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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 188: Live to Sienna Pt.188 Bahasa Indonesia

At Carl’s response, Sienna shook her head assertively and said no.

“No. If you work things out that way, they’ll think I did it. They will think that Emperor Carl is blinded and foolish enough to try to cover this up. Then there could be people who are suspicious of your decision.”

“Even if some doubt my qualities, my position is not easily shaken.”

Carl’s arrogant answer gave Sienna a laugh that didn’t suit the situation. Only then did she feel more relaxed.

“Even if you’re okay with it, I’m not happy about it. I don’t want to be suspected of something I didn’t do. So please prove my innocence.”

It’s easy to prove something that happened, but it’s hard to prove something that didn’t happen. But Sienna believed in Carl. He nodded reliably and firmly.

“Yes, just trust me. But it might be hard until then.”

“I can stand it.”

After the two agreed, they left the room.

“…there’s this solid evidence. I can’t say who it is right now, but there is a reliable witness who can testify. This is a huge event that could shake the foundations of the Leipsden Empire. His Majesty should not be protecting the Empress with a loving heart.”

Arya was instigating the aristocrats to prevent Carl from covering up the matter. The only aristocrats in here were those she could control anyway.

“I’m not going to make it easy.”

Carl interrupted Arya.

“As the Empress said, there’s evidence and witnesses, and I don’t plan on letting it go easily. But since we don’t even know who the witness is, and what the witness claims to be proof can be forged since any maid in and out of this room can easily do that, we should also leave open the possibility that Empress Sienna might be framed.”

Arya refuted Carl’s words.

“Can anyone come in and out? It is the Empress’s bedroom. It’s a private place where maids can come and go only with the permission of the empress. How do you say anyone can come in and out?”

“Isn’t it you who brought the keys to that drawer? Moreover, the reliable witness must be one of the empress’ maids. Any maid who has access to this room and had a key to the drawer could have made this up to frame the empress.”


“Of course I don’t intend to take Empress Sienna’s side unconditionally. As Empress Arya said, this could shake the foundations of the Leipsden Empire. So let’s do a thorough investigation. In the process, no one is ever permitted to accuse the empress of being a criminal. It’s just a charge, and there’s no evidence for her to be guilty of the crime.”

Carl glared at the nobles in the room one by one. Scared, they couldn’t make eye contact with Carl and looked only at the ground. One of them plucked up his courage to speak.

“But if the Empress tries to steal evidence and destroy witnesses…”

“From now on, no one can enter the palace of Empress Sienna. I’ll have the Royal Knights keep Empress Sienna in her quarters. To check everything that goes in and out of there. Of course, if you don’t believe me…”

Carl again gave the nobles a sharp look.

“I’ll allow you to examine them together. And we’ll have a trial on this in two weeks. This is fair enough, right?

The nobles bent their knees to agree with Carl.

“But since the Empress still needs a minimum number of maids, I’ll allow for one or two.”

Carl looked at Sienna and said like she’s supposed to choose herself.

Surprised by this situation, the maids were standing against the wall. Sienna’s gaze reached Hain. Hain faced her and pinched her lips as if asking to pick herself out.

Normally, Sienna would have chosen the most dependable Hain, but not this time. Sienna looked at Shaylin shivering in the corner with her head down.

“Then I’ll be with my maid Shaylin.”

Carl looked surprised at Sienna’s choice, along with Hain and other maids who opened their mouths in amazement. They all seemed like they could not understand why the empress chose Shaylin, who was the youngest and only a probationary maid.

Carl, who read some sort of answer in Sienna’s eyes, looked around the nobles and said, “Then let’s all get out of here. How long are we going to stay in the Empress’s residence?”

At Carl’s words, the nobles bowed and left one by one. It was a different sight than when they came in.

“Your Majesty the Empress…”

Lastly, Hain left the room, calling out Sienna in a desperate voice. Only Shaylin and Sienna were left. So many nobles came in that the noisy and narrow space was spacious when they left.

Sienna sat on the sofa feeling dizzy from the Arya raid. She put the back of her hand on her forehead and took a rest with her eyes closed for a long time.

In front of her, Shaylin hesitated, not knowing what to do. Hain would have brought a warm tea right away and comforted Sienna, but Shaylin didn’t seem to understand the situation properly. Sienna sighed and said to her, “Can you bring me a glass of cold water?”

“Ah… yes!”

Shaylin scuttled out of the guest room. When Sienna confirmed that Shaylin had left, Sienna slowly stroked her belly.

“I hope this goes well…”

Her empty voice rang inside the room.


Sienna sat on the sofa for a long time because she needed to organize her thoughts. When she finally came to her senses, the sun had set and the room was lit with a candle.

While Sienna was deep in thought, Shaylin seemed to have done her job while anxiously checking on Sienna. Although the only thing she had to do was glance at Sienna and wipe the floor of the living room.

It was way past the mealtime, but Shaylin didn’t ask Sienna if she would like to have a meal. Sienna said nothing because she had no appetite.

She called Shaylin in a low voice. Shaylin looked at Sienna with surprised rabbit eyes.

“Shaylin, would you like to sit here? Let’s talk.”

“But… …I need to clean this up.”

Shaylin said, pointing to the smooth floor that had already been cleaned dozens of times.

“That’s enough. No one’s going to visit this place for the time being anyway. I have something more to say than that, so come and sit here.”


Shaylin sat across from Sienna with a bluish pale face.

“Do you know why I chose you instead of Hain when Carl asked me to choose only one maid?”


Shaylin hesitated and shook her head.

“That’s because Shaylin was the most suspicious.”

At Sienna’s words, Shaylin shook her head furiously, as pale as a corpse.

“No! Absolutely not me. I didn’t set Your Majesty up. I can’t even read. How am I supposed to know the contents of the letter and accuse you?”

Tears welled up in her big eyes. Her appearance seemed so pitiful, but it was not a matter of feeling pity.

“You say so, but in fact, you’re the most suspicious. It was you who showed a noticeable emotional change recently before this happened, and most of all, you had an issue with the empress.”


“Of course, at the time I thought you were just being scolded in the empress’s palace. But now that this happened, I think you might have been instructed by Empress Arya, not about spilling water on her.”

“No, I spilled water on the Empress by mistake, and that’s why I got in trouble.”

Sienna didn’t easily believe what she said. Her residence and the dowager empress palace were quite far apart. Moreover, Arya had not often visited Sienna, nor had she sent Shaylin on errands to the palace of Arya.

She breathed a deep sigh and then said in a calm voice.


“Shaylin, I think you’re hiding a big secret whether you’re involved in this or not. Tell me what it is. That way I can trust you.”

Shaylin hesitated for a long time at Sienna’s words. Then she brought up the subject with difficulty.

“I… …I’m from Tromil.”

Sienna waited a long time for her to speak. She had known for a long time that Shaylin was from Tromil. Because on the day of thunder and lightning, Shaylin trembled and told a story about where she was born. But as she closed her eyes as if she were waiting for punishment without speaking further, Sienna said, “I’ve known that for a long time.”


Seeing that Shaylin was embarrassed, he must have been surprised to tell Sienna that day. So she must have forgotten that he had confided in the story.

“I’m 27.”


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