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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 178: Live to Sienna Pt.178 Bahasa Indonesia

Pavenik wanted to say to Carl, ‘If you had taken care of the Second Empress as much as the First Empress, this wouldn’t have happened’

But when he saw Carl with a blue face as dead as the fallen Sienna, he couldn’t open his mouth.

‘I’d be the one to blame if anything.’

It was Pavenik himself who pushed Carl for an unwanted marriage. So it was also his job to handle this.

“First of all, I think it would be first to ask the Second Empress what this powder is. Knowing which drugs were used would help the First Empress.”

The doctor, who was standing aside, nodded. Knowing what she ate, rather than vaguely measuring her heartbeat, would certainly help. Of course, they could check the teacups and the remaining powder on the table, but it would take a lot of time and the amount of powder didn’t seem enough. It was a safe and quick way to ask directly to the involved parties.

“Let’s go to the Empress Palace.”

Pavenik was worried that sending Carl to Bluebell now would not be a good thing to do. Because his state was so worryingly calm right now.

He had been working with Carl for seven years. It’s not that long of a time, but it wasn’t a short time either. Only once did Pavenik see Carl’s expression like that.

When Azurel died. That’s the look on his face when his long-time friend and servant betrayed him and swung his sword at him.

Carl, who had no way to vent his anger after Azurel died, rushed his troops to the battlefield that day immediately. From the castle, which was three days away from the battlefield, he rushed his horse day and night to the battlefield and slaughtered the enemy for a long time. He cut off the enemies’ hearts and heads to the point where his clothes were stiff with blood.

He fought nonstop for a week, and only after venting all his anger into it did he stop the slaughtering. Even though they were fighting together, Pavenik was afraid of Carl.

But now he was even more afraid. At that time, there were enemies to whom the anger could be released, but now he was worried about where the edge of Carl’s blade would be headed.

It wasn’t just because he was worried about Bluebell and the House of Ferrer. Pavenik was worried that Carl’s sword, once started swinging, would not stop. He was afraid that Carl would leave a scar on everyone that they won’t recover from.

Bluebell was restless and now she gave up everything and lay in bed. At the sound of Carl’s coming, she slowly opened her eyes.

Strangely enough, she wasn’t afraid at all. She wondered why he made such a choice. She seemed to have lost her mind with jealousy. But she chose this herself. It wasn’t anybody’s push.

Bluebell decided to accept the repercussions of this. She just wanted to be responsible for the crime.

“Your Majesty the Empress!”

Nanny looked at Bluebell with a more frightened face.

“If I had known this, I should’ve got some poison for myself to drink.”

Bluebell spoke to the nanny with a tired face. Nanny made a serious look and slapped her face with her palm.


“Lady Bluebell, wake up!”

The nanny had never struck Bluebell who she raised as her own daughter. Although the two were as close as mother and daughter, there was a wide class gap between them. Of course, it wasn’t just for that reason. It was because nanny loved Bluebell so much.

At the nanny’s sudden slap, Bluebell looked at her with surprised eyes. There was no more nanny who was terrified and was losing her mind. Whatever she had in mind, she faced Bluebell with a firm face.

She took the storage ring off Bluebell’s finger. It was a ring that contained Depenhy powder.

“I did this. The Empress has no idea.”

“Nanny! What are you talking about? Nanny had nothing to do with it, you told me not to do it and I forced you into it!”

“No, it’s my fault I couldn’t stop you. Remember, Your Majesty has nothing to do with this, okay? You had no idea.”

“You can’t do that! I did this, so I’m responsible for…”

“Don’t be immature!”

Yelled the nanny. It wasn’t her kind voice as usual but it was like a thunderbolt.

“This is not something Your Highness could take all the responsibilities for. The house of Ferrer would have to bear the same responsibility. If you do something wrong, your family will be ruined. It’s a matter of grave concern for not only the Empress but also Count Ferrer’s.”

Bluebell bit her lower lip.

“We didn’t mean to kill her… I’ll ask for forgiveness and beg Carl saying it’s my fault. Saying that I really intended to put it in my own cup…”

“The results are important. If the First Empress doesn’t wake up this way…so just say you didn’t know.”

“Nanny! Then what will you do?!”

Bluebell asked her in tears. Nanny smiled at Bluebell. Tears formed around her tired eyes.

“I’m fine. This old human has lived enough. I’m not greedy about life anymore. My life would be very meaningful if I could save Bluebell and the Ferrer family with just this small life.”

“No, nanny. Please…”

If the nanny was to die for Bluebell’s sins, Bluebell would have to live in a nightmare for the rest of her life.

