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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 137: Live to Sienna Pt.137 Bahasa Indonesia

Sienna found the elf forest after a long time. Ever since Carl introduced her to a horse named Grittigi, she has been visiting the forest like this.

Woosh—she stroked the soft mane of the horse that ran to the whistle.

“You’ve been lonely, haven’t you?”

As the horse looked around, Sienna calmed it down by tapping around the horse’s neck.

“Carl didn’t come. He’s very busy these days.”

Neigh—the horse sounded as if it understood what she was saying.

“I brought you a present instead.”

Sienna put down the basket she had brought. There was a mass of fresh grass in it. The horse plunged its head into the basket with pleasure.

“Do you know how much I’ve been nagged by Hain to get this here? She said it’s disgraceful for the empress to carry a basket full of grass. But it’s a present for you, so I should bring it myself.”

Another reason was that she didn’t want to be caught by others with the secret of the forest. Sienna took the straw off her skirt. Then she sat on the stump beside the horse.

“How have you been? It’s getting cold. You’re not lonely? Come to think of it, isn’t there anything else in this forest other than you?”

The horse didn’t answer Sienna’s words and still had its head in the basket.



Grittigi could not have answered by mimicking human sounds. Sienna looked around with a startled sound. Carl showed up behind the tree.

“What brings you here?….”

“I heard you headed here with a load of horse grass, forgetting your meal with me.”


Sienna didn’t know that time had already passed. She was going to come out early in the morning, but as she scuffled with Hain over the horse feed, time passed by.

“I’m sorry. Did you eat?”

Carl responded, shaking the basket.

“Your lady-in-law took care of this.”

Sienna was amazed when she found it was Hain who had given the lunch basket into Carl’s hand.

‘Hain is so fearless. How dare she think of sending such a thing into the hands of the Emperor.’

“I’m sorry. I’ll say something to Hain.”

“You don’t have to. Because I was the one who said I’d eat here. I can’t bring my servants here to serve our meals.”

Sienna nodded.

“Since it’s been a long time, shall we have a meal by the lake?”

“Then let’s go after this guy finishes his.”

Sienna said, patting the mane of a horse still burying its head in a basket of fodder. Carl grumbled, “I think the horse is more fortunate than the emperor himself.” That’s what he said, but he looked with a pleased look at Grittigi eating his food.

When the horse finished eating, Carl got on the horse and reached out to Sienna.

“You can’t even open your eyes this time, can you?”

“Why are you talking about the past? It’s okay now.”

There was a time when the enemy’s attack was pouring in when she hung on the back of Carl and ran from side to side. It was only then that riding a horse was unfamiliar and scary, but now it was different.

Sienna took Carl’s hand and jumped on the horse. The posture of getting on the horse was pretty good now.

It wasn’t until she held him tight at the waist that he shook the reins. The horse bounced forward at a rapid pace. The trees rising high in the sky quickly brushed past them.

After a long run, they could see a vast lake.

The lake didn’t seem to be much affected by the season. Both before and now, it was in touch with the sky and was emitting a blue light.

When the horse stopped, Sienna jumped off with a light move. She felt certainly more familiar with the horse.

“You’re quite used to riding the horse for having been chased.”

“In fact, I came here secretly and rode him.”

When the imperial life was putting pressure on her, Sienna came here and rode a horse. Carl gave her a lecture saying that she was doing something dangerous, but he didn’t seem to hate it that much. When Carl asked if she was used to riding a horse alone, Sienna shook her head.

“No way. I’m running around his neck looking ugly. Grittigi doesn’t like it, so he wouldn’t even come to the lake and stops in the middle of the forest. I think it’s frustrating for him because I held his neck tight. But I got used to it.”

Carl burst into laughter at Sienna’s words. He could not help but smile at the thought of her hanging from Grittigi’s neck.

Her arm strength was quite strong, tightening his waist while riding to the lake. When the horse was still running fast, it was clear that she was scared. Mischievously, Carl speeded up even more, but she didn’t scream anyway.

Even though it was only her second visit to the lake, Sienna could feel comfortable here. Carl took out the blanket from the basket and laid it on the flat grass. Sienna sat on a blanket and checked the lunch basket that Hain had prepared.

“The food is as warm as new.”

The food and the bowl were still hot. That’s because Hain put a bag of heated sand on one side of the basket. Sienna laid a white pottery dish on the floor while admiring her wisdom.

On top of the bowl was a bread wrapped in paper and a large well-done shrimp. The sauce, as well as the well-kept fruit for dessert, was well placed. Except for bread, most of them were cut into bite-sized pieces. She could feel the consideration of Hain in many ways.

