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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 177: Live to Sienna Pt.177 Bahasa Indonesia

“Your Highness!”

Hain came running to Sienna in shock. Bluebell looked down at Sienna, dumbfounded.


Sienna rolled on the floor from internal pain that felt like her intestines were ripping apart.

“Your Majesty! Wake up! Empress Sienna!”

Hain screamed and called her, but Sienna grabbed her belly and screamed of pain.


Sienna coughed out a handful of blood. Bluebell was shocked at the sight and took a step back. She pushed back a chair and it rolled over the floor with a loud noise.

“No. I’m sure I got in my own cup. It can’t be.”

Bluebell’s word was clearly passed on to Hain’s ear. The main culprit of this was clearly Bluebell, it was quite easy to guess. Hain glared sharply at Bluebell. But Bluebell was out of her mind, not even realizing that Hain was staring at her.

Sienna, who was suffering from vomiting blood, drooped like a broken doll.

“Your Majesty!”

Anxious Hain shook Sienna’s body roughly as her pale skin and blood around her mouth signaled death. Sienna did not even budge.

“Is she dead? No…is she dead?!”

Bluebell screamed in horror. Hain hid her anxious mind and put her ear to Sienna’s chest. She could hear a faint heart beating.

“Wake up, Your Majesty. Please wake up.”

Sienna lost consciousness to the pleading voice of Hain.

Realizing that things went clearly wrong, Bluebell hurried out of Sienna’s quarters and returned to her own. She paced nervously around the room biting her lips.

This wasn’t what she planned. She just wanted to vent her anger. She wanted to embarrass Carl and Sienna.

“Nanny! That powder, was it really the Depenhy?”

Bluebell asked her nanny. The nanny was pleading her sin against the goddess of the earth, gesturing signs across her chest.


“Of course. I brought it as you said. Oh my… Your Majesty, what have we done?”

“What the hell happened to her? I’m sure I put it in my teacup. And you said the drug wasn’t poison! You said that a normal person will be fine.”

After talking to Arya in the garden, Bluebell looked at this and that about medications that bring miscarriages. The drugs that miscarry a child would bring only a slight ache to people who are not pregnant, and no big deal happened. Bluebell was more careful because she was going to have it herself. That’s why she chose Depenhy.

In the case of a pregnant woman, it was a drug that brings her back to consciousness after a coma only after the child in her belly had died. For pregnant women, it was supposed to bring gut-wrenching pains. But all the ordinary people went through was a little stomach ache.

She didn’t feel anything, but Sienna collapsed in pain. Bluebell trembled as she recalled her last images of Sienna.

‘Oh no, what have I done?’

Bluebell simply wanted to say that she had miscarried because of Sienna and planned to embarrass Carl and her with the help of her father. But the plan went complete astray.

Bluebell herself was the culprit in this Sienna poisoning case. The plan to turn Sienna into a criminal has backfired on her.

“Your Majesty, what do we do?”

The nanny asked with a worried look.

“I’m screwed.”

Bluebell didn’t want herself to be the culprit. She could not let herself be known as the empress who was blinded by jealousy, falsely spread rumors about her pregnancy, and tried to kill Sienna. It was clear that this would have a great effect on the House of Ferrer as well.

Bold tears dripped down from her eyes.

“Let’s die. Let’s die, nanny. After I die, even Carl won’t be able to question me, right?”

“Your Majesty the Empress…”

Bluebell looked at the nanny. After coming to the palace, the nanny visibly aged. She knew it was all her fault.

“I guess I should have listened to you.”

Bluebell leaned against the sofa and said. Her face was filled with resignation.

In the main palace’s office, Hain rushed in with a tearful face. Pavenik, who had left the office for a while to get some air, was startled and ran to her.

“What the hell is going on?”

Hain shook off Pavenik and went into the Oval Office.

“Your Majesty the Emperor!”

She screamed for Carl in the Oval Office. The bloodstains on the hem of her dress caught the eyes of Carl and Pavenik. Before Carl could ask what was going on, Hain shouted first.

“Save the Empress!”

“What do you mean, Miss Hain?”

Pavenik asked Hain.

“Her Majesty Empress Sienna collapsed in a vomit of blood. She was drinking tea with the Second Empress…”

“What do you mean? What do you mean Sienna collapsed?”

At the sudden news, Carl thought he heard it wrong. Pavenik, who entered the office along with Hain, seemed also very surprised.

“I will call the imperial doctor.”

While Pavenik quickly ran out to call a knight, Carl left the office as soon as he heard her. He had to see with his own eyes how Sienna was.

Still, Sienna had not been moved to her bedroom and was lying on the couch. There was a lot of blood around her mouth, so Shaylin was wiping Sienna’s face with water with a handkerchief. The urgently called doctor came in and started looking at Sienna.

When Carl saw the doctor measuring Sienna’s heartbeat, he stood quietly beside him and looked at her complexion. As recently as this morning they talked with a fine face, and Carl couldn’t believe that now she was lying like a corpse.

After finishing some basic tests, the doctor realized that Carl had come and got up. Carl asked urgently.

“Is Sienna, I mean the Empress, all right? How come she’s lying there?”

The doctor shook his head without an answer. Carl couldn’t tell if the doctor didn’t know why she collapsed or if he shook his head saying it was hard for Sienna to wake up. However, his somber face made Carl even more anxious.

Carl grabbed him by the collar.

“Don’t say it with your head, say it so that I can understand it correctly!”

He had lost his composure. Carl’s anger came down heavily on the doctor. The doctor trembled and opened his mouth with difficulty.

“I don’t know exactly what caused her to fall.”

Carl threw the doctor on the floor.

“Huh, you don’t know why? Is this the only quack in the palace? Come on, go get the right doctor!”

Pavenik calmed the screaming Carl.

“Calm down, the doctor just did a pulse. Just give him a little more time. The Empress will be fine, so don’t get too excited.”

When Pavenik gestured to him to move, the doctor stood aside. Carl called up Hain.

“Sienna was with Bluebell when she fell?”

“Yes, she doesn’t come often, but she made a sudden appearance today. Then she asked me to serve some barita tea.”

“Barita tea?”

Not only Carl but also Pavenik’s face hardened. Carl turned to the table. There were refreshments set up. Hain continued at their gaze.

“After the Empress collapsed, I made sure no one touched that table.”

Carl and Pavenik went near the table.

Pavenik instinctively realized that the incident was getting serious. He looked at the table hoping all this would be a misunderstanding. But just by looking at the table, he could see that Bluebell had done something tremendous.


There was white powder on the edge of the table where Bluebell said to have sat. And there was white powder on the teacup that Sienna had used.

‘At least do it right if you are going to do something.’

Pavenik sighed. The repercussions would be huge if it was known that the Second Empress had tried to poison the First Empress. There could be a bloodbath in the imperial palace. It was clear that it would be unbearable under Carl’s imperial power now.

“Go at once and make sure no one comes in and out of the Empress Palaces.”

Carl ordered the knights to guard Bluebell’s quarter. So far, all the evidence was enough to suspect Bluebell. Pavenik tried to read Carl’s expressions. He just hoped that Carl wouldn’t be too emotional in dealing with this.

Pavenik was more concerned about how this incident would affect the relationship between the Ferrer family and Carl than Sienna’s health. No matter how much he thought about it, it was clear that Bluebell made a foolish choice.

‘I’ve heard a lot about people being jealous and being able to do crazy things, but I never thought I’d see it in reality like this.’


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