“So keep in mind what I say. I did this work all by myself. Your Majesty didn’t know anything. Otherwise, you’ll be in danger, not just Your Majesty, but the whole Ferrer family.”


Then Carl burst in through the door. Bluebell looked at him with a tearful face. Carl had such a scary face right now. It was a face that was incomparable to when he found out about her false pregnancy.

“What medicine was it?”

He asked out of the blue what the medicine was. Bluebell’s lips were trembling, but she couldn’t say a word. Carl yelled at her again.

“I asked what kind of medicine it was!?”

Suddenly, under his feet, Bluebell’s nanny fell down and asked for forgiveness.

“I did it, Your Majesty. This old woman did it!”

She banged her forehead on the floor and shouted at Carl.

“The Second Empress knew nothing! Everything was done by this greedy old hag.”

A fierce aura sprouted from Carl. Bluebell collapsed in astonishment at how fierce and violent it was. Nanny also crouched under the pressure of it. Her hands and feet were trembling as if she was having a seizure.

“It was you?”

“Yes, it was me. Here’s the evidence. I put the medicine in this ring and carried it to the First Empress’s teacup. Her Majesty the Second Empress knew nothing. It’s the truth. I’m the only one who did it.”

Carl’s eyes glanced sharply over Bluebell. One corner of his mouth went up with a twinge.

“Really, Bluebell, you didn’t know anything? About what this old nanny who raised you planned?”

Bluebell nodded desperately. Hoping that Carl would believe that she didn’t know anything about it.

Bluebell couldn’t help herself even though she knew that if the nanny took all this blame, she would die. The aura coming from Carl was so violent and fearful that she could not bear to tell the truth. Carl continued, looking at Bluebell, not the nanny.

“So, what medicine was it?”

“It was Depenhy…”

Answered Bluebell.


Carl had to ask back. He knew that Depenhy caused stomach pains, but he never heard of an incident of it causing collapse with blood like Sienna did.

“It didn’t mean to hurt Sienna. It was just meant to cause a stomachache.”

Bluebell blundered out of guilt. The nanny, lying on her stomach, raised her head and shouted.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her. As I told the Second Empress about my sins, I was just going to embarrass Empress Sienna. It was the stupidity of this old hag. Punish only this foolish old woman. The Second Empress has done nothing wrong.”

The nanny asked for forgiveness by crushing her forehead on the floor. She seemed to feel no pain, even though her forehead and the floor were covered up with blood.

Nevertheless, Carl’s gaze still did not fall away from the Bluebell. His eyes were talking.

‘I know it was you who set this up.’

Bluebell trembled and shed tears. The usual Carl would have moderately soothed her, but right now, it required a lot of patience for him just not to punch her throat right away.

Bluebell’s nanny felt such Carl’s anger vividly. Obviously he didn’t believe her and Bluebell’s words. It was clear that he was convinced that Bluebell had done it. The nanny was afraid that even Bluebell would not be able to avoid the blade of Carl.

“You are…”

Carl gnawed his teeth.

“You’d better pray that Sienna wakes up. If Sienna wakes up, you’re dead…”

Carl looked down at the nanny and continued, “If Sienna…if she doesn’t wake up…I will not let you die even if you scream and ask me to kill you. I will cut off your tongue before you bite your tongue for death; I will cut off your wrists so that you will not be able to beg forgiveness; I will pull out your joints so that you will not be able to kneel down. And I’m going to put the starving rats on your stomach and make them gnaw at your greedy guts. And I’ll make the rats watch themselves as they gnaw at your heart.”

Carl’s terrible words didn’t just sound like a threat…

“Take her away!”

Knights ordered by Carl took the nanny away.


Bluebell called the nanny like a scream. The nanny smiled at Bluebell while being dragged away. She mouthed, ‘I’m fine. Bluebell, be happy.’


To Bluebell, her words seemed like a will. Her own mistake caused the nanny to die. Bluebell ran to Carl and clung to his leg.

“The nanny didn’t do that. I’m sorry. I did it. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I was going to drink it. I was meant to drink it. There’s nothing wrong with the nanny. It was me.”

Bluebell begged frantically for forgiveness, but Carl looked down at her with a cold face.

“Carl! Please…”

Carl looked coldly at Bluebell who was hanging on his leg pathetically, begging for forgiveness.

“Don’t say my name. I’m not confident of forgiving you right now.”

Bluebell lost strength in her hand at Carl’s words. He went out of the door without even looking back at her. Bluebell looked bewilderedly at the door where the nanny had been taken away, and Carl had left. Bluebell was now feeling to her bones what it was like to have no place to step on anymore.


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