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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 150: Live to Sienna Pt.150 Bahasa Indonesia

The investigation into the temple raid has faced a new turning point. It was because of the person in front of Carl.

During a sudden visit to the imperial family, Roy handed over to Carl a document from the Holy Empire. Carl checked the document and almost threw it at Pavenik. Pavenik read the article so the officials could hear him well.

The pope’s edict, which began with a blessing for the well-being of the empire, was never light in meaning. When Pavenik read the whole story, the officials began to mutter with pale faces. Carl said in an unwelcome voice.

“Is the Holy Empire trying to intervene in this case?”

“It’s not an intervention. I hope there is no misunderstanding. Your Holiness is trying to help with the progress of the investigation.”

Roy, who always hovered around Sienna with a smiling face, was considered a man without tenacity, but perhaps because of his position, he stood with a serious face.

“Just because a few orphans died, they are sending knights to the capital city of another country! Do you think it makes sense to bring in sacred knights? Are you suggesting that we start a war now?”

One of the officials shouted, and others nodded as if they were in sympathy with him. They were high-ranking aristocrats of a country, that of an empire. The situation was disgraceful because they had never been under any pressure from other countries.

Roy glared at them with sharp eyes. In contrast to his fine appearance, there was a cold air in his eyes.

“Did you say only an orphan? The children are not just orphans. The children were listed as the people of the Holy Empire. They were the children that the goddess of the earth cared about. Such children were killed in your land. Nevertheless, the Empire did not even begin to investigate for a month. But you are saying just a few orphans? The Holy Empire cherishes every single one of its people. And that includes even a parentless child.”

The agitated aristocrats were wary of Roy.

“To investigate this, the Holy Empire decided to send a delegation of knights. Even if you block them from the border, the Knights will come here to find the perpetrator, punish him severely, and protect its people.”

He greeted Carl face-to-face, without backing his sharp gaze.

“Now that I have conveyed His Holiness’ message, I must go back.”

As soon as Roy got out of the door, the hall became noisy. Because the aftermath of the words Roy threw was so great.

“It sounds like they’re ready for war.”

“If they are not afraid of war, we should not be afraid of it either. Since when have we succumbed to the Holy Empire?”

“Succumb? They are only sending in the knights. That’s too much.”

“What is it if it’s not to succumb? Didn’t you just see his attitude? The priest of the Holy Empire raised his voice in front of the Emperor! We have to go to war with them.”

When a nobleman with no experience of war raised his voice, one of the lower but older aristocrats frowned.

“Do you think war is such an easy thing to do? Or are you under the illusion that the war against the Holy Empire is only a territorial battle?”

“What’s so difficult about it? The war with Castro has already ended. We have soldiers and well-trained knights, and above all, we have the emperor who led the victory. We won’t be defeated by those temple people who think and believe that they are protected by a goddess.”

The officials frowned at his words. Everyone knew how stupid he was. In this situation, everyone felt frustrated at the sight of him shouting for war without even knowing what he’s saying.

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“Are you saying that to me now?”

“You’re the only one who talks nonsense here, so I’m sure you’re right.”

As the two acted as if they were going to fight by grabbing each other by the collar right away, Pavenik, the chancellor, stepped up.

“Everyone, calm down. Neither of you are saying the wrong things. There is no reason for our empire to succumb to the threat of the Holy Empire. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re fighting a war. The land size is small, but the influence of the Holy Empire is never inferior to that of our Empire. As you all know, the kingdoms that surround the Holy Empire—the Monarch Kingdom, the Kingdom of Kailo, and the Kingdom of Eden—serve the Holy Empire as a higher power. Their royal authority is recognized only under the permission of the Holy Empire. It’s not just these three kingdoms. When they come up with the name of the temple, there will be so many allies that will side with the Holy Empire. I don’t think we’re going to lose the war against them, but it’s not going to be a war that’s much of a benefit to us.”

Upon hearing Pavenik’s opinion, the officials looked tired. After Carl’s rise to the throne, he was gradually replacing officials at different levels with talented people, but most of the officials who attended the meeting were under Arya’s rule, who had a poor judgment on the situation.

Although they vaguely thought that the divine empire had a great influence, they could feel the enormous influence when they heard it directly.

“Ha, I’m worried.”

“I have a question from what you said.”

Count Limbor stepped up. Not long ago, after his father’s sudden death, he suddenly took the seat. His title within the royal palace was not inferior, but he was young and had little experience in political affairs meetings that he was hesitant to speak.

“Tell me, Count Limborg.”

Said Count Mobir, his father-in-law.

“Weren’t those dead orphans the children of our empire? Why do you think the Holy Empire believes they were its people?”

Several others looked at Pavenik, nodding their heads as they heard the same questions. Pavenik cursed at them for being ignorant but spoke with full courtesy on the outside.

“It’s because of the way the Holy Empire takes its people.”

“The way it takes its people?”

“The divine empire itself is smaller than the capital of Leipsden. Still, the population is larger than us. The reason is because of the national characteristics of the Holy Empire. They don’t select people only based on places where they are born. Other religious people can become people of the Holy Empire by simply registering through the temple.”

“That’s ridiculous…”

“It’s possible to have dual citizenship, so it can exert a lot of influence on other countries. As I mentioned earlier, most of the aristocrats of the three kingdoms who serve the Holy Empire as a high-ranking nation are also citizens of the Holy Empire. I’ve heard that there are times when you register because you have faith, but there are times when you register to gain a foothold.”

One nobleman, at Pavenik’s explanation, opened his eyes wide and said, “So I’ve heard that the Empress is registered as a citizen of the Holy Empire.”

Carl stared at him. He didn’t like the idea of bringing in Sienna out of the blue. The nobles were agitated by his words.

“Then we should ask the Empress to…”

“You insane fools!”

A word from Carl made the office go as silent as a graveyard. That’s because he spoke with a temper.

“Is this the price we pay because of you doing things while ignoring my words? Count Ferrer, Count Mobir, Baron Kittle! If you have a mouth to speak, why don’t you tell me?”

Carl called out the names of those who argued against the investigation of Carl’s case. They couldn’t raise their heads.

“Why don’t you say that we should not worry about the death of some orphans, as you did until yesterday?”

They looked down and looked at each other.


“Thanks to you, I now have to watch the Knights of the Holy Empire cross my border with a sword. I’m so dumbfounded. In the meantime, how dare you ask the Empress to negotiate? Even if I cut your throats for humiliating my empire, history will not remember me as a tyrant. Rather, I will be praised for properly disposing of you who have put the country in crisis.”

Said the young emperor, who always carried his sword even after ascending to the throne. He looked fierce as he wanted to draw a sword and feed it with blood.

His dignity was seen enough during the martial arts competition, so the officials narrowed their shoulders and bowed their heads in the hope that there will be no sparks on themselves.

“I can’t stand watching you people talk silly anymore. Count Ferrer and others, take responsibility for this. If the Knights of Leipsden Empire come later than the Knights of the Holy Empire, I will hold you responsible.”

They couldn’t dare to say no. They just rolled their eyes quickly and thought of a way to break this impasse.

“And if anyone is trying to drag Empress Sienna into this, I won’t forgive that either, so keep in mind!”

Carl sprang to his feet. Then, he left the conference room with his royal robe flapping in the air. Even after he left the meeting room, the officials could not raise their heads for quite some time.


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