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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 125: Live to Sienna Pt.125 Bahasa Indonesia

Arya bit her nails.

“I should have processed it faster…”

Arya was filled with anger because rather than grieving over Valore’s death, she felt having to lose the power along with Valore’s death was too upsetting. If there had been a child between Valore and Marie, she wouldn’t have lost everything so hopelessly.

She was pushed by Carl’s waves to the edge of the dirty river. It was so hard to hold back the desire to spit on Carl, who had been pretending to be generous by not killing Arya’s brother, Depine.

Arya wouldn’t have blinked an eye even if Carl had cut Depine’s head off and thrown it in front of her. Rather, she might have been pleased with his death. She would have laughed at the stupid Depine and spat at him.

It was only because Depine was worth using that Aria had him by her side. There was no affection for things like blood ties. Since there was no affection between herself and her son Valore, so affection between siblings was a ridiculous idea for her.

She was disgusted at Depine because of the past. She just endured coveting the sweetness of power.

‘Dirty bastard who can’t even eat from the table prepared for him.’

She abandoned her lingering attachment to the Panacio family that had already fallen to the ground. She had to find something else to replace.

Arya read the letter in her hand carefully and got up. Then she brought a letter near the candle. It was not until she watched it burn to the tip of the paper that she sighed deeply.

It was a letter from Depine. It contained a request for her to convince the new emperor to restore his title and allow him to enter the capital. No, those were not requests, but sentences close to the command line.

“Such an ill-mannered man…”

How dare he do this to herself under the pretext of their family. It doesn’t matter whether the family was ruined or not. Honestly, she hoped it would be ruined. It was now a useless family that has become an Earl.

“No, wait. He’s still useful.”

Even if he was kicked out of the capital, his property was not confiscated. Still, the Panacio family owned a noble status and a considerable amount of land. It suffered damage last year and this year, but with that amount of land, it would recover its losses within a few years.

Arya sat down and picked up her pen.

‘The letter, which began with ‘Dear my brother…’ asked him to send a huge amount of aid to help him come up. The point was to spend money here and there to re-establish their position.

She didn’t really intend to use the money for Depine’s chance of survival. It needed more than that. It was necessary to use such a thing that would enable her to hold the sword of power again.


Arya scratched the table with her fingernails. An unpleasant shrill sound rang out. It was a habit that came out when things didn’t work out or she was forcing herself to remember something.

-You’re shameless. You don’t love him, and you’re going to take Carl away from me? You disgust me.

Who was it that said that?

Arya thought hard. Obviously, the person who said that has a plan. How did one get out of this swamp and go ashore?

Bluebell Ferrer.

The eldest daughter of the Ferrer family. She was once Carl’s fiancée. A poor girl who lost her place as Arya took Sienna Waters to the current position to keep the Ferrer family in check.

With her head extremely clear, she smiled elatedly.

“Right now, call the daughter of Ferrer to the Imperial Palace.”

The knight nodded at her sudden order.

Back in the Oval Office, Carl frowned and nervously handed over the documents.

It was right after he heard from his servant how joyfully Sienna welcomed Roy. Moreover, the servant even told useless stories, which said that Sienna held him and even shed tears. The servant said they looked very sorrowful as if they were seeing former lovers.

Pavenik said to him, frowning.

“You don’t have to be nervous. It’s a foolish word from a foolish man. Pretend you didn’t hear.”

Carl knew. But it still bothered him.

Moreover, it was like torture for him to sit still in the office while the two that looked like lovers were still at the palace of Sienna.

“I know.”

Carl was unable to concentrate and flipped over the unread documents. Pavenik sighed.

None of the documents now in the hands of the Lord were unimportant. In addition to the severe famine in the capital this year, the regime has not entered a stable phase. The emperor changed twice in a short period of time and the war against Castro had not yet been completed.

In Pavenik’s eyes, he could see the title of the document which had just been passed unread in Carl’s hand.


Eventually, he sighed deeply and called out to his Lord.

“Your Majesty, why don’t you go to the Empress early today?”

“What are you talking about? I haven’t even finished my work yet.”

