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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 138: Live to Sienna Pt.138 Bahasa Indonesia

Since that day, the marriage between Carl and Bluebell has taken a rapid turn. Sienna told Carl to marry Bluebell for political gain, but her heart was heavy.

“Your Majesty doesn’t have to move to the castle. Shaylin, say something, too.”

In the disgruntled voice of Hain, Shaylin indicated that she agreed with the opinion by simply nodding her head. Young Shaylin seemed to have no idea about Sienna moving the palace.

As the imperial family of monogamy, the empress had only one space. But suddenly, there were two empresses. It was an awkward situation because Sienna and Bluebell could not share the palace.

In the past, Sienna, the first empress, used the empress palace, and Bluebell used the palace for princesses. This time, Sienna decided to come forward first and give her place to Bluebell. It was from a judgment that she would distance herself from Carl.

Sienna said to Hain that she would move the palace because she thought she should vacate it before Bluebell’s wedding. Their wedding will not take place until after Bluebell’s Coming-of-Age Ceremony, but she has given her word in advance because it takes a lot of time to move the palace.

“It’s already heartbreaking to have Lady Ferrer as the second empress, and you’re going to yield the palace!”

Hain jumped and opposed Sienna’s words.

“More importantly, it hasn’t been long since your Highness moved to this palace from the princess’ palace!”

“When we moved from that palace to this one, you said you were excited to move because things felt like feathers.”

“Is it the same as then? That was when you became empress, so packing wasn’t hard at all. But now… the situation is different than what it was then!”

“I’ll help you. Should I at least pack up my dresses in advance?”

As Sienna tried to roll up her arms, a blue vein rose on Hain’s forehead.

“My goodness! You know it’s not just about moving things. We already have an empress! Why would the Emperor take in the second empress?! Your Majesty, are you really going to yield the palace? Isn’t that unfair?”

Hain was shouting with anger and suddenly noticed Sienna.

“I’m sorry. Your Majesty would be more upset. So why didn’t you say you’d stay here? Why did you say you’d move in first?….”

Sienna looked around the room and said to Hain.

“I prefer the princess palace here.”

This was an honest feeling. The Imperial Palace here has more horrible memories than pleasant ones. She only remembers her acting out of jealousy.

Come to think of it, she was very angry with Hain at that time. Sienna looked at Hain with fresh eyes. With Sienna looking at her, Hain shook her head, making an X with her hands.

“Why do you look at me like that? Your Majesty is beautiful, but I’m not ready yet. And the Empress has the Emperor.”

Sienna said in surprise at Hain’s excessive response.

“Hain! What are you looking at these days? What in the world did you imagine for you to say you aren’t ready for something?”

At Sienna’s words, Hain said, wrapping her heated cheeks.

“Not at all.”

Sienna squinted her eyes. Sienna’s eyes were saying, ‘Come on, tell me what book you are reading’ and Hain shook her head hard.

“I can’t say anything. Even if you’re going to drag me in and torture me but I won’t tell you!”

Sienna did not question anymore. However, when Sienna thought she should somehow find out the book that Hain was reading and suggest to add it to the list of banned books.

“Shaylin, you’re not looking at the same book as Hain, are you?”

Sienna questioned whether the young Shaylin was reading the book with Hain. Shaylin said, shaking her head furiously.

“I can’t read and write.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Sienna nodded at Shaylin’s words.

Not only could Hain write and read, but she liked to read books. It was a very special case. Except for Heidel, most of the regions did not know writing like Shaylin because of their high illiteracy rates. Ignorance of writing was no shame.

It was then. The voice of the servant filled the space.

“Your Majesty the Empress Arya has visited.”

On her unexpected visit, Sienna asked again if Arya really came. Hain asked, looking at Sienna’s countenance.

“Then shall I prepare the tea?”

Sienna nodded and ordered Arya in.

“What brings you here?”

When Sienna asked her without even saying hello, Arya frowned bitterly and showed her discomfort.

“Mrs. Kitroll, the Imperial Etiquette teacher, said the Empress had mastered her manners. I think she’s mistaken. You don’t even know the basic manners that are necessary to greet a guest like this.”

Normally, Sienna should have greeted Arya, offered her a seat, and asked if she was willing to drink tea; but Sienna did not. She continued to speak in spite of Ayia’s sarcastic remarks.

“I doubt Mrs. Kitroll’s evaluation, too. She praised Empress Arya for her manners and elegance, but you are coming to my palace without announcing your visit in advance. I’m telling you, Mrs. Kitroll seems to be completely mistaken.”

Arya responded, without a single change of expression.

“If you have urgent business, it can happen.”

Arya sat at the top of the table even though Sienna did not offer it. Sienna didn’t nibble on it. In other words, Sienna had a fault for not offering Arya a seat.

“I wonder what urgent business is that you’re coming in without notifying me of your visit.”

“I’m here because I think the Empress is forgetting that there will be a coming-of-age banquet soon.”

At her words, Sienna tried not to disclose her surprised face. She was distracted by Bluebell’s issue and couldn’t think of the adult banquet.

Originally, the Coming-of-Age banquet was an important event that had to be held three months ago. However, it was delayed when Valore, the former emperor, died suddenly, and Carl ascended to the throne.

“There will be a big event in the country soon, and I came here because the empress is out of mind. I can’t believe you haven’t prepared anything yet for the coming-of-age banquet that’s happening in less than a month. Moreover, it seems like you are not preparing for the wedding of Emperor and Lady Ferrer at all. Did all the responsibilities of the Empress bother you? Are you sure you want to give the Empress’ seat to Lady Ferrer?”

At Arya’s words, Sienna tried to hide her surprised look. Preparations for the wedding were also unexpected.

All the banquet in the imperial family was the responsibility of the empress. It’s true that Sienna should have prepared. Likewise, Bluebell’s marriage was under Siena’s jurisdiction.

In the past, Arya offered to help, so she prepared for the coming-of-age banquet or the wedding of Bluebell. Especially, since the wedding was something Sienna didn’t want, she didn’t prepare for the event herself.

“You’re not in a good mood. I’m sure so. The Empress Sienna is alive with her eyes wide open. What is with having another empress? It’s absurd. I understand that the Empress didn’t care.”


Arya’s words didn’t keep Sienna focused well because she wondered why she had forgotten to prepare for the coming-of-age banquet and the wedding.

“…why don’t I prepare a banquet instead?”

“I’m sorry? I had something to think about, so I couldn’t hear you properly. What did you say?”

When Sienna asked back, Arya forced herself to smile and said again.

“The empress has never had a big banquet, so I offered to help. Weddings, of course, are never easy, as it’s the biggest event of the year. It would be difficult to arrange for an empress who had never hosted even a small banquet.”

Arya enjoyed a feast very much in the past. At least once a week, both when she was the empress or the queen, she lit a bright light on the palace and held a banquet until late at night. It was to consolidate her power and show off her influence.

“More importantly, it would be cruel for Empress Sienna to prepare the wedding for the second empress. Just in time, I’m acquainted with Lady Ferrer, so…”


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