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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 142: Live to Sienna Pt.142 Bahasa Indonesia

“You did a decent job today for someone trying for the first time.”

Words such as ‘trying’ and ‘first time’ offended Sienna.

“By the way, how are you dealing with the sadness?”

“What do you mean?”

“You seem quite good at holding a banquet, but you have to hand it all over to the Empress Bluebell.”

“What does that mean?”

Those who had not yet heard of Bluebell becoming the second empress asked Arya in a hurry. But most nodded as if they already knew.

“What is Empress I, and what is Empress II?”

To those who looked surprised, Arya said, raising the tip of her eyebrows.

“You haven’t heard about it yet? There’s going to be a celebration in the Empire soon. A lady from the Ferrer family will marry the Emperor. Right after this coming-of-age banquet.”

The ones who heard the news for the first time were so surprised that their faces were blank. One of those who had already known asked Arya.

“But Her Majesty the First Empress will continue to prepare for the banquet, right? Why do you say that the Empress is handing over the banquet preparations to Lady Ferrer?”

Since Bluebell has not yet taken the post of an empress, she added the word “Lady” to Bluebell. Arya answered the remark with a great deal of ridicule.

“One or two, what’s so important about the number before the empress? Since when did that get in front of the empress? Honestly, it’s strange that a second empress even exists. In the past, there was never an incident when two empresses existed at the same time. If an empress didn’t die early, there usually isn’t a second empress.”

Sienna froze her face at Arya’s words. The same was true of the faces of the aristocratic wives surrounding Sienna. Although she was the one who insisted on bringing in the second empress, Arya continued to speak.

“If it weren’t for the Emperor’s opposition, the Empress would have been deposed, and Lady Ferrer would have taken her place.”

“I heard that it was not the Emperor’s will to receive a second Empress. It was Your Majesty the Empress and Lady Ferrer.”

Countess Lorraine said sharply. Having not been on good terms with Earl of Ferrer, she did not seem to be pleased that Arya’s judgment gave power to the Ferrer family.

“What can I do? There is no heir between the Emperor and the Empress.”

Arya looked up and down to Sienna as she said that. Her wink seemed as if Sienna had a problem and could not have children.

“Oh my!”

Some of the wives looked at Sienna with surprised looks.

Sienna and Carl had just been married for two years, but during most of that time, Carl was in the battlefield, so if you think about it a little bit, you could see how ridiculous Arya’s argument was.

“Isn’t she such a good example? Moreover, Empress Sienna is preparing to give way to the empress’ palace and move to a princess’ palace.”

Her words became a sword. She was nailing down that Sienna was an empress who had no influence. Those who were gathered around Sienna looked upset when they realized that they were appealing to Sienna for no reason.

“I have a special acquaintance with Lady Ferrer…”

“So you were the one who recommends her as the Second Empress, right? How long have you had such a relationship with the Ferrer family?”

“That’s right, I heard it’s hard to reach because there are only a few women in the Ferrer family…”

Their attention quickly shifted to Arya. Arya made eye contact with Sienna and smiled a smile of victory.

Sienna thought about annoying Arya with a comeback but then closed her mouth. She didn’t want to spend her time arguing. She was so tired because the conversation with Arya seemed to gnaw at her nerves.

“The Emperor’s Majesty and the Lady Ferrer.”

Even though Carl and Bluebell have not yet held a wedding ceremony, those who were at the banquet room were excited at the sound of Carl entering with Bluebell, not the empress Sienna.

Arya smiled at the ladies around her. She seemed to be saying how she was right. As Arya moved on, they left Sienna behind and moved along Arya.

Sienna was left alone in the middle of the banquet hall. She didn’t feel miserable because she had already expected it, but she didn’t feel very pleasant either.

The door opened and Carl and Bluebell entered. The seat where Sienna was where the entrance to the banquet hall was face-to-face. At the appearance of the emperor, Carl, everyone bowed their heads and did their manners. Sienna stood alone among those who bowed their heads, facing Carl.

