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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 132: Live to Sienna Pt.132 Bahasa Indonesia

“What title is it?”

“A Marquise.”

“A Marquise?”

Sienna couldn’t help but be surprised. A Marquise was the next to the Duke.

Even within the empire, there were only three Marquises. No, this time Depine Panacio was demoted to Count, so there were only two people who had the title of Marquise.

“She is a member of the imperial family, so I can’t give a low rank.”

Sienna was rather worried to hear this.

A Marquise. It was clear that if Marie was given the title, Depine Panacio and Arya would not leave her alone.

She was worried that Marie, who wanted to live a quiet and normal life, would be used politically again or that her life would become more complicated and unhappy.

As Sienna’s face hardened noticeably, Carl asked.

“You don’t look happy.”

“That’s… …it wasn’t actually what Marie asked me to do, but I thought I might have stepped up and made things more complicated. I was worried that the Panacio family might be pushing her back into a political marriage once again…”

Carl shook his head and said, “I don’t know how that could be your fault. I’m not giving the title to help her get sold easily in the wedding market. So I got her a higher title than her father, though a Count would have been enough. If she, as the head of a family, was swayed by her father’s words again, then that’s her choice. You don’t have to be sorry.”

Sienna couldn’t contradict Carl. But she wasn’t relieved.

It was clear that giving a man a treasure, no matter how good it is, that he could not keep, would be no help but harm. A swarm of bandits aiming at the treasure was infested around Marie. Her own blood will be on her for the title.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t you give her a limited title? So it’s not going to succeed for her child or husband.”

If the title to be conferred on Marie was not maintained in the event of another marriage, the Panacio family would not sell her in the wedding market.

“That’s a good idea. It is not a good thing to increase the number of high-ranking posts without any reason. I’ll give her the title of a single individual. So that the title cannot be inherited or transferred.”

At Carl’s words, Sienna was relieved. She felt like she had paid off a little of her heart’s debt to Marie and Valore.

“Thank you. Thank you very much.”

At Sienna’s words of gratitude, Carl smiled brightly as if he was in a good mood. And told her a joke.

“If you’re grateful, you can make me some pickled miree.”

“I will. As soon as the miree is harvested this year, I’ll make it with the first fruit.”

The miree harvest season was far away, but Carl nodded with a look of satisfaction.

Marie’s case was done without opposition. It was partly because the two families, who were opposed to every little thing, joined hands. And for Arya, she welcomed it because there was nothing to lose.

They seemed to wonder why it was not an inheritable title but a single person title, but they could not strongly claim a transferrable one. It was not publicized because it was clear that not everyone would watch the succession of the Marquise to the Panacio family in agreement. In the face of unfair opposition, it was obvious that Carl would cancel what he proposed to now.

However, in consideration of Marie, who suddenly had to operate the land, she insisted that she should be exempted from taxes for 20 years until her land was stabilized and that she should be paid a pension she would have received from the imperial family until her death. Carl accepted it without difficulty and the work was done quickly.

Sienna was thinking that everything was going well, but the aftermath of it came from the wrong side.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Jamie, naive and wild, said something that made Sienna stress out. He said he would follow as a knight to the territory where Queen Marie went.

“Yes. I am going to be the knight of the Queen.”

“No. I’m sure you don’t understand what that means now.”

“I am going to be a knight of the Queen. What meaning is there to that? I definitely promised the former emperor that I’ll be the knight for the Queen. A knight has to keep what he says.”

‘Look, you have no idea.’

Sienna touched her forehead. If he were just a man from an ordinary aristocrat, she might have nodded to his idea. But he was the eldest son and heir of the Waters family.

It was also surprising that he did not refuse to accept the offer to join the Royal Knights after winning the Mutu competition, but it was an even greater surprise that he’s saying that he would become the personal knight of the Queen, who was now the marquise.

‘I told you to stay in the Capital and find someone to be your wife—never asked you to find a job for your whole life.’

“How long are you going to be as her knight? You’re going to stop taking over your father’s estate and title and just to be a knight?”

