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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 127: Live to Sienna Pt.127 Bahasa Indonesia

“Why did you call me?”

Bluebell asked Arya in a shrill voice because there was no significant contact between Arya and herself.

It would have been understandable if she had called his father, Count Kenyon Ferrer, rather than herself. Although they were static with each other, it was possible for the heads of each camp to meet for political discussions.

The reason for calling her was unknown, so Bluebell visited Arya with great caution. Arya welcomed her so kindly that she was more puzzled.

Said Arya, dripping tea to Bluebell, who remained vigilant.

“Salmon’s new Ochid tea came in. Do you like it?”

Bluebell nodded. Ochid tea was a refreshing fruit-scented tea, but it was difficult to get it, so it was worth the same weight as gold. Bluebell had only a couple of bites from his father. It was such a precious tea.

“I prepared this especially because the sweet and refreshing scent suits you, my young lady.”

“You’re flattered.”

“Even though you haven’t made your debut at the Coming-of-Age banquet yet, the beauty of the daughter of Ferrer is well-known to the royal family here. I’ve heard that you’re good at dancing.”

Bluebell only rolled her blue eyes at the continuous praise. Arya was still not telling her why she called.

“At the banquet two years ago, those who saw the dance of the Emperor and Empress Sienna praised the two of them for their great dance, but they must have been making such a fuss because they haven’t seen the dance of the young Ferrer.”

When Sienna’s name was mentioned, Bluebell’s face was distorted. Arya, who saw the change in her expression, smiled with remorse.

“I heard that Mrs. Beyone is a dance teacher for you. She doesn’t talk nonsense. I’m looking forward to seeing how good you are at dancing. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it would be like the hierophany of Ertherpe, the goddess of music. That’s why I’m looking forward to the coming-of-age ceremony.”

Bluebell’s face was reddened by injustice. Carl, who was about to marry her as soon as the coming-of-age ceremony was over, was now the husband of another woman. She couldn’t bear her anger and bit her lower lip.

At the sight, Arya pretended to be surprised as if she knew nothing.

“So did you decide on a partner for the coming-of-age ceremony? Of course, you can participate without a partner, but…”

Some people participated without partners. However, if you have a fiancé, you will unconditionally participate in the event together unless the partner was not old enough to hold an adult ceremony.

Having a partner at the coming-of-age banquet as contrast to not having one were completely different in terms of status. In the case of high-ranking aristocrats, it was extremely rare for them to be alone, as most of them had early marriages depending on the families’ interests.

Bluebell had long been known as Carl’s fiancée. It was clear that everyone would chat if she were to attend the coming-of-age ceremony alone. They would say that she’s a poor woman who’s been dreaming of becoming an empress for a long time but was abandoned by Carl.

Bluebell opened her eyes and glared at Arya. She had been the one prepared to stand next to Carl—she knew the reason why she and Carl’s engagement were broken up. Even the fact that the main culprit was Arya standing in front of her.

“If the Emperor Rodbius had not been ill at that time…”

Of course, the ostensible reason was that Carl was not qualified to succeed. Only married people could succeed to the throne.

“I really hoped that the true love of the Emperor and young miss Ferrer would come true. It was heartbreaking to have to separate the love of young lovers, but it was an inevitable choice for the Emperor.”

Bluebell shook her head. It was already irrevocable. If only she had been born two years, or even a year earlier, she would not have given up so easily the seat next to Carl.

“I hope you understand that, too, daughter of Ferrer.”


What am I supposed to understand? Bluebell pushed herself to answer but still looked full of discontent. Arya looked at such a face and asked with a smile.

“I don’t know if this is offensive, but do you still love the Emperor?”

“I’m still in love with the man who’s with someone else. I’ll probably live missing him for the rest of my life.”

Tears dropped from Bluebell’s eyes. It was hard to imagine her future without Carl.

Arya handed over her handkerchief with a look of regret.

“It’s such a sad story.”

“It’s inevitable now. But I don’t want to be married to anyone other than him. Unlike someone, I can’t get married without love.”

Bluebell said, thinking of Sienna.

Of course, Bluebell knew. She was also an aristocrat’s mistress—though she hinted at a ridiculous response to a loveless marriage, she knew that most aristocratic women married and lived according to family interests.

