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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 186: Live to Sienna Pt.186 Bahasa Indonesia


Sienna was motivated to examine the financial situation in the castle. It was also her first active assignment since becoming the empress, and the hope that she might be able to save the children through it made her passionate.

“We’ll make a schedule, right? Build buildings to accommodate children, find people to work for the orphanage, and have a management system to protect them until they become independent. It’ll take quite a lot of money to do that.”

Sienna had to consider more things than she thought previously and prepare for variables. Fortunately, the Green Merchants Association and the Temple of the Goddess of Land had written enough about how much money was spent and what things had to be considered while helping children in the capital. The records were of great help.

“We need to be able to help not only the children without parents, but also the children who are having a hard time because of the family’s financial difficulties. Because the issue of equity could be raised.”

“What about education? Don’t you need the education to create an environment where children decide their own path?”

Hain, who was watching Sienna’s work, asked.

“I’m planning to teach them to read and count. It’ll at least help them become a sub-manager of the merchants association or the territory under a lord.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Will you take a look with me, Hain?”

Hain sat next to Sienna to look at the documents and help calculate the budget.

“We’re going to start with the capital city, but it’s also a national project, so the estimated cost is huge. Are you sure you can afford to reduce your operating costs in the castle? Why don’t you ask the Emperor now for more budget?”

When Hain was surprised at a huge expected budget, Sienna sighed and answered.

“First of all, I should try as much as I can. Because I said I’d give it a try. I can’t give up before I even start.”

“But where can you get this much? There’s nothing much to cut back on our palace spending right now.”

Sienna was not a luxury character, and there were very few maids and servants compared to other palaces. That was why fixed spending was not large.

“You don’t mean to reduce the number of maids and knights even further, do you?”

Hain looked at Sienna with a worried look. Sienna waved her hand in a sign of disagreement.

“No. I know you’re still suffering from fewer workers, so how could I? I received permission to manage the funding not only of our castle, but also the entire Imperial City, so let’s look at it in general.”

“Oh, I see. But would the Dowager Empress approve it? I’ve heard the luxury is enormous at her place, but from their point of view, they need that amount for maintaining dignity.”

“I’ll have to ask for her understanding.”

Hain swept down her forearms as if she was getting goosebumps.

“I’d never do it. If I had to tell the Empress to cut back down on spending. The Empress Dowager could burn a man with that fierce look…”

“It won’t be easy…”

Sienna managed to hold back her sigh.

“First of all, bring me the account book and the budget plan of the other palaces. You can ask Chancellor Pavenik.”

“Yes, I understand. I’ll be right back.”

Hain left the room with a lively movement. Completely alone, Sienna sighed and said, “Phew… …it’s going to be a real hard job. But it’s something I have to do.”

Determined to fulfill her role as an empress, she couldn’t just let it go as she used to. The work of the Imperial Household Register was Sienna’s. She couldn’t let Arya roam freely like before. The dowager empress and the Second Empress had to stop the excessive luxury.

Sienna was surprised when Hain previously told her that Arya warmed herself up by filling a bathtub with athenol perfume and kemilia oil every day to protect her beauty. Using materials that cost more than gold every day. Even a small reduction in that amount would have prevented countless children from dying of hunger.

And most of all, it was important to thoroughly investigate the financial management status of the imperial palace under the pretext of this to find the hidden power behind Arya.

Sienna’s instincts were speaking. There’s not much time left for Arya to rebel. Before that, Sienna wanted to break Arya’s spirit.

“I brought it.”

Hain came right back. There was a flush on her face, and it was hard to tell whether it was because she saw Pavenik’s face or because she ran in a hurry.

Hain handed the papers over to Sienna. As expected, the cost set for the empress was abnormally high.

“It’s tremendous. The cost of maintaining the dignity of the empress is more than ten times the cost set for our palace!”

Hain, who usually deals with Sienna’s budget, looked at the numbers for Arya’s palace and said with a serious face.

“It’s worse than I thought…”

Although Sienna was particularly frugal of her finances, it was still abundant in its basic needs. It didn’t make sense to use more than ten times this amount.

“The cost of decorating accounts for a large percentage, but more than that is the cost of these gifts.”

“Gift costs?”

“Yes, here. It doesn’t say who the gift was sent to, or whether it was sent to a large number of receivers, but…it’s vaguely budgeted.”

Sienna looked at Arya’s books with an uncomfortable face. The book alone showed how much the Imperial Palace had been played in Arya’s hands. The books were sloppy as if they had no intention of hiding them. It was clear that Arya never thought she would be subjected to an inspection.

Besides, this would not be the only source of money for Arya. Arya had a merchant association she personally took care of and some money from the Panacio family. It was surprising to think about how much influence she exerted through all these finances.

Sienna, who was alert, looked closely at the data in front of her. Nothing could be passed on lightly. Thinking that this was the first step to defeat Arya, she became more cautious.

A few days later, Sienna, who reviewed all the data, visited Arya. It was the empress’ job to take charge of the affairs inside the imperial family, but it was impossible to reduce the cost without any notice to Arya.

Arya received Sienna with a welcome face, whether or not she was feeling it inside.

“It’s an honor for Empress Sienna to come to my place.”

“I guess I’ve been too uptight.”

Arya offered Sienna a seat. And as soon as Sienna sat down, Arya asked why she came.

“If Empress Sienna, who disapproves of me, came all this way, I think you have something to say… I’m a little afraid of what you’re going to say. I’ve heard that you’re planning a new business these days.”

“What do you mean I disapprove of the Empress? How can I have such a heart? I’m here today because I have a favor to ask you.”

“…what can I do for you?”

Arya felt strange and anxious that Sienna asked her to do a favor. Arya was told that the woman in front of her would cut the finances of the imperial family and do the orphanage business, but she did not think she would have included herself in the plan.

Sienna took out the documents she had brought and handed them out to her. Arya hardened her face when she found out that the document was an expense report used in her palace. But it was only for a very short moment. She asked Sienna in a resolute manner.

“Why did you bring these?”

“This is a monthly list of items used in the empress’ palace. As you may know, I was recently assigned to help orphans in the Empire. First of all, we’re going to test it in the vicinity of the capital, and we’re going to reduce our imperial spending to secure it.”

“I think I’ve heard of it. I heard you started a very admirable job.”

“So I’m trying to cut down on the imperial budget. But I think this job is too much for me alone. That’s why I want the Empress to help.”

“You mean to reduce the amount allocated to my palace.”

“Of course, I don’t mean to reduce all the money the Empress uses to maintain her dignity. But I just want you to help me with what’s possible.”

Arya, who was briefly lost in thought at Sienna’s request, soon replied with a bright smile.



Arya answered so readily that Sienna wondered if she had misheard.

“I’ll help you as much as I can. Set the price for the Empress Dowager as much as you want. How can I not help you if you’re doing it for our country?”

“Is that so? Thank you. I can’t believe how generous you are.”

“As a person of the imperial family, it’s a job to do.”

Sienna thanked Arya and left the palace. She came despite opposition from many people, including Hain, but she was puzzled by the easy permission. The usual Arya would have opposed it.

“I’m sure there’s something up here. I need to look around again.”

Sienna swept down her forearm. Whatever she was going to do, it certainly wouldn’t be good for herself and Carl.


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