“It’s more luxurious than I’ve been eating in the castle for some time.”

The menu was not much different, but the place was so special that the food they usually ate felt new.

Sienna said, taking out the wine from one basket. “She even prepared this.”

Carl received the wine from Sienna and checked the label. In the meantime, Sienna took out a glass of wine.

“Wine from the Cambal Farm. It’s high in sugar, but it’s not just light sweetness. It’s not strong, so it’ll go well with the meal.”

Sienna didn’t know much about the wine, so she just nodded and held out her glass. Carl opened the wine stopper. She could hear the sound of banging and opening the stopper.

Carl said, pouring wine into a glass held by Sienna.

“You seem to be more pleased with this wine than I am.”

“Was it that obvious? I was craving alcohol.”

Sienna said with a playful smile. Carl smiled and poured wine into his glass. Sienna bumped his glass into Carl’s glass.

The wine went over the throat. It wasn’t as bad as Carl said. No, she loved it. The sweet and pungent aftertaste of alcohol.

While the two were eating, Grittigi stood still and grazed. It was like he was playing around that he repeatedly grazed and spat grass out of his mouth, perhaps because he was full.

Sienna picked up the bottle to fill her empty glass with wine. Carl took the bottle from her and poured it for her instead.

“Drink slowly. Grittigi wouldn’t want to carry you on his back, who’s drunk and out of control.”

“You can’t get drunk on this. People at Heidel drink wine like water because it’s cold there.”

After Sienna spoke out the word Heidel, she became emotional and teary. Because she missed the precious people she left there.

She wanted to be grumpy to her father there, and to be naughty to her brother. And she wanted to complain about her frustration with her nanny.

When Sienna suddenly shed tears, Carl was embarrassed and called her.


Tears dripped from Sienna’s eyes as if it were a fuse. Surprised, Carl hugged her and comforted her.

‘I just said I’m a good drinker, and now I’m crying.’

She was in Carl’s arms and shed tears for a long time.

“Something going on?”

It wasn’t until Sienna’s tears died down that Carl asked.

“No, nothing.”

“You wouldn’t have cried like this without a reason. You’re too strong to be drunk with a glass of wine.”

“I just… I just missed my hometown. I want to see the people I left there.”

At Sienna’s words, Carl wrinkled his forehead. Her hometown…

Carl had never been to Sienna’s hometown. He only knew that it was not suitable for people to live in because it was a place with many monsters and always a pile of snow. But whether it was in poor conditions or not, he could see that it was an important place for Sienna.

“I know it’s hard now, but we’ll try to go to Heidel soon. I’ve married you, but I’ve never met your father, Duke of Waters. I also want to see his swordsmanship since I heard he’s about to become a master.”

“Thank you.”

Sienna cried away, so the two only half-finished the meal and returned. Sienna wanted to be there more, but Carl spent a lot of time going to the lake.

Carl, who took Sienna to the front of the castle, was about to turn around, and she called his name and stopped him.


Carl looked back. Sienna said, avoiding his eyes.

“I heard you’re under pressure because of your marriage to Lady Ferrer.”

Carl hesitated at Sienna’s words. Maybe that’s why she cried today.

“You don’t have to worry.”

“No, it’s not that… please marry Lady Ferrer. I hope you don’t get into conflict with the Ferrer family.”

Carl looked at Sienna with a grumpy face. She was still looking at the floor, unable to face him.

“Is this why you cried today?”

At the words, Sienna raised her head and looked at Carl. She shook her head in embarrassment and said, “No! Not at all. It’s really not. It was because I really missed my hometown earlier. Don’t worry, I’m not crying because of your marriage to Lady Ferrer.”

“Even if it made you cry, you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

“It’s not true. I can’t help it if you are marrying her. And with me… Anyway, it’s right that Lady Ferrer stays around you.”

Sienna was about to say that their promised day was almost reaching. But she stopped. That’s because Carl was particularly sharp when it comes to the contract.


“You’ve already taken great care of me. Thank you for that. But it can’t stay this way. I heard that the relationship between Empress Arya and the Ferrer family was already serious. If the two forces join hands, it will be even more difficult to strengthen the imperial power that you wanted. You know.”

“It’s not just because of you.”

Carl said in a voice filled with discontent.

“It’s just that I don’t want to move at their will because they think they can sway me somehow.”

“Even if that’s why you’ve refused to marry, accept it now. I’m sure you’ve understood enough since you’ve delayed this much time. Right now, if it’s for profit, you have to make an unwanted choice.”

“Every time you try to teach me like this, it upsets me.”

Carl threw her stinging words and swung away. Sienna stood there with a bitter face until his back was completely out of sight.


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