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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 15: Live To Sienna Pt.15 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 15: Live To Sienna Pt.15

“You’re saying that this marriage announcement was doomed from the start?”

Kelly answered Sienna’s question with a nod and said, “Yes. It’s like it’s a marriage announcement that’s made for being denied. I think the empress has someone else in mind she wants for the bride.”

“What does that mean?”

“Cough, cough!”

Kelly coughed a few dry coughs as if talking too much was hard for her. Sienna gave her some water and apologized, “I made you speak too much.”

Kelly, who quenched her thirst, shook her head and said, “No. This one’s cough doesn’t differentiate between day and night. What did you ask me just before that?”

“I was wondering how you can be so that the Imperial Family already has someone else they want in mind.”

Kelly took another sip of water and explained to Sienna, “According to the circumstances, you are allowed to refuse a marriage proposal from a royal.”

Sienna nodded. That was how she was going to refuse to marry Carl.

“But you can only refuse up to your second marriage. A third marriage proposal can never be rejected because if you are rejected three times, you’ll lose your prestige as a royal. If yours is the third refusal to marrying a royal, the family will face the same punishment as contempt of law and treason from the imperial court.”


Sienna bit her lower lip. Her simple plan of simply refusing to marry Carl had gone up in smoke.

“The fact that his name has been announced in a marriage proposal that is sure to be rejected means that he will have no choice but to accept the third marriage partner. It was made so that he wouldn’t be able to refuse.”

Sienna now knew why Arya was trying to marry her and Carl off. The Waters were higher in rank than Bluebell’s Fair White because the Fair Whites were spies. That would give legitimacy to pushing for a breakup between Bluebell and Carl and pushing for a new marriage.

Moreover, since the Waters family was located at the end of the North, they had no political influence in the capital. It was obvious that Arya had judged that only the country Sienna grew up in the North could come to her aid.

The truth was that Arya was right. Sienna had been played by her with such ease that she had even helped her start the coup.


Sienna gritted her teeth. She had planned to stop Arya’s coup by simply refusing to marry Carl, but she couldn’t do that now.

It felt as though her blood was rising to her head all at once. While the complacency of trying to stop Arya’s plan without facing Arya was lamentable, anger for the serpent-like Arya, who had been orchestrating things meticulously, overcame her.

It was no longer something that could be avoided. To deal with Arya, she would have to learn how to use poisons.

‘You’ll regret it! Stay under the illusion that you’ve got a piece of country in your grasp. You’ll soon come to find out what a big misunderstanding that was.’

Sienna gritted her teeth and vowed vengeance. One way or another, she had to stop Arya from starting the coup she dreamed of.

Knock, knock!

Jane, who came in after knocking, informed Sienna that priest Roy had come to visit her at the mansion. Sienna forced the raging anger out of her mind.

Becoming angry like that alone did not solve the problems at hand. In order to deal with Arya, she had to control her emotions and stay calm. Sienna asked Kelly to excuse her and went out to the drawing room.

“Miss Sienna!”

“Oh, Priest Roy.”

“I was very worried. You haven’t come to the temple for days, so I was worried that you might be feeling unwell. You don’t look very well even now.”

After meeting Carl in front of the pickled goods stand, Sienna became exhausted from the constant nightmares she was living through at night and had not been able to go to the temple. Priest Roy had all the right to be worried because the person who had visited him every day had suddenly stopped without any warning.

“I wasn’t very sick, but I wasn’t feeling well. If I had known you’d be worried, I’d have asked Jane to let you know. I’m sorry to have worried you.”

“No, it’s fine. Rather, it seems you haven’t recovered your strength yet. Could I offer you some treatment?”

Sienna tilted her head at Roy’s words and asked, “Roy, you can also treat people? Ah! You are knowledgeable about the hemp herb from before, right? Have you mastered herbal medicine?”

When asked that by Sienna, Roy said with a puzzled look, “I don’t actually know much about herbal medicine or therapy. But, I have a little gift from the Goddess. Wait a minute.”

When Sienna nodded, Roy touched her forehead. Soon, a light shining from his hand enveloped Sienna’s entire body.

It lasted a very short time, but she felt refreshed. All of the exhaustion left her body, flying away, and she felt better than usual.

“That’s amazing! Was Roy born with the capacity to heal?”

“At the moment, it’s at an insufficient level.”

Sienna still couldn’t erase her look of surprise at Roy, who spoke with humility, from her face.

Previously, Jane had said that there were only a few people in the Holy Empire who were born with the potential for healing. Those who could practice their healing powers were told to be cardinals, not just priests.

“Ah! Miss Sienna! It’s a secret. If this gets known, I’ll have to go back to the Holy Empire.” Roy added to his words, “I’d like to stay in Laifsden still.”

It was surprising enough that there was a priest in Laifsden who could perform the power of noble treatment even outside of the Holy Empire. Sienna guessed that he was trying to stay there because he had been an orphan who had grown up in the Laifsden alleyways.

‘If Roy had been struck and killed by that horse, the Holy Empire would have lost a great deal of talent.’

Sienna was proud that the person she had saved was special. She had done it simply because she had not wanted to witness death in front of her, but now, she had changed not only his fate, but the fate of those he was going to save as well.

“But, is it alright for you to tell me such a big secret?”

At Sienna’s question, Roy said with a wink, “Sienna and I are friends. There are no secrets between friends.”

“But still… And I feel guilty for using Roy’s great powers to relieve me of my fatigue.”

“It’s nothing. In the Holy Empire, I used it every morning to restore my teacher’s fatigue.”

“What?! Just to recover fatigue?!”

Sienna had no choice but to bite back at her words. He had used his great ability to heal people on fatigue. It was simply a waste of power.

“I don’t use it very much because it’s not good enough yet. I don’t have the ability to breathe life into the dead or treat hundreds of patients like the sages.”

For Roy, his lack of skill embarrassed him, so Sienna consoled him, “I heard from knowledgeable sources that a god’s gifted power develops with both skill and age. Since Roy is still young, there’s a good chance you’ll improve. I’m sure Roy will be as great as a sage.”

“Yes! My teacher said I have a lot of power over my age. He also said that after the coming-of-age ceremony, my skills will double,” Roy said with a delighted smile after receiving Sienna’s words.

During the conversation, Jane entered the drawing room with a tray. That happened because the stairs to Kelly’s room were in the drawing room.

On the tray she was holding, there was a medicinal concoction for Kelly to drink. Roy, who smelled the medicine, asked Sienna, “Is there anyone in the house who doesn’t feel well?”

Sienna’s face darkened. There had been no change to her aunt Kelly’s illness. Her life’s end was less than a month away if it was the same as in the past.

“My aunt is very ill. So, as to say…”


Sienna did not want to ask Roy to treat Kelly so readily. The reason for that was because Roy did not seem to be able to perform much of the therapeutic benefits that more seasoned healers could, so she was afraid that Roy would feel burdened by her request.

Before she could even finish, Roy stepped up as if he had read Sienna’s mind and said, “If you don’t mind, can I offer your aunt a healing prayer?”

“Then, I’d be grateful. But, will it be OK? It’s a serious illness…”

“I can make my patients feel a little better even if my skills are lacking and I can’t heal them completely.”

“Please, take care of her then.”

Sienna led Roy to Kelly’s room.

“Aunt Kelly, this is Priest Roy Whist. While the priest was visiting, he offered to pray for your health, and so, I brought him here.”

“A prayer of healing?”


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