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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 194: Live to Sienna Pt.194 Bahasa Indonesia

One of the knights whose arms were seized tried to refute that it was not true. But Kissinger didn’t care what excuse he was making.

Arya closed her mouth and glared at him. Kissinger spoke to her as a warning.

“Baron Bronis Neudella admitted that he helped the spies get in from the Castro Empire. Many of the spies sent from Castro were placed in your palace, your Highness.”

“What do you mean?”

At her sharp reaction, Kissinger spoke with a look of dealing with a sensitive and exhausting person.

“It doesn’t mean much. It probably means that the Castro Empire considers Empress Arya as an important figure. That’s a relief. We found out that they were spies before they did anything bad to the Empress.”

Said Kissinger, looking around those suspected of being spies of the Castro Empire.

“Since half of the Knights of the Black Eagle have been reduced due to the disgraceful scandal, I’m afraid you will have a problem with your business. Don’t worry. The Royal Knights will take care of the place of the Empress.”

When he beckoned, some members of the Royal Knights saluted him and replaced the positions of the captive.

“Then I’ll get going. I’m busy catching smelly rats.”

He bowed to Arya with courtesy and went away. Arya’s fist shook hard trying to hold back her anger.

The list of spies was all nonsense. She never prepared information on the people she brought from the Castro Empire, and even if such a thing exists without her knowing, a maid whom Arya was going to abandon soon could not have had it.

Leia didn’t even know that Arya planted spies in the Leipsden Empire. Just as the gold bullions of the Castro Empire were placed in Leia’s room, the list was also clearly planted by Carl.

Bronis also knew nothing about Castro’s knights, but Pavenik would have earned a cause by torturing him. There was nothing Arya could do.

Arya gritted her teeth at the fact that she was properly fooled by Carl.

The Royal Knights did not care about her condition and settled at the door of the Imperial Palace. Carl has clearly intended to keep an eye on her.

Arya looked around at the remaining Black Eagle Knights. Surprisingly, Kissinger only picked and took the people she had brought from the Castro Empire. She was sure they also took the men she had placed elsewhere.

“How the hell did he know…”

She frowned, biting her nails.

It was only after she entered the Imperial City that she began planting people of the Castro Empire in the Imperial City.

At first, it was not easy to get decent knights from the Castro Empire. Because the languages of Leipsden and Castro were different, she had to filter those who were fluent in both languages. So even after a long period of effort, the number of Castro’s imperial knights that Arya planted in her palace was not very large.

What was more problematic was Valore’s Knights Contest. At that time, the swordsmanship of the imperial knights was harshly tested, and Arya had to let go of quite a few of the figures she had planted.

There were many knights that didn’t meet the imperial standards because she valued language over ability, but if she tried to keep a person who was not good enough, she could be suspected. Eventually, she had to sort out her original team of knights and find a new group.

Fortunately, the empty seats were filled with talented people. One of them was the leader of the Knights of the Black Eagle she had.

She thought it could not be revealed because it was done so secretly and quickly, but it was disclosed by such a ridiculous incident. She felt so complicated because it seemed that the trap she dug caught her own ankle.

‘I should have made my moves already. I knew Bronis was frivolous, but I never thought he’d roll his tongue like that.’

Arya regretted not having kept her eyes on him.


For some time, Carl seemed quite troubled. Sienna thought it was because he had a lot to think about in order to deal with the spies that Arya had planted and to reorganize the political sector.

Today, Carl was agonizing as he wrinkled his forehead. Sienna wrote a letter quietly so as not to disturb him. It was a letter to Aunt Kelly, asking to allow Shaylin to work for the Green Merchants.

Having learned that Shaylin had deceived her identity and had entered the Imperial City, Sienna could not keep her here. But she couldn’t just kick her out either.

Due to the nature of her ethnicity, Shaylin had to live in a child form for a long time, and the world was not a place where a child could live comfortably alone.

