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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 166: Live to Sienna Pt.166 Bahasa Indonesia

“I thought Empress Arya was preparing the banquet, are you not?”

At Bluebell’s question, Arya shook her head.

“Normally, it is held by the female head of the imperial palace. When a new empress comes in, the old empress usually hosts the party, but since Empress Sienna is in the highest throne, it’s not my position to step in.”

“That’s true, Empress Sienna is there.”

Bluebell had completely forgotten about Sienna. It was because she subconsciously did not remind herself that another empress besides her existed.

“Debut banquets are so big that we have to start preparing now…”

“Isn’t Sienna getting it ready?”

Asked Bluebell desperately. That she would be ready, and that she would make a feast more spectacular than anyone else. But Arya’s answer killed her expectations.

“As far as I know, I’m here because it’s not prepared at all. Moreover, Empress Sienna has little experience in preparing parties.”

“But since Sienna has prepared for my wedding, wouldn’t it be easy for her to set up my debut banquet?”

Bluebell liked her wedding inwardly. Because it was held more splendidly than she thought. Everyone agreed that it was a historically grandiose wedding.

“The wedding was arranged as soon as the wedding of Empress Bluebell was confirmed. There was almost three months of preparation. But the banquet will be in two weeks… maybe Sienna thought it would take more time for her to teach her manners.”

Arya’s words crumpled Bluebell’s face. Bluebell remembered that she wanted to hide because she was ashamed to hear that her etiquette education was taking too long at the last meal. Since then, she hasn’t slept and worked hard to reduce the duration.

When she recalled Sienna who said it might take longer for Bluebell because they are different, Bluebell’s hands trembled with anger.

“I shouldn’t have said that. I was just worried about Empress Bluebell.”

“Then could you arrange a banquet for me? Arya is the only one I can trust. Sienna is…”

She clouded her words. Arya nodded as if she understood.

“I understand how you feel. But if I come forward, she’ll be in trouble…”

At Arya’s words, Bluebell assured, looking at her with eyes full of strength.

“I’ll talk to Sienna. So please.”

“I’ll do that because Empress Bluebell specifically asked me.”

A bright smile hung around Arya’s mouth.

Bluebell headed for Sienna’s palace as soon as Arya left.

It was urgent. She wanted to have a debut banquet as soon as possible and stand as a member of the royal family. She wanted to show in front of many that Carl’s true empress was only herself. Unlike Sienna, who has been married for political reasons, she will let the world know that she has won the throne with love.

Sienna greeted Bluebell with bewildered eyes. Technically, Bluebell, who had not yet had a debut banquet, should not come out of her palace. It was surprising that she had come to visit her.

“This is too much.”

As soon as Bluebell saw Sienna, she vented her discontent.

“I don’t know what that means…”

“Did I look so dim? Ha! Well, I’m not like Sienna, so I’m going to need a lot of time for etiquette education.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

Sienna asked her with a surprised look. Then Bluebell turned red to her face and shouted.

“Oh, you forgot! It’s not going to be anything to you, Sienna, but I was looking forward to it. My debut banquet!”

She burst into tears.

Sienna was dumbfounded. It was not that she forgot about the debut banquet. However, she was reported through a maid sent to Bluebell’s palace that her education would take about a month more, so she was going to prepare step by step from now on. But now that she saw the response from Bluebell, it was clear that the report was wrong.

Bluebell screamed at Sienna with a tearful face.

“You’re doing nothing and it’s happening in less than two weeks!”

“I heard it’s not two weeks…”

Sienna was about to say that she thought she had a month left because the report was wrong, but she kept her mouth shut. Bluebell was already anxious about her short education period compared to her own, and it seemed like she would just scratch her pride.

‘There must have been Arya’s involvement…’

Sienna knew who was responsible for this, but explaining it to Bluebell it would all be treated as an excuse. Sienna’s thoughts were short. Even if the report came from Bluebell’s palace, she should have been confirmed through Madame Kitroll.


Sienna apologized frankly. A poor excuse would belittle Bluebell.

“I don’t need it. I asked Empress Arya to do so, just in case. I wish you’d told me in advance that you didn’t want to do it. Then Empress Arya would have had more time to prepare.”

It was already a one-sided notice to Sienna, but she could not say anything. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel like it was unfair, but it was also funny to try to defend herself.

“I know you probably don’t like me either. You must have thought I was taking the place of the Empress. But, in fact, this was my seat. It was Sienna who took this position. I’m the one who got robbed!”

She screamed in tears. Sienna tried to argue that it wasn’t true, but without saying bye to Sienna, Bluebell turned around and left the guest room.

Sienna looked at the place where Bluebell had left with a frown. She wanted to calmly accept the current situation because she did make a mistake, but it was hard to hide her irritation from Bluebell leaving without even thinking about listening to her.

Hain also spoke to Sienna with an annoyed face.

“Even if you forgot about the banquet, the Second Empress is so rude. I can’t believe she said she’d been robbed. Actually, it’s you who had been robbed.”

“No. It’s my fault.”

Sienna touched her forehead.

“I should have checked properly.”

All this was Arya’s plan, and this banquet would have already started its preparations. She would finish the banquet successfully.

The loss of the banquet host position to Arya was not a big problem. However, the fact that the relationship between Arya and Bluebell was getting extremely close, unlike before her return, bothered Sienna. In the past, the family of Arya, the Panacio family, and the Ferrer family of Bluebell aimed swords at each other like enemies, but now the friendship between the two families was rather great.

At the end of the revenge she had dreamed of, she believed there would be Arya who had lost everything by Carl, but now it didn’t seem easy. Those who should have been close to Carl were holding Arya’s hand and turning their backs on him.

“That’s too much, though. Every time you come here, she talks too offensively to Your Highness.”

Hain still spoke in a voice full of discontent, as if her anger had not gone away. Sienna also sympathized with her to a certain extent, so she didn’t blame her much.


Bluebell was so unruly that it made Sienna look back on the past, wondering if she was always like that. Today’s work was her fault, but it was not something to come in like this and scream and criticize. She should have calmed herself and asked what happened.


Sienna was the one to have entered the palace first, but Bluebell was treating her as if she’s her subordinate or a thief who took her place every time. Before that, she let it go since it was not a direct accusation, but today Bluebell went too far.

Moreover, she said she would leave the preparations for the banquet to Arya, so she had already talked with her and then came to see her. It was clearly an act of defiance of Sienna’s authority.

Bluebell’s emotional fits and arrogant attitude made it clear that Arya played a big role.

‘No more.’

Sienna decided that she would no longer give way to Bluebell. There was no room for sympathy if Bluebell had joined hands with Arya. As she herself did in the past, Bluebell would have to pay for joining hands with the devil.


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