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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 133: Live to Sienna Pt.133 Bahasa Indonesia

Sienna nodded at her words. She could see how Marie chose the estate.

“I was born and have lived as my father wanted me to, as a member of the House of Panacio. I didn’t have any arguments or choices. This time, I had regrets after the emperor’s death. I mean, I realized how fleeting life was. Then, Empress Sienna gave me a chance. An opportunity to live differently from me in the past. This time, I want to live my life without being influenced by my family. Even if I may regret that choice, I want to.”

Sienna could see Marie’s toughness in her smile.

“It’s your choice, so I’m sure you’ll do well.”

“My father told me to return to my family because he would find someone to run the land for me. I didn’t know anything and I didn’t prepare anything, so he asked if I could manage the territory. He’s right, too.”

As expected, the pressure seemed to come from her family. From the perspective of the Panacio family, it would appear to be a territory that came for free. They’d want to use her land to extend their influence to the north.

As Sienna looked worriedly at her, she shrugged and said, “But I said no. I’m a dreamer and I don’t know anything about it, but I will really take care of it. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I am ready to face anything.”

Marie said bravely. Fortunately, she seemed very determined.

“Then when do you plan to go down?”

“I’m planning to leave as soon as the knightage is ready to take me. I’ll probably be down in two to three days.”

“So soon?”

“I don’t want to delay here.”

Marie said with a complex face. Sienna looked at her expression and nodded.

It would have been harder to stay in the imperial palace after Valore’s death. It’s not because there were only bad memories left in the palace, but because whether good or bad, all memories were painful for her.

“Queen Marie.”

“Yes. Go ahead.”

“Actually, I’m here because I have something to ask.”

“Me? Say anything. I’d be happy to do anything I can do for you.”

Sienna thought to herself that Marie was as innocent as Jamie. How could she be ready to do anything while she didn’t know what Sienna was even asking? But Sienna didn’t hate Marie’s naivety, so she said with a pleasant smile.

“Here, Lord Waters will tell you himself.”

Sienna tapped Jamie with her knee and he got up from his seat. She was so worried that Jamie would turn the table over with his knees.

He stepped aside from the table and knelt in front of Marie. Sienna held back her laughter at the act, which was so theatrical. Unlike Sienna, Marie stopped him with a surprised look.

“Sir Waters?”

“Jamie Waters, I would like to be your knight, your Highness.”


Marie put her hands together in front of her chest and put on a surprised look.

“I promised the former Emperor my knighthood. I will be your knight and protect you. So please allow me to accompany you to the Royal Highness’ estate and serve as a knight by your side.”

Marie, who seemed embarrassed, shook her head and said, “The promise you made with His Majesty was to be the head of the Order of the Empress. I am not an empress now, but I will soon leave the palace and live as a marquise. So Lord Waters doesn’t have to be my knight.”

Marie’s refusal surprised Jamie for a moment. He didn’t think she would say no.

“The promise I made with His Majesty was not to be a knight of the empress but to support you. With the honor of the knight, please allow us to carry out the covenant with the Emperor.”

Marie said with a hesitant look at his words.

“But don’t you have to go back to Heidel and take over the territory? I don’t think I should have the heir to the Waters family to my own.”

Jamie said with a boost to her repeated refusal.

“Your Majesty, I am the heir to the Waters family and also a knight. How can I be a knight if I can’t even keep the promise I made on the honor of the knight? If I don’t keep my word with the Emperor, I don’t think I deserve the job.”

At Jamie’s words, Marie and Sienna looked surprised. Because his words sounded like he was going to lay down his post as a knight. The fact that the successor of the Waters family, called the spear of the north, would lay down his position as a knight meant he would not succeed in the family.


Sienna wanted to reproach him for saying such a thing but she couldn’t. Jamie was different from the knights in the capital. He was a real knight in honor.

He could not be forced to give up his promise to Valore, the emperor, for his advancement. It was impossible to break his faith.

Sienna said to Marie, giving the gesture.

“Marie, please allow my brother to keep his word with the Emperor.”

When asked by Sienna, Marie said, raising Sienna and Jamie, who were being courteous.

“Thank you both for being so considerate of me. Then I’ll ask you. Please escort me until I get to the new territory. That’s enough to keep your agreement with Emperor Valore.”

Marie gave permission but drew the line to escort only to the territory. Her estate was also close to Heidel, so all she had to do was join him on his way home.

Neither Sienna nor Jamie forced her anymore. Because they couldn’t put any more pressure on her. The brother and sister thanked her.

“Queen Marie, you’ll have a lot to prepare to go to the land, so we’ll get going.”

When Sienna stood up from her seat, Marie and Jamie followed. Marie held Sienna’s hands tightly and said, “Thank you very much.”

Even though she’s already shared her gratitude, Marie repeatedly thanked Sienna as if she couldn’t express her gratitude with just a few words.

“I haven’t done anything”

“You gave me a new life. Thank you.”

“There’s nothing to thank me for. By the way, please take good care of my brother, Lord Waters. His ability as a knight may be outstanding, but he is ignorant of the manners of the nobility. If he does something rude to you, please scold him and forgive him with your generosity.”

“Sir Waters may be inexperienced in etiquette, but he is a good man. Don’t worry. And…”

Marie touched her cheek and said with difficulty, as if awkward.

“When we meet next time, please call me Marie Methena, not Queen Marie. That’s my new name.”

Marie seemed to have received the last name Methena along with the title. Sienna, who had hoped she would escape the shadow of the Panacio family, nodded in delight.

“Your Excellency, Marquise Methena, I’ll call you that.”

Sienna and Jamie left Marie’s castle after a long farewell. Jamie’s expression, which had been hardened, seemed to be relieved that what he had hoped was done. But soon he hardened his face again.


Sienna asked back at his sudden apology.

“For what?”

“I’m supposed to be there for you at times like this…”

“What’s with that serious face.”


He seemed to have heard the rumor that he had an unusually serious face.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes, ma’am. That they are trying to get a second empress from the Ferrer family. I think it’s ridiculous because you are here, but…”


“Come on! You’ve been whining go back with Queen Marie, and now…”

Jamie’s hard shoulders drooped at Sienna’s words.


Sienna knew Jamie had no choice but to follow Marie. He’s born to be a knight.

“I’m kidding. We haven’t even had Lady Ferrer come into the empress sit yet, and even if she does, there’s nothing you can do here. We can’t keep our land empty forever.”

Sienna had him in the capital under the pretext of Jamie’s marriage, but in fact, he couldn’t leave Heidel for long. To Sienna, he was a dense man, but he was an important force for Heidel.

Sienna soothed Jamie, who looked uncomfortable and sent him back. It was unfortunate but inevitable that he should leave.


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