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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 192: Live to Sienna Pt.192 Bahasa Indonesia

Pavenik said, fluttering his papers with a little exaggerated gesture, as if he had become an actor on stage.

“Her origin is indicated as Merlin Territory, but the seal on the green card is the seal of the Intra Territory.”

To get admitted into the imperial family as a maid required a lot of proof documents. Not everyone could be a maid of honor.

“That’s not the only thing. The letter of recommendation of the lord is strange. It’s a letter of recommendation for working at the Macron estate, and the person who actually recommended it is Bronis standing over there. One usually gets a letter of recommendation from the lord of the land you work for.”

“Surely strange.”

At Carl’s words, Bronis shook his head with a white face.

“I’ve never written a letter of recommendation.”

Now Leia could not clear herself of the great charge of trying to frame the empress. With the release of the documents to be associated with her, Bronis also seemed to be unable to think properly.

Carl looked over the papers given by Pavenik and said with a cold smile.

“This is weird. The man who signed the notary here is also Baron Bronis, but you deny.”

“This… this is forged.”

“I’m tired of listening to excuses.”

When Carl signaled with his chin up, the Royal Knights dragged Bronis and Leia out. Carl put his hand under the chin and said to Empress Arya.

“The reliable witness the Empress mentioned is truly trustworthy. A maid who entered the castle by deceiving her background and faking documents.”

At the sarcastic remark, Arya tried hard to erase the unpleasant face and replied to him.

“My bad. I didn’t even know I was dealing with such lies… it’s because I was stupid. I also apologize to the first Empress. I can’t believe I made you go through all this with my wrong judgment…”

Her expression didn’t look apologetic at all, but she sounded convincing. Sienna didn’t answer back. The incident was too grave and dangerous to say that she would accept the apology.

“Your Majesty, I don’t know why Leia tried to frame me, but what is clear is that there must be a force behind her that really led this. She couldn’t have made a false letter because she couldn’t read. So please find the real perpetrator in this case and release my resentment.”

Said Sienna, looking at Arya. If any little evidence that Arya was linked to the conspiracy comes up on this occasion, or if at least her name was mentioned either by Leia or Bronis, this incident will take a new turn. Arya’s eyes trembled.

“Yes, I will. Using a letter of regards from the priest Roy seems to show the purpose of this conspiracy. I think all this was to make a transfer between us and the Holy Empire by exploiting the good relationship between empress Sienna and the Holy Empire.”

Pavenik took his word.

“That’s definitely clear. If we hadn’t cleared the Empress of the false charge, the Holy Empire would have raised the issue. It’s a terrible thing. The Holy Empire has a small land but many allies. Moreover, their knights use divine power and have no fear of death. Once they determine that we are a heresy and an enemy, they would consider Leipsden a dirty land, and will wage a terrible war against us to burn and purify all living things without leaving a single head of grass.”

It was 100 years ago that the Holy Empire fought its most recent war. Those who experienced the war were not alive, but the horrors were still famous.

The Reich of Leipsden was formidable in military strength and strong in war, but it could not defend all its territories in the war against the Holy Empire. The nobles sweated cold sweat at the thought that the scapegoat could be their own territory.

One of the nobles stepped up and said, “It’s understandable why the Castro Empire tried to come between Leipsden Empire and the Holy Empire. If they invade us right after a long war with the Holy Empire, it will certainly not be an easy war for us either.”

Only after confirming their faces in terror did Carl said.



“Get to the bottom of the matter by interrogating everyone involved in this matter. I’ll give you the authority to inquire regardless of one’s title or position.”

Just a moment ago, the nobles felt vague uneasiness about the war against the Holy Empire, which was only a small possibility. But this time they felt real fear.

The Emperor just entrusts full powers to the Emperor’s loyal servant, Pavenik. He was handed over “the right to inquire regardless of one’s title” – The absolute power.

Originally, the Emperor of Leipsden had the right to command the army. There was nothing to refute the emperor’s logic of using the military to protect his country when it became an emergency situation in which the enemy was believed to have attempted to wage war.

