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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 195: Live to Sienna Pt.195 Bahasa Indonesia

However, Sienna’s last memory of this necklace was when Bluebell was killed by a sword while wearing it. This made her feel reluctant.

Sienna tried to shake off that feeling. Now, she was trying everything she can so that Arya doesn’t start a rebellion. Wasn’t she working with Carl to ferret out and organize spies inside the Imperial City?

It would make the past misfortunes never repeat. Even if they happen, she would make it different from the past. Sienna made up her mind once again.

After making up her mind, Sienna saw which problems took priority to sort out. She wanted to get back to work and finish it.

During the purge after the trial, Sienna continued to stay in the emperor’s palace. She said she was okay, but it was because Carl was anxious and kept Sienna from leaving the room.

“I think I can go back to my last palace now. And everything would be cleaned up and ready.”

“Are the weapons on the wall a problem?”

Carl responded out of blue to Sienna. He seemed to think that the reason why she was going to her palace, not staying at the Emperor’s Palace, was because of the weapons on the wall.

“What do you mean weapons are a problem? I have a lot of work to do as the empress. Besides, my maids must have been very surprised by this incident, so it’s not good for me to be away for a long time.”

Sienna could no longer stay here, thinking about how much her people would worry about her. Besides…

“You have a lot of work to do right now. You can’t take a rest under my pretext anymore. I can’t bear to see how hopeless Chancellor Pavenik looks every time he encounters me.”

Carl had given Pavenik full powers and was spending most of his time in his palace with Sienna.

At first, Pavenik tasted the sudden rise in power and seemed excited, but soon found that it was accompanied by huge responsibility and work. Suffering from a heavy workload, he called on Carl to return to work quickly.

When Carl tried not to listen to him, he changed his operation and seemed to be saying to Sienna,

‘I’m tired and I’m going to die of overwork. If I die right now, please write ‘I overworked for the Emperor’ on my tombstone.’

Sienna was embarrassed every time she saw Pavenik’s gaze.

“Yeah, I can’t stand him either. Well, I didn’t plan to just let go of my work. I was just taking this opportunity to give more power to my men.”

Most of Carl’s men have been ignored by the nobles based in the capital because of their low titles or lack of central authority. Of course, Carl did raise some titles, but they were still not so good as to show off their influence.

However, this was a situation that could fuss over some titles. The act of falsely accusing the empress and benefiting Castro was a great crime that had to be brought down, no matter how high the titleholder was.

Thus, the nobles had no choice but to hold their breath as much as possible and watch Carl’s men perform. The nobles may be taking this opportunity to learn how much power Carl’s men can use regardless of their titles.

“And if I stay at your palace for a long time, I’m sure someone will start complaining.”

“They’re just talkative people, so you don’t have to worry. And who would complain when you are staying in my place with your imperial heir?”

At Carl’s response, Sienna shook her head in disagreement.

“There’s Empress Bluebell. Whatever the facts maybe, she is technically known to have conceived first.”

At Sienna’s response, Carl’s face hardened.

“That’s true…”

Looking at his expression, Sienna wondered if she might have said something useless. But she couldn’t just stay here.

Not only did she want to organize her own thoughts and make plans for the future, but she also wanted to wrap up the orphan relief project she was planning and deal with a proper financial blow to Arya.

Carl reluctantly allowed Sienna to return to her palace.


The empire was cold as if it had been pouring cold water over because of the First Empress’s recent trial, but the news that she had been cleared of the charge spread around. Soon after, the news that Empress Sienna had conceived an imperial heir quickly spread to every corner of the empire as well as the entire palace.

Carl kept quiet about the news that Sienna had a child, but the news spread regardless. Recently, Sienna was living in the emperor’s room, and people couldn’t help but wonder why the emperor was protecting her to the point where it created a joke that all kinds of delicacies go through the emperor’s room.

Since babies were so rare in the royal family of the Leipsden Empire, the people of the Empire loved it as if it were their own family’s celebration. Moreover, everyone was more excited because it was the news of Empress Sienna, who was loved by the people of the capital city.

The news, of course, came to Arya.

“This is going to be a lot of fun.”

Arya was spending gloomy days because her long-planned work had been ruined. The knights she planted, as well as her nobles, were arrested for this incident and were executed.

But as soon as she heard of Sienna’s pregnancy, Arya jumped out of her seat. Because she thought of a new plan.

‘I’ll make it right this time.’

With a pleasant smile the world hasn’t seen for a long time, she visited Bluebell’s residence.

Bluebell looked visibly emaciated. Darkness fell on her critically acclaimed face as if she had spent decades alone, not months.

She received Arya without emotion and with a rough, dry face.

“Empress Bluebell, have you heard about the news? Empress Sienna has conceived. It’s a real conception.”

Arya upset Bluebell. Bluebell looked at her with dry eyes and said, “Is this the gift you’re giving me?”

Arya replied with a smooth smile on her face.

“No way. I never thought the Emperor would use such a trick. Well, love goes beyond all odds. I never thought the Emperor’s heart was so passionate for Sienna…”

Bluebell squeaked and breathed heavily. Arya continued, looking interestingly at Bluebell, who looked like she was about to explode at any moment. She no longer pretended to be sorry.

“This is a mess. I thought, of course, the emperor’s lover is Empress Bluebell, but now I think his true love is Empress Sienna.”

“What are you talking about!?”

Bluebell squealed. Her bloodshot eyes were filled with anger. Watching such Bluebell, Arya still didn’t erase her relaxed smile.

“That’s what it is.”

Arya was obviously saying, ‘The burden is not Sienna, but you.’ Bluebell couldn’t take the words quietly.


Arya continued her words again, without minding any of Bluebell’s words.

“I guess that’s why the emperor so opposed to marrying Empress Bluebell.”


Unable to contain her anger, Bluebell threw a glass to the floor.


Fragments of glass bounced in all directions. Arya looked at the broken glass with a smile of scorn. Then she slowly lifted herself up and grabbed Bluebell’s shoulders.

“You have to admit it. How long are you going to be such a baby?”


“We don’t have time. You can’t be pregnant forever, can you? Although His Majesty has been silent, do you think now that Empress Sienna is pregnant, he will continue to keep your secret?”

Arya’s words were not wrong at all. Bluebell wanted to turn a blind eye to the situation, but she couldn’t.

Arya gave a benevolent smile. It looked like she was saying ‘I’m the only one you can trust’.

Bluebell held herself back from crying with everything she had. A squeak came through her throat.

“There are only two choices you can make. To declare the false pregnancy and step down from your seat under the pretext of it.”

Bluebell shook her head at Arya’s words. She could never have.

“Or to make a great sacrifice and then to remain the true Empress of the Leipsden Empire.”


Bluebell’s eyes grew bigger. Then she quickly shook her head.

Wasn’t that an obvious choice? Bluebell didn’t know what the big sacrifice was, but she wanted to keep this position at all costs, rather than resigning miserably, being criticized for not being loved by a man, and even pretending to be falsely pregnant.

If she couldn’t get Carl’s love, at least she’ll have the Empress’ seat less so it’ll be less unfair.

“Even if the sacrifice means the life of the Emperor?”

At Arya’s words, Bluebell froze. Arya whispered in Bluebell’s ear.

“Think carefully. Just know we don’t have much time.”

Arya smiled coldly and walked out of Bluebell’s palace. Leaving her with such a difficult choice.


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