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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 196: Live to Sienna Pt.196 Bahasa Indonesia


Carl headed to the Empress’s Palace, where Bluebell was living, with heavy steps. The way to her palace felt awkward because he spent most of his time in Sienna’s quarters these days.

He was forced to marry because of her political reasons, but that didn’t mean he had only bad feelings toward Bluebell such as anger and annoyance. But just before the marriage and after entering the castle, Bluebell showed the sides of her that Carl had never seen before. The series of events, especially those related to the fake pregnancy, were shocking to him as well.

Nevertheless, Carl gave Bluebell time. The time when she can tell the truth herself.

Of course, he expected Count Ferrer to take extreme action if he found out the truth, but if Bluebell told the truth honestly, Carl was willing to forgive her. Because the main reason was the greed of her father, and he thought, consciously or unconsciously, she was just a foolish child swayed by her father.

But after learning that there was a child in Sienna’s belly, he couldn’t give Bluebell any more time.

Carl hoped there would not be a bloodbath in the next succession of the throne, as he and Valore did. That his child would grow up in a blessing and succeed his post justly.

So everything had to be done before the baby was born. Carl had to correct the problems that were scattered in this place.

Even though Carl came in, Bluebell didn’t look at him and stayed sitting on her sofa and didn’t move.

“Have you not changed your mind yet?”

Bluebell clearly recognized what Carl was saying. He was asking if she had any intention of honestly revealing the false pregnancy. She spoke in a calm voice unlike before.

“Are you here to say that? You want me to be honest and make everyone laugh at me?”

“Lies are like swamps, and if you don’t tell the truth quickly, you’ll sink into the mud to the very end of your head. So be honest, even now, before it’s too late.”

“No, it’s already too late. A lot.”

When Bluebell spoke in a resigned voice, Carl affirmed to her.

“Honestly reveal the truth. That it was a mistake by those who were transferring information.”

Bluebell’s lip curled up.

“So what can I get? Why? Will you at least let me sleep with you so that I can have a baby boy?”

Carl didn’t answer back to her vulgar remarks. As if he had heard something that was not worth replying to. Nervous Bluebell gave a dejected laugh.

“That’s true. I will never be able to have the imperial heir because the noble emperor cannot sleep with someone he doesn’t care about. Unlike Empress Sienna, who has the real imperial heir. The Second Empress came into the castle because the First Empress didn’t have children, but now everyone would point out that the second empress is actually infertile, not the first empress.”

Her tone grew more and more intense.

“Without a child, I’ll be the victim of their criticism and they will gradually lose interest in me. I’ll have to spend the rest of my life in the corner of the palace, hoping I will die soon.

“If you really want…”

When Carl tried to say that he could depose her, Bluebell interrupted him. She seemed to be lost in her own imagination that she could not see the determined expression on Carl’s face.

“Why? Are you trying to tell me that you will give me some kind of grace so that I feel sorry for you? You’re telling me to shake my waist on top of the Emperor, who has no heart for me?! So that you can donate the seeds of the Emperor that I want?!”

Screamed Bluebell, roaring with rage. Her voice was seething with misery. Carl couldn’t stop himself from frowning, which he was holding back since he entered the room.

Bluebell couldn’t contain her anger and threw the teacup at him. The teacup hit Carl on the forehead and fell off.

His forehead was torn and blood fell over his eyebrows, but Carl did not even move. Neither Bluebell was surprised nor saddened by his wounds.

“Are you hurt? I’m hurting more than you are. So I’m not going to apologize.”

In Bluebell’s words, Carl wiped the blood from the corner of his eyes with the back of his hand.

“I think I’ve given you enough advice. I wanted to give you a chance, but it was useless.”


“This is the last time I will give you a chance. Reveal the truth. Then I will not dethrone you, but I’ll give you a divorce. I’ll give you titles, land, and honors, just like I did with Empress Marie.”

“You know that’s not what I want!”

Bluebell again screamed. But Carl spoke in a cold voice, not responding to her.

“It’s your last chance. If you don’t reveal it, I’ll reveal it.”

If Carl was to reveal the truth of this fake pregnancy, it would have much different consequences than if Bluebell came forward with it.

If Bluebell knew she was pregnant, but it turns out she wasn’t, she would be criticized but not punished. But if Carl revealed this fact, she would be punished. The matter was so sensitive and serious.

“I won’t back down even if you say my pregnancy is a lie. I will say that Carl is blinded by Empress Sienna and accusing me of falsehood. I’m going to keep this position at all costs.”

Carl turned away from her, feeling utterly unworthy of dealing with her.

“You’ll regret this.”

“Never! I will never regret it. No, rather, you will regret this Carl. This moment you turn your back towards me, the day will come that you will regret this moment. Much sooner than you expect!”

Bluebell’s voice reached the door. Her low, miserable voice sounded like a curse. But the one who she wished would receive her cry was already gone.


After Carl’s permission was granted, Sienna moved to her palace. She went back to the palace where she originally lived, so the expression “returned” would be more appropriate than “moved.”

Taking advantage of the absence of the owner, her palace had been redecorated. Sienna could see at a glance how much care Hain had put into it.

“Your Majesty the Empress!”


As soon as Sienna got back to her palace, Hain welcomed her. Since Hain was the head maid, she has been supporting Sienna by her side, and the two have grown particularly affectionate over the years.

When Sienna was framed she couldn’t see Hain for two weeks, and then she couldn’t see her because she was staying at Carl’s place. For the sake of security, the emperor’s palace was closed to the public except for a fixed number of people who had been granted permission.

“Oh! Your Majesty, I hear you’ve conceived! I was so surprised to hear that. No wonder you ate more than usual, it was because you had an imperial heir in your stomach. I didn’t know that…”

“I did eat a lot.”

“To tell you the truth, you really ate a lot. I’m sure the baby is a very strong prince.”

Hain said she wished he was a red-haired crown prince resembling Sienna.

“The Empress’s hair is beautiful in color and soft.”

“I wish he would look exactly like Carl.”

“That’s good, too. The Emperor’s beauty is so famous. Whoever he looks like, he would be a very pretty and healthy prince.”

Feeling good at Hain’s praise, Sienna stroked her stomach. Although it was not yet noticeable, the thought of having a child in her made her pat her stomach unconsciously.

“If you don’t mind, can I touch it? No, it’s amazing. The fact that a life is in your belly…”

Asked Hain, who was staring at Sienna stroking her belly.

“It’s all right. Can you put your ears on it? I heard you can hear the sound of him moving. Sometimes he kicks with his foot, but right now he’s calm.”

“I want to hear him! I want to hear the sound of the baby.”

Hain listened to Sienna’s belly and closed her eyes.


Thump, thump –

The sound of life reverberated in her ears. She looked at Sienna with an impressed look.

“Amazing, huh?”

“Yes! I’m getting goosebumps. It’s so amazing.”

She was as excited as a child.

“What should I prepare before the heir is born? He’ll need clothes, blankets, and pillows. I need to find out what else I need!”

Sienna was also happy to see the happy Hain. Unlike in the past, this child seemed to be able to be born in blessing.


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