The sword was chosen by the emperor’s order. If you didn’t see blood, you couldn’t put it back in as the sheath.

The nobles quickly measured in their heads whether they could be safe in front of that blade. They were confused with such thoughts as to whether they had done anything wrong with Pavenik or had ever seemed close to Bronis who had just been caught up. They crouched for the game of the regime that was about to change again.

It wasn’t until he had finished all the work that Carl looked back on Sienna. In fact, he couldn’t take his eyes off Sienna the whole time while things were going on. He was heartbroken by the difficulties she had suffered.

Of course, he tried hard to care for her in many ways. But when he thought of her, who had been confined to her palace with her maid under false pretenses, he felt guilty because he thought it was due to his incompetence.

Pavenik was pleased that he could use this time to sort out the nobles and add great power to strengthening the imperial power, but none of the words came into Carl’s ears. Every day, he felt as if he had been away from her for a long time, even though he went to her secretly to avoid the eyes of others.

Carl has struggled several times. He thought, even if he would be criticized as a tyrant whose path of history will remain as a tyrant, it might be better to keep his servants quiet with the imperial power and military power so that she will not suffer.

In the end, it was fortunate to be able to clear the falsehood as Sienna said. Otherwise, it was difficult to gauge what choice he would have made.

As soon as the trial was over, Carl came down to the podium and approached Sienna. And hugged her tightly.

There were many aristocrats who had not yet left the conference room, but Carl did not care about their eyes. Rather, he wanted them to see clearly with their eyes open who was the empress that he truly approved.

“Your Majesty…”

At a feeble call, he relaxed his arms and looked at Sienna. She had a pale face.

“Are you feeling alright?”

Sienna said, touching her belly.

“It’s not that bad, but I’m just feeling little contractions. I need to sit down.”

Carl lifted Sienna up with a flash.

“Let’s go back to my palace right now! Kissinger, try to call the doctor!”

“You don’t have to do this…I’m just experiencing a quick contraction…”

Sienna looked embarrassed, but Carl insisted.

“Get out of the way!”

He ran to his castle through the nobles who had not yet left the conference room.

Sienna, of course, thought she would return to her own palace, but was embarrassed to come to Carl’s palace so abruptly. Moreover, she’s never dreamed that she would come here in his arms, not on her own feet.

As she always thought, the interior of the Imperial Palace was not as splendid as people expected. She thought it suited Carl to pursue practicality rather than fancy decorations.

However, she wondered if she would be able to fall asleep in this environment when she saw the weapons that were decorating the entire walls of the bedroom. Perhaps Carl was visiting her palace everyday because he didn’t want to sleep under those steels.

Now, of course, there was something more important than looking inside Carl’s castle. She was going to inform Carl as soon as the trial ended that she was pregnant, but under the current circumstances, the doctor might inform him before she did.

“When the hell does the doctor come?!”

Carl said nervously. His behavior was excessive when she was only having a stomach ache.

Even though it was not the timing she expected, Sienna thought that she would rather inform himself of the pregnancy than let the doctor announce it.


“Are you very sick?”

“No, it was never painful enough to call in a doctor.”

Of course, there was dizziness and a cold sweat, but it was because the tension from the trial was relieved.

“I’d like to tell you something.”

“Tell me. I’m listening.”

“No, personally…”

Carl looked concerned for a moment and said firmly.

“First of all, we’ll meet with the doctor.”


She would not get her chance if the doctor came. The doctor of the imperial family would know that Sienna was pregnant just from feeling the pulse. She sighed and said, “I’m pregnant.”

At Sienna’s words, Carl turned blue. She said again, thinking he might have misheard.

“I have your baby.”

“Oh, my God! You’re pregnant?”

Carl’s reaction was far from what Sienna thought. He did not know what to do. But it wasn’t because he didn’t welcome Sienna’s pregnancy.

“Where is the doctor now? If anything happens to the Empress! And… and the crown prince! I’ll cut off the useless doctor’s head.”

Remembering that Sienna said she felt contractions, Carl looked out of his mind with the concern that the child in Sienna’s womb might have been affected.


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