But at least she had a chance to be connected with her loved one. The chance to marry Carl, whom she loves.

She remembered exactly when she first met Carl. It was the year when she was ten years old. She met him at the palace where she came in holding her father’s hand.

She stood dazed with her mouth open at the sight of a boy with colorful hair reminiscent of a golden wheat field full of the sun’s light and a fresh, coveted olive-colored pupil.

She had learned imperial etiquette for a long time, but she could not think of anything because her head was full of white light. She couldn’t help admiring the straight nose nor the covetous red lips, or the delicate eyes.

‘He’s going to be my husband?’

All she could think of was, ‘I’m going to show your fiancé,’ which her father said before he brought her to the imperial family.

– Will you be my master?

The first thing she ever said to him—how did he respond then? Bluebell had no recollection at all. Intoxicated by his beauty, she didn’t feel or think of anything.

Now he was stronger and more dazzling than he was when they first met, and he has taken the throne. But she couldn’t be his woman.

“If I had to marry someone other than him, I would die.”

At Bluebell’s expression of firm will, Arya nodded with a satisfied look.

“I can truly feel the love of young Ferrer for the Emperor.”

Bluebell lowered her head with a wistful look. Because Arya’s words felt like she was teasing her.

“What if you get the chance to be his companion again?”

Bluebell had to dwell on what she had just heard. Because the words of Empress Arya were so absurd.

“If I could give young Ferrer a chance.”

“I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

Arya shrugged and said, “I’m just an old woman in the back room now, but I have that much power.”

Bluebell wasn’t sure if the opportunity she was giving was what she thought.

‘Are you really giving me the chance to be the empress? But how can I be the empress when empress Sienna lives next to Carl?’

Arya raised her chin and smiled at Bluebell’s response that she couldn’t understand.

“The Leipsden Empire holds marriage very sacred. That’s why marriage is not easy to break.”

“I know that. Marriage is something you can’t destroy unless your spouse dies. Don’t tell me…”

Asked Bluebell through her eyes.

‘Are you saying you’re going to kill Queen Sienna and hand it over to me?’

No matter how envious she was of the position, she didn’t want to go up to the place stained with blood.

Said Arya, waving her hands.

“I can guess what you’re thinking, but that’s not it. Why would I suggest to my young lady something bloodstained?”

“If not…”

“There is another reason to break the marriage in Leipsden.”

Bluebell waited for Arya’s next words, swallowing her dry saliva.

“If it is judged that it is difficult to produce successors. His Majesty has no heir at the moment. So you could make an issue out of that with the empress.”


“It’s been over a year and a half since they got married, and there’s no sign of conceiving yet. Of course, they’re still young and it could be a short time to have a successor. But as an adult in the imperial family, I can argue for their divorce after talking about the issue of heirs. Even if they don’t get divorced, I can still help you get to be at least a mistress.”

Bluebell’s throat moved loudly. Arya’s suggestion was a stream of water handed to her during her thirst. The whisper of Empress Arya seemed like a devil’s suggestion, but she could not readily refuse.

As she said, Bluebell could get Carl back again. It’s an opportunity to be with him for the rest of her life.


“What’s the price?”

No matter how naive she was, she knew there was no free gift in the world. What’s more, Arya was still a political power that could not be ignored even if her father’s silence led to Carl becoming emperor and her brother’s demotion. There could not have been any strings attached to Arya’s proposal.

“It’s my pleasure.”

Bluebell looked at Arya with distrustful eyes. Goodness was something you would never believe.

“I understand that there has been no close relationship between the Ferrer family and the Panacio family. But it doesn’t mean it will stay that way. In fact, the Panacio family and the Ferrer family are living close to each other, and if you look at the relationship between the ancestors in the past, they’re not strangers at all. My aunt is from the Ferrer family, and my aunt was married to Ferrer, and she gave birth to Granion Ferrer.”

Bluebell’s face brightened up when the name she knew came out.

“I just want you to think in my good faith that I want to restore the relationship of the past. That’s why I called the young Ferrer, not the Count of Ferrer. If I had met Count Kenyon, the head of the Ferrer family, it would have just become a political story.”


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