Carl was also looking at Sienna. Sienna used to think that she could read Carl’s expression quite well, but she didn’t have a clue what he was thinking now. Sienna saw Bluebell standing next to Carl.

Bluebell had a face full of excitement. Carl’s warm golden hair and Bluebell’s cool-blue silver hair matched each other.

Sienna thought Carl and Bluebell seemed to be a match made in heaven. The good-looking pair entertained the eyes of the viewers, but for Sienna, it rather made her heart dizzy.

Carl and Sienna remained eye-to-eye even after the nobles who greeted them raised their heads.

“Empress Sienna!”

Siena took her eyes off Carl at the familiar voice that called her and looked back. Roy stood there.

“Priest Roy!”

Roy looked unusually dressed in the robes of the nobility. She had always seen him in a priest’s uniform, but today, he looked like a high-ranking noble. His fair skin made his face look more elegant.

“I’m so glad to meet you here.”

“Priest Roy, what brings you here?”

“Was it not you who sent me the invitation?”


Although she sent the invitation for this banquet to Roy herself, Sienna had completely forgotten about it.

If the size of a royal banquet is large, it is common to send invitations not only to domestic aristocrats but also to the aristocrats and influential quasi-guests in other countries who stay in the country.

Receiving the invitation didn’t mean that the guest would come because they didn’t have to attend. In particular, the associates of the temple did not participate in banquets. That’s why Sienna never expected Roy to attend the coming-of-age banquet.

“I really didn’t expect you.”

Roy scratched his neck and said, “When else can I see Lady Sienna? You told me to come whenever I wanted, but it is not easy to get over the gate. By the way, why do you look so pale? Are you sick?”

“No, I’m just a little tired.”

“You should leave those to me.”

Roy touched Sienna’s forehead. Sienna’s mind cleared up as if he had poured cold water on it. The tired body also refreshed itself. But her heart was still not refreshed.

“You are going to be tired because of me, too.”

Sienna knew that Roy’s medical prayer was characterized by the fact that the pain of the opponent had to be transferred to him and he had to feel the pain.

“Don’t worry about that. My treatment ability has improved significantly since I reached adulthood. Most of the treatment is easy now. I’ve been suffering from incongruity before my body was settled, but now I’m fine.”

Sienna looked surprised. It was a mysterious and great power before, but now it was even better.

“Congratulations. That’s very fortunate.”

“Thank you.”

“But what do you mean adult?”

“In terms of this empire, I’ve reached adulthood. Isn’t it quite appropriate to be invited to this coming-of-age ceremony today?

Sienna opened her eyes wider than before. Her admiration was great. Considering what he had done so far, it was hard to think that he was not even an adult.

“I really congratulate you. That you have come to stability in power, and you have become an adult.”

“Yes, and now I can get married thanks to that.”

“Can a priest get married?”

“Yes, it’s also the Earth Goddess’ blessing to have a family. Rather, forming a large family is one of the main virtues. Oh, but I don’t mean I’m getting married right away. Marriage is not something you can do alone. It’s okay if the Goddess doesn’t give me a person of my destiny. I just follow her will.”

“But I hope you get someone precious to you.”

“Me, too. I’d like someone as beautiful and kind as Sienna.”


Facing Roy, smiling and speaking, Sienna smiled, too.

Roy and Siena settled in the corner of the banquet hall. Sienna was the only one who he knew in the banquet hall, and Sienna didn’t feel the need to talk to the nobles. Moreover, no one was interested in Sienna, perhaps because Bluebell, the new empress-to-be, was at the banquet hall.

Roy and Sienna talked about things they couldn’t talk about without the interruption of others. Most of the stories were about boarding schools where the children were staying.

“I didn’t know there was such an underground warehouse there. How the children had found it.”

Roy recently talked about an underground storage that the children found at the school. The dormitory where the children were staying now was renovated by buying the warehouse next to the temple, where the children recently found a door leading to an underground secret warehouse.

“I went down there because of the children’s words, and it was full of barrels of alcohol.”

“Not a bottle, but barrels?”


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