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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 131: Live to Sienna Pt.131 Bahasa Indonesia

‘Perhaps I should have apologized first for being angry about priest Roy…Indeed, it would hurt him if I just came and asked for a favor after breaking up with such anger.’

Sienna apologized to Carl.

“I’m sorry about the other day.”


At Sienna’s apology, Carl burst into laughter as if dumbfounded, and said in a shrill voice.

“You’re so careless. Do you know what kind of situation you’re in? This is not the time to worry about Queen Marie, but about yourself. Do you have any idea what happened at today’s meeting?”

Sienna could guess from his words. It was something she didn’t want to hear.

Sienna avoided Carl’s gaze and threw her eyes into the garden’s sellum. She wondered when the rich yellow buds burst. Now they were showing off their dark green leaves, with all their heads drooping and shiny. Just as it was natural for flowers to bloom and fall and for sprouts to sprout on the barren branches, so was her own fate.

When he saw Sienna’s self-help smile, Carl was upset. Every time she smiled resignedly with a face that seemed to know everything, he felt a fit of anger because she doesn’t seem to have any lingering feelings for himself.

“They want to take in Bluebell as the second empress!”

Sienna didn’t react much to his words. Because she already knew it. But it wasn’t that she didn’t care. Her mind was shaken with anguish, even though it had already been experienced.

‘Did I hope for something different this time? That unlike in the past, Carl and Lady Ferrer won’t be married…’

Much has changed from the past, but the big trend of fate has not seemed to change. This time as well, seeing the marriage with Bluebell went on the way.

In the past, Carl pressured herself to welcome Bluebell as the second empress, but that wasn’t his own idea. As the strengthening of the imperial power went smoothly, the Ferrer began to gain strength and that story came up.

For Carl, it was love for Bluebell, but also it would have been necessary to renew his relationship with the Ferrer family. That’s why he pushed herself even harder for her to refuse divorce.

Now, Jamie showed power at the Imperial Knights’ competition and showed off the good standing of the Waters, but there was no such thing at that time. Carl must have thought that it would not help strengthen the imperial power since Sienna came from a duke family who believed to have only his name left.

“Are you okay? It was said to receive Blue Bell as the second empress!”


“…why aren’t you saying anything?”

He looked at Sienna with a look of hope. She asked dejectedly.

“What should I say?”

“You should say that there is only one empress in this country! You’re going to tell me not to let Bluebell in as the empress!”

At Carl’s words, Sienna burst into laughter.

‘The Emperor is such an innocent man. You eventually got her as the second empress, even though I begged and prayed so much not to do so in the past. Are you telling me this because of your affection?’

But Sienna didn’t just hate what Carl said. She asked Carl, knowing plainly that her fate wouldn’t change.

“Then, if I ask you not to, you won’t welcome Lady Ferrer as the empress?”

“If you want, that’s what I will do.”

She thought he couldn’t answer so easily, but Carl answered without hesitation. Because of such a firm tone, saying “that’s what I will do,” Sienna almost clung to him and begged him to do so.

Frankly, Sienna wanted to throw away all her pride and cling to him, hoping that she was the only woman he loved, not Bluebell.

‘But what he really wants from me is not to beg him not to marry, but to push him to marry. So that he can feel at ease.’

Sienna turned to confirm Carl’s sincerity and made eye contact with him. Carl was looking at her with a very serious look.


Sienna uttered a blank exclamation. This was because she could see his sincerity in the way he looked at her. It seemed like he wanted her to tell him not to get married.

‘No. People see what they want, and I see him this way because I want him to love me.’

“No, you don’t have to.”

“No need?”

“You don’t have to mind me. It’s natural that Lady Ferrer becomes your wife. She was your fiancée.”

‘This is the answer you want.’

“It’s true that Bluebell was my fiancée, but you’re the one I married.”

For Sienna, his words seemed reproachful. Like he said he couldn’t marry Bluebell because of Sienna. Just as he had criticized in the past.

“…I’m sorry about that. If I could, I’d like to divorce you now, but I still have time left.”

At least until the time when Empress Arya rebels, Sienna had to be by Carl’s side. Because she has to stop the incident somehow. So that Bluebell wouldn’t die, so would Carl’s child, who was in her womb.

“Do we still have time?”

Carl understood what Sienna meant by the time she spoke, and asked back with a harsh voice.

“The time you promised me. You remember that, don’t you? That promise you’ll divorce me five years from our marriage. We only have about three years left.”

“You can’t stand the time of being my wife. You must think about that promise and stick to it day by day.”

Sienna bit her lower lip at Carl’s words.

It wasn’t that. She felt sad about having to see their time pass by as the sand escapes through the fingers.

The more time she tried to grab, the more she had to practice giving up time. How to give him up. Learning not to be greedy about what she shouldn’t have.

“I’m afraid I can’t join you tonight because of work. Let’s have lunch together tomorrow.”

Carl said so and strode into the castle. Sienna smiled bitterly at his back.

He was angry. Even though he could have left her there saying he didn’t want to see her face again, he promised her to meet tomorrow. He’s afraid she’ll be anxious about the sudden change in the imperial order.

Such gentleness what keeps her from lingering. He should rather tell her as cold as before. I love Bluebell, so I want to be with her.

Then Sienna would be able to shake off even the little lingering feelings that she has now.

A hot wind swirled around Sienna. The palace, where spring had passed, was preparing for a hot, noisy summer. The red sun was setting from beyond the blue sky, where there was no cloud.


After that day, Carl had lunch with Sienna every day. She thought lunch time with him would be awkward, but she was having a better time than she thought.

Today, Carl came to the empress’ castle to have lunch together. Sienna’s maids, of course, have served to Carl’s taste.

Sienna said to Carl during the meal.

“I know you’re busy. So you don’t have to come and eat with me every day.”

“Is it uncomfortable for you to see me visit every day?”

“It’s not that, but I’m worried if you’re going to overdo it and hurt yourself. I heard from Chancellor Pavenik. You have a lot of work to do, so you don’t have enough time to even breathe. He said you’re having longer working hours because you came all the way here to eat.”

“Pavenik must have been talking nonsense to you. It is true that there is a lot of work, but not enough to worry. When the throne is replaced, there is a lot of work going on. If you’re really worried, come to the Oval Office for a meal. I hate eating alone.”

It’s fine to dine with Pavenick, but Carl grumbled.

“I will. I’ll go see your Majesty when it’s time to eat.”

“…do that then.”

Carl cut the apricot pie with a light touch, as if in a good mood.


“The title will be given to Queen Marie in a few days. It’s an internal affair of the imperial family, so we don’t have to go through a political meeting. The documents will be finished soon.”

“A title?”

Sienna asked back. She asked Carl that Marie be given land to live on, but she didn’t expect Marie to receive a title.

In Leipsden Empire, women were rarely honored with titles. Sometimes even women were given titles only when their family’s lineage would cut off if they did not take over the line.

Not every family could get such an opportunity. It was because women needed the emperor’s permission to take over the family.

“If I just offer her the land so she can live quietly, there will be those who oppose me and try to kick her out. Empress Arya and her family, the Panacio, will oppose it right away. So I thought it’d be better to send her away under the title. Besides, she’s a member of the imperial family. Moreover, she’s the former emperor’s wife. We can’t let her go without anything.”

When Sienna asked, he frowned to the fullest extent. But he was preparing to let Marie go. Sienna was grateful for such consideration, and the good heart hidden inside seemed lovable.


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