didn’t seem that interested in the new priest. The topic of their conversation changed to the market

“Now that I think of it, it’s been so long since I visited the market. Even though I never really went before I entered the castle.”

“There’s a pretty big market in the capital. There’s a permanent market, but I heard today’s venue is held once a month. There must be a lot of things to see since there are quite a few merchants from each region.”

“I’m really looking forward to it!”

The two entered the market entrance.

“Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!”

“It’s a rug from the Tumen area!”

“It’s the most delicious apple in the world, even the emperor is fascinated with these apples!”

The market was noisy, with merchants selling their products.

“The market is bigger than I thought.”

“I’ve only seen the market in the palace, so I didn’t know this one was this big. Come to think of it, does Heidel have a market?”

“No, it’s a very small area, and it’s cold and remote, so markets can’t stand outside like this. We barely get enough supplies to use on land. When the residents apply for what they need, they sometimes buy things from outside all at once. So everyday, merchants enter the city and all the Heidel’s residents gather inside our castle. Not necessarily to buy anything, but just for the pleasure of watching.”

“That’s amazing. It’s like the castle transforms into a market.”

“Right. A big market like this is fun, but that one is also pretty good to see. It’s usually very hectic because merchants usually come in on the payday of residents. It’s fun to find out what kind of stuff each household bought that month, especially when Mrs. Melina buys a lot of hops.”


“She makes beer out of it. Mrs. Melina is also the only store owner on our land. She sells beer, but she only opens when she feels like it. Sometimes they close down for months because of lack of ingredients, so everyone’s biggest concern is how many hops she buys. She has to buy enough to keep the store open for a long time.”

“It would be hard if she didn’t open the store for months.”

“Yes. Sometimes even my father, the lord of the territory, watches Mrs. Melina.”

Carl listened attentively to Sienna’s endless chatter without being bored.

“Ah! There’s a place selling pickled miree!”

Sienna dragged the car to the pickling shop. It was quiet in front of the store, perhaps because it was not everyone’s favorite condiment. Inside the transparent glass jar were plump berries. Depending on the degree of ripening of the miree, the colors varied, including purple, green, and yellow.

“This is on me! Pick one.”

Carl laughed at Sienna’s words and then nodded.

“If you are buying, I’ll be very considerate in selecting it.”


“That fat yellow one looks quite good.”

“It does. The fruit is not damaged and looks ripe. Now that I think of it, the first time I met you was in front of a pickling store, too.”

At Carl’s words, Sienna traced back her memories to that day. When she met Carl for the first time after her return, when she hadn’t had the time to settle her feelings yet. She was surprised to meet Carl at that time.

“That’s true. How was it? That’s when you first met me. What was my first impression?”

Carl contemplated Sienna’s question.

“I thought you were strange.”

“I was strange?”


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