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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 155: Live to Sienna Pt.155 Bahasa Indonesia

The maid soon served up a drink at Carl’s words. By the time Carl took a sip of his drink, the nanny had said Bluebell was ready for. Carl nodded and entered the bedroom.

“It feels weird.”

“It’s your first time.”

The old nanny, who was guiding Carl into Bluebell’s room, told him.

“First time… …ha…”

Carl smiled. It may be his first wedding, but no one knows it’s not his first time going into a bride’s room waiting for him.

‘Except for Sienna.’

Carl entered the room with a complaint.

Bluebell was standing there filling the whole room with a rich and huge apricot-colored dress. She greeted Carl with blushing cheeks.

“Dear Carl…I’m so happy!”

Tears formed around the eyes of Bluebell, who became emotional when she saw Carl.

“Yes. You’ve worked hard.”

Carl approached her. When he remembered how Sienna, on their first night, said the corset was stuffy and told him to take it off first, he put his hand on the small button behind the dress.

“Ahhh! Carl!”


Surprised by the screams of Bluebell, Carl turned around.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“How could you just undress me all of sudden? I am so embarrassed.”

She spoke with a red face as if her face would burst at any moment.

“I thought it would be too tight for you. Isn’t that outfit stuffy?”

Bluebell’s face turned red, but her fingertips seemed tense.

“That’s true, but…”

It was true that she was also frustrated with the corset. She was worried that her armpit fat might be sticking out because she made her dress one size smaller.

“I’ll just unbutton your back. Go in and change.”

Embarrassed, but inwardly expecting his more secret approach, Bluebell looked at him with a disappointed look. Carl pretended not to see the expression.

He untied her back button and went to the table and sat down. He was being considerate so that she could change her clothes at ease.

He could hear Bluebell in the dressing room whining as if it was difficult to change. The sound was like the sickening of a puppy who couldn’t find its mother’s milk.

“I’m done.”

She came out in a gown over her pajamas. The gown was decorated with fluffy-looking fur, which made her look like a baby of a fluffy animal. She was still like a child, even though she already went through a coming-of-age ceremony.

‘I can’t believe I’m marrying this little girl…’

There were many reasons why Carl hesitated to marry her, but this has also contributed. She was like a younger sister to him, not a grown woman because he had seen her since she was so young.

“That’s cute.”

“Really? Thank you.”

At the wedding, she acted maturely, but as soon as she was alone with Carl, Bluebell showed a relaxed smile. Carl poured the wine into her glass.

“It’s been a while since you’ve had an adult ceremony, but I wanted to congratulate you on your coming of age.”

“Thank you. Wow, is that alcohol? The scent is sweet and the color is really pretty!”

Bluebell, who tilted her glass, was surprised by the alcoholic sweetness.

“With Carl…marry… …and… I’m happy…”

As if to care for a beginner, the wine was so sweet and good to swallow, making Bluebell to continue to pour in her drink, and eventually become very drunk. She lied her face down halfway across the table, only repeating that she was glad to marry Carl.

Carl picked her up and laid her on the bed. Bluebell completely lost her mind when she reached the soft bedding. She fell asleep and breathed quietly.

With a cold look, Carl pulled the blanket up to the edge of Bluebell’s neck and covered her. He could feel the difference between his own expression and that of Bluebell, who was sleeping with a smile.


“The moon is up.”

Sienna put a table by the window and climbed on it to look out. When my upper body was half out of the window, she felt good because it felt like she was out of the castle. Although just the head was out.

“You look as lonely as I do.”

Sienna murmured as she looked at the large full moon shining brightly as if it were occupying the dark night sky alone.

The phrase “a poem is a blessing that only lonely people can write down” came to her mind. She could think of tens of thousands of poems about the moon now.

It was a night that she couldn’t possibly fall asleep.

Saying hello to Carl with an indifferent look, and watching him hold Bluebell’s hand and proceed with the wedding, she thought she was not shocked. She didn’t feel betrayed as she did when it happened the first time. She thought she was going to be okay.

But it must have been an illusion. After Carl and Bluebell’s wedding, her steps back to the princess palace were heavy. When she entered the bedroom and saw a well-organized bed with no wrinkles, she thought she would never be able to lie on that bed today.

Sienna felt that the bed was like a vast sea. She looked at the bed with a stunned face for a long time, as if she thought she would never be rescued again if she lay there.

After all, what she chose was an act of hypnotizing herself, imagining her escape from this frustrating place.

Stretching her head out of the window, she imagined that she was not at the lonely castle, but that she was climbing to the top of a very large, thick tree and looking down at the castle. She felt at ease because she felt as if she had become a divine being watching from afar, not as part of this palace.


Sienna shrieked at the sudden sensation of being grabbed by the nape of her neck.

“What are you doing?”

It was Carl.

Carl lifted her gently, who was struggling on the table. Sienna looked at Carl with a puzzled look.

“What are you doing?”

“I think I asked the question first.”

“I was looking at the moon. Please drop me off.”

Carl carefully helped her step on the ground.

“I thought you were jumping out.”

“Why would I!?”

“You’re always doing things I can’t imagine, so I just thought that might be the case.”

“It’s not just weird to jump from this height, it’s crazy. If you’re lucky, you die, and if you’re unlucky, you’ll be crippled. I’m not crazy. Why are you here by the way?”

Sienna asked why he was not with Bluebell and came here.

“Why am I here? I didn’t come to a place where I am not allowed to come.”

“You shouldn’t be here today. What about Bluebell? Didn’t you go to the Empress Bluebell?”

“Bluebell is asleep.”


Sienna tilted her head. It was the first night of their marriage. Falling asleep so early on their first night—Sienna thought Bluebell was a really strange girl.

“How long have you been by that window?”

Carl asked, holding the cold Sienna’s hand.

“I was there just for a moment. By the way, Bluebell went to bed pretty early.”

Carl pointed to the clock in the room with the tip of his chin. The clock was pointing at 3 a.m., so the expression “fell asleep early” was somewhat faulty.

“I didn’t know it was so late…”

“How long have you been there? Didn’t you sleep?”

Carl led Sienna into bed. Then he wrapped the quilt around her shoulder.

“I woke up for a second and looked out of the window. Because the moonlight is shining…”

Carl knew Sienna was lying because he saw a bed with no wrinkles—but he didn’t say much.

“You should sleep next to Bluebell, why are you here?”

“She snores too much.”



Sienna burst into laughter when Carl spoke with a serious face. Confirming her smile, he shrugged and said, “I’m kidding.” Sienna still spoke with a smile on her face.

“What kind of joke is that? It was the least funny joke I’ve ever heard.”

“You laugh a lot because of that. You still can’t hide your laughter.”

At Carl’s words, Sienna said, ‘Hmmm, hmm.’ She forced herself to stop laughing and look serious.

“It really wasn’t funny.”


Carl flopped down next to Sienna. The mats fluttered and Sienna’s body shook. At the same time, the two burst into laughter.


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