Jamie shook her head at Sienna’s words and said, “I don’t mean to be a knight of the Queen forever. I want to do my duty as a knight until the Queen settles down in a new territory. Because it’s my first promise in the honor of the knight.”

Sienna was speechless for a moment at the serious reply. It was a commendable act to do the duty of a knight, but she was worried. She hoped her brother would quickly meet his spouse for the sake of his family, and if he were to follow Queen Marie, it would be even more remote of a dream for him to find a wife.

“Then you’ll leave Heidel empty for a long time, and father wouldn’t let you…”

“He approved.”


‘When did you ask him that? I can’t believe he gave you permission.’ Sienna couldn’t believe it and asked again.

“Father gave you permission?”

“The territory the Queen has been granted this time is close to our Heidel territory.”

Even Sienna didn’t know that. Several sites were mentioned for Marie, she only knew that Carl let her choose her own.

Sienna naturally thought that Marie would choose a territory close to her hometown, the South. As Carl ascended to the throne of the emperor, there were some of the Southern nobility’s lands that had been reprieved by guilty nobles.

The southern region’s territory was mostly abundant and warm all year round, making it advantageous to choose the southern region in many ways. But Marie chose the northern region. It was a real surprise.

“And my father said I must keep my word with the Emperor no matter what happens. If a man doesn’t keep his word because the terms have changed, it’s a disgrace to his family. He told me to help the Queen at least until the queen’s estate is settled.”

At Jamie’s words, Sienna answered with a deep sigh, as if helpless.

“Ha, okay. But you have to get Marie’s permission, too.”

“If she doesn’t allow it, I’ll wait until she allows it.”

Sienna knew well that Jamie wasn’t talking nonsense right now. It was clear that if Marie did not accept him as her own knight, he would wait for days in front of the gate for her to call him.

Sienna thought she didn’t have to go out of her way against her father’s permission. She thought she’d rather come forward and ask Marie to accept Jamie as a knight for the time being. Before Jamie made another stupid accident.

“Okay. I understand what you want. I’ll try to talk to Marie.”

At Sienna’s words, Jamie stood up. She thought her brother was going back and tried to send him off, but he didn’t mean to leave the door and only stared at Sienna. For a moment, Sienna looked at him thinking he was acting strangely.

“What are you doing? You should take the lead.”

“Take the lead? Where are we going?”

“You didn’t mean to go to the Queen now? You should get permission soon. We have to escort her on her way to the land. It’s going to be a long journey, so I have a lot to prepare. Come to think of it, is the Knights of the Imperial Household going with us?”

Sienna answered Jamie’s question.

” You’ll escort her At least to Her Majesty’s estate. I’m sure they’re not her knights anymore.”

“Really? Then I’ll set up knightage for the Queen. Maybe we should hire a mercenary. There must be a lot to do.”

Even though he had a lot to do, his face was bright and full of enthusiasm.


Marie welcomed Sienna. She looked surprised when she saw Jamie following Sienna in. The expression soon changed into a welcome face.

“Isn’t that Lord Waters? Long time no see. How have you been?”

Jamie greeted Marie with a polite gesture. Now he seemed quite familiar with the nobility. Sienna looked satisfied with Jamie’s appearance.

Marie offered Sienna and Jamie a seat.

“I’ve heard that you’ve been conferred the title and the estate.”


“Thanks to Sienna. I was just about to come and say thank you.”

“There’s nothing to be thankful for.”

“I heard that Empress Sienna had requested the Emperor with difficulty. Thanks to you, I have a title. I heard it’s a rare case that’s hard to find in the past. The imperial family said I would be the first precedent. Many people have congratulated me on becoming the first female aristocrat to receive the marquis title.”

“This is all in your blessings. I’ve heard that the territory is located in the north.”

“Yes. It’s not a large estate, but it’s a fertile land. They say it’s a land of wheat production that’s equivalent of the South.”

“Congratulations. But I heard that there is also a territory in the southern part of the land recommended by the emperor. May I ask why you chose the territory?”

“I don’t know if you think it’s a big deal, but I wanted to take this opportunity to become independent of the family.”


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