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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 134: Live to Sienna Pt.134 Bahasa Indonesia

At that time, Carl was with an unexpected guest.


“Long time no see, Your Majesty.”

Pavenik, who looked at the two, went out to leave. Carl suggested she sit on the sofa in the Oval Office.

“I’ve never been here before.”

She looked around the room curiously. She was old enough to have the coming-of-age ceremony, but her childlike behavior was not awkward at all.

That was the image of Bluebell that Carl remembered. A girl who shows pure kindness and has the innocence to express her bad mood immediately.

She was Carl’s fiancée, so she frequently interacted with the imperial family. She was like a little sister to Carl.

“You’ve got a lot of work. There are more papers than in my father’s room.”

“Because it hasn’t been long since I took office as the emperor.”

“You must have been busy.”

She said with a nod. Bluebell looked at Carl with a grumpy face, thinking that it must be because of work that he had not been able to contact her.

“I’ve been upset that I haven’t heard from you in a long time. Before, you called me in often, so we ate and took a walk together.”

They met many times when she was ten years old. Carl often invited Bluebell to the palace because she wanted to lean on anyone out of loneliness.

At that time, Carl was young, too. He was a child who felt comfortable only when he felt the warmth from the people around him.

It has already been 10 years. As Carl frequently goes to wars and spends less time in the palace, the number of Bluebell’s visits naturally decreased. Bluebell, however, acted as if she was here just yesterday.

“Didn’t you miss me, Carl?”

Bluebell did not call Carl the Emperor but called him by name. Though engaged in the past, Carl married Sienna, and now he is the emperor. It was a great offense to put the emperor’s name on the mouth. He was sure she knew that.

Carl frowned his brows. But Bluebell spoke out at Carl’s expression.

“You missed me, too, didn’t you?”

“Why are you here?”

“Oh my! Look what I forgot.”

She took the envelope out of her arms and handed it to Carl. The envelope was sealed with wax with the seal of the Ferrer family.

Carl looked at the surface of the envelope without opening it right away. It was too thin and light to be said to be a letter from Count Ferrer given to her. It seemed difficult for this letter to convey the Count’s meaning.

“What is this?”

“It’s the invitation.”

Invitation? That was more of a mystery.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time that Carl had received an invitation from the Ferrers. But now it was different from then. He was now an emperor.

No one dares to send an invitation to the Emperor to attend a banquet. Unless Kenyon Ferrer was insane.

But then, if you look at his recent moves, he seems to be out of his mind. Carl thought of Count Ferrer Peer, who raised his voice to pressure him along with Empress Arya and frowned.

“Open it!”

Bluebell urged Carl to open it right away. Carl opened the envelope as she said. The seal of the Ferrer family was torn off and the inside letter paper was revealed. He unfolded an invitation decorated with fine parchment and gold foil.

It was a familiar handwriting. It was just like Bluebell’s handwriting, which used to send a letter to him for fun. Carl raised his head and looked at Bluebell.

She looked at Carl with an excited face. She looked for praise. Carl looked at the invitation again and read it. The content was to request him to go to the coming-of-age ceremony as her partner.


Carl’s voice sounded low. As soon as Bluebell heard the tone of his voice, her expression of excitement quickly turned into a face of disappointment, as she thought he would refuse.

“You know I’ve already got married.”

“Are you going to refuse?”

Asked Bluebell, full of grudges. Carl looked perplexed.

She must know that too. It was suspected that Count Ferrer had ordered it. Is it his idea of putting up Bluebell and somehow making her the second empress?

Carl felt upset. Count Ferrer seemed to be willing to control Carl.

It would not end with getting her as the second empress. The Ferrer family will surely try to build up its outer presence through Bluebell. It was something that Carl never wished for.

“It was a political marriage that you married Sienna. I know you were forced to marry. I understand everything.”

Tears hung on her eyelashes. She looked pitiful enough to draw out the protective instinct of an audience. Carl looked at Bluebell with an embarrassed face.

It’s been ten years —not a short time for a little girl to grow up to be a lady.