Aunt Kelly would create conditions for her to live by protecting her. Sienna felt sorry because she always asked for a favor, but she couldn’t help it.

“Sharillo would be great.”


Sienna had no choice but to ask back to Carl’s words. She didn’t understand what the word ‘Sharillo’ meant.

“The name of our child.”

“What! Have you been thinking about your child’s name this whole time?”

At Sienna’s words, Carl said, turning his eyes away because he was embarrassed.

“Because I need a name to call it. And you said it before. One’s destiny could change depending on the name. So I have to think more carefully.”

That was what Sienna said when Carl told her earlier that the animals he named died early. She didn’t know he still remembered that.

“So what does ‘Sharillo’ mean?”

“It’s a name that means ‘a child with light’. Is it strange?”

“No! I like it. I like the meaning, too.”

Sienna had a strange feeling that Carl named the child in her womb.

She felt good, but on the other hand, she was heartbroken when she remembered Josef, a child whom she had lost in the past. It was a name that meant “the loved one,” but the name that carried her wish was useless.

– How much did I want the father to name my child?

The child in the womb also seemed to rejoice in the noble and hopeful name of “Sharillo.” Sienna suddenly became emotional and overwhelmed.

“It’s alright. If you don’t like it, I’ve got other names in mind. Or maybe there’s a name you really want to name…”

When she couldn’t soothe her feelings and was teary-eyed, Carl, who thought she didn’t like the name he made, soothed Sienna. Sienna shook her head and said, “No, I’m impressed. I thought this kid would grow up to be loved so much by his father…”

Carl replied, embracing Sienna quietly.

“Of course, it’s our child… how could I not love?”

“Thank you.”

Just in time, Sienna felt a child in the stomach kicking. Carl looked at Sienna, perhaps also feeling the child’s movements. It was the first time Sienna had felt the start of its life since she had Sharillo, so she told Carl with a surprised look.

“The baby must be frustrated.”

Carl asked carefully if he could touch the belly.

“Of course. You can talk to him. They say it helps stabilize the fetus if the father talks to the baby while in the stomach.”

“Talk to him? How?”

“Just think of it as a child. If you have nothing to say, at least read him a book. It’s important to let him hear your voice.”

At Sienna’s words, Carl smiled awkwardly and slowly swept Sienna’s belly with his big hand.

“Sharillo, I can’t wait to meet you. Um…”

Carl continued his words with difficulty as if he couldn’t think of what to say easily. Sienna burst into laughter at the embarrassed man.

“You just need to talk to him. It can’t be too hard or you have nothing to say to him?”

“There are too many things I want to tell and ask him.”

“But why can’t you do that?”

“I only want to talk to Sharillo, but I can’t because you’re listening to me.”

Carl blushed not only in his cheeks but also in his ears. He seemed embarrassed to talk to the child in front of Sienna.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you. Just say it. Or should I cover my ears?”

“No, it’s alright. Next time, I’ll prepare a book to read to Sharillo. I’m going to have to read some history books from the imperial officials I read when I was a kid.”

“Maybe not history… find interesting books. History books written by the history officers. I’ll snore and fall asleep with just a few lines.”

Carl looked troubled and nodded. He thought it would be better to have the imperial librarian recommend a book that the child would enjoy.

“There’s something I’d rather give you.”

Carl beckoned his servant to fetch the prepared goods.

“What is it?”


“I was going to give it, but it’s useful only after the child has a nickname.”

Carl had a servant bring a box. Carl received the box from the servant and opened the lid.

On top of the smooth black industrial complex was a large blue sapphire necklace. Next to the sapphire, 227 diamonds sparkled light.

“Oh my…”

“I wanted to give it to you.”

Carl lifted his necklace and hung it around Sienna’s neck. Sienna, stiffened, watched silently as Carl hung a sapphire necklace around her neck.

It was something that she wanted very much in the past. It’s not because she wanted to decorate herself with expensive jewelry, but because it contains Carl’s heart and consideration.


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