“No, I’m sure you’ve had a lot of fatigue from all the work you’ve done. No matter how good your physical condition is, you can’t afford to suffer from accumulated fatigue. And I’m sure you haven’t had a proper conversation with the Empress recently, so go home early.”

Carl said he was fine and skimmed through the papers again. Pavenik said, looking at the documents that he was still meaninglessly going over.

“Of course, the affection between your Majesty and Empress are well-known to every corner of the imperial family. Just from the fact that your Majesty is constantly visiting her bedroom. However, how can a wife be fond of her husband, who barely comes in at dawn and goes out early in the morning looking tired? So why don’t you go home early today and act kindly to the Empress?….”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

While frowning, Carl withdrew from the meaningless documents.

“Are you going to go?”

“I’m getting hungry. I’m going to have a meal. I’ll ask them to bring you the meal too.”

Pavenik smiled at his words. If he didn’t have an appointment with his lieutenants, they were stuck there and ate light. Hearing that he was going back and eating a meal, it would mean Carl would do as advised.

Pavenik had to soothe his hunger with a simple meal today, but he thought it was better than watching Carl being nervous next to him.

“Bread makes me sleepy after eating, so please prepare chopped meat and fruit. I’d also love to have strong black tea.”

Pavenik asked for his meal menu. Carl nodded effortlessly.

“I’ll tell them that.”

Pavenik looked enviously at Carl as he left the door.

“Ha, I envy you. Your Majesty is with his beloved while I have to feed myself surrounded by these scraps of paper.”

His face was not dark even as he complained.

Pavenik was responsible for the impoverished family after his father was framed and his family was in danger. Therefore, he became a knight, which did not even fit his aptitude, and threw himself into the war. It was a choice to maintain the status of nobility.

But Carl took notice of him and that’s how he ended up here.

Now that he’s been given the opportunity, not being able to sleep or eat was not a big problem for him. He was so grateful now that he could have hope and dream about the future. He thanked Carl who gave him this opportunity.


Carl stood in front of Sienna’s palace with a stiff look on his face.

“Shall I inform the inside that Your Majesty is here?”

Milton asked Carl. Carl raised his hand to hold him back and listened to the sound coming from inside.

At times like this, Carl felt less pleased with his talent in hearing. Nevertheless, he had no choice but to listen. Sienna’s bright voice came in.

“Did Kevin really do that?”

“Of course. He’s pretty grown up now. It was so amazing to see them teach their children with solemn faces.”

“I miss them so much.”

Carl didn’t know the story. It bothered me to listen to Sienna, who spoke in a more heightened voice than usual.

“Children miss you a lot, too.”

“Really? I must go and see the children.”

At Sienna’s words, Roy nodded helplessly.

“What is it, Mr. Roy? Your gloomy face.”

“No, it’s just…I can come to see you like this, but there are kids who wanted to see you too. It’s because I feel sorry for the children. I’m the only one who can come here to see you.”

“…I’ll be there soon.”

“What? You’re coming to see us? Isn’t it hard for the imperial family to get out of the castle?”

“That’s true, but we’ll be able to meet one day.”

Carl noticed what she was talking about and his face hardened.

‘Five years. That was the deadline I promised her.’

-Please divorce me. If I change my mind and forget about this promise, please remind me at that time, Your Highness. Push me out. Tell me again that you want a divorce.

When Carl first heard the story, he took Sienna’s words as a joke, perhaps because he was dumbfounded. But now he could feel the weight of what she said.

‘How did I answer back then?’

-Surely, I will. As you wish. I promise you my name, so I’ll keep it.

Thinking of what he said with conviction, Carl lowered his head.

“Your Majesty the Emperor is entering.”

He entered the living room with a stiff look on his face.

‘The empress’s sorrowful weeping in the arms of her priest seemed as if she met her long-lost lover.’

The idle talk of the servants was on Carl’s mind for no reason. He didn’t think it was necessary to attach meaning to it, but seeing the two of them together, he could see why the servant said so.


Sienna and Roy looked very good together. The expression that ‘they belong to the same class