Bluebell grew into an admiringly beautiful lady. The light burns on the nose, which had been tanned by the sun, have disappeared; the hair of the blue-colored silver hair, which had been teased by the lack of hair, has become abundant; the chest that had been flat was bulging up.

But in Carl’s eyes, she still looked like a stubborn little girl. He couldn’t see her as a woman.

She used to put a bunch of sweet snacks in his arms, saying, “it’s my pleasure,” and asked to share her mother with him, saying, “I feel sorry for Carl who’s got no mother.” If things don’t go as she wanted, she inflated her cheeks and narrowed her eyes, which remained the same.

“You know Carl. I only dreamed of marrying you. Do you know how surprised I was when I suddenly heard that you were marrying someone other than me? I cried so much that the nanny was so worried that I would faint. You remember my nanny, don’t you? An old maid who used to bake ginger cookies that you enjoyed eating. I’m older now. Anyway, after hearing the news, I just starved for days and days without eating. Actually, I ate some cookies, but…that’s not what matters. What matters is how painful my heart ached.”

Bluebell clenched her fist and emphasized how she was hurt. As if she wanted Carl to feel guilty, she explained the position that she found herself in for a long time. It was cute to see her winking around her eyes in a lengthy explanation. But Carl was just embarrassed.

“I understand what you’re trying to say. But I…”

When he tried to say no, Bluebell cut him off.

“Please don’t refuse. You and I are going to get married after the coming-of-age ceremony. Of course, I don’t like the fact that it’s your second time. Anyway, my father told me that he’s sure I’ll marry you. I don’t remember exactly because what he said was complicated, but he said you couldn’t keep refusing. Of course, he also said that the reason you refuse not because you don’t like me, but because historically, it’s not common to have two wives.”

“Count Ferrer said I couldn’t keep refusing?”

Carl asked back in a cold voice. He knew that if the pressure of the officials continues, he will have to marry as they say, but it was hard to hold back his anger hearing it through Bluebell’s mouth.

‘I can’t believe they’re talking like I’m their puppet. Count Ferrer is under the illusion that he is the emperor, not me. I guess the old man’s senile.’

Of course, it was true that the engagement to Bluebell played a major role in maintaining friendly relations between the Ferrer family and Carl. However, Carl has not been the one to only receive from the Ferrer family. There was something gained from them, but they got from Carl more. They knew that, but they didn’t know their place.

Carl stared at Bluebell, subduing his anger. But she couldn’t see Carl’s face because she was hypnotized with her story. Bluebell continued to talk as if it was difficult to hold back what she wanted to say.

“I wish Sienna would accept the divorce. Why is she persisting? Actually, I don’t understand why you married her. Her Majesty the Empress Arya said it was a mistake, too. Of course, you needed a marriage to a woman who had the coming-of-age ceremony to become emperor. But I know Sienna was just in my place anyway.”

As Bluebell continued to speak, it was hard for Carl to hold back his anger. Though he thought he shouldn’t be angry at a young girl who hasn’t even had a coming-of-age ceremony yet, she continued to test the limits of his patience.

“You knew that, didn’t you? Sienna didn’t marry you because she loved you. She just wanted to be the queen.”

Eventually, a ferocious temper that leaked from him tied up the whole body of Bluebell. Her face turned pale and she trembled.


Carl’s temper was hard for even knights to endure. Bluebell couldn’t even breathe properly, but she couldn’t even tap her chest because her body was stiff. It wasn’t until her face was turning gray that Carl, who became rational, collected back his temper.

Bluebell managed to exhale. Her pretty face was covered with tears, runny nose, and saliva.

Carl took a handkerchief out of his arms and handed it to her. He was surprised at his own behavior. He couldn’t believe he got so angry. He couldn’t believe he was so bad at controlling himself to the words of a young girl. He was disappointed in himself.


Unable to calm her surprised heart, Bluebell burst into tears like a child. At the sight of it, Carl began to soothe her.

“I’m sorry.”

Carl apologized for not being able to control his temper. Bluebell couldn’t stop crying easily and held Carl tightly in her arms as if she wouldn’t leave the now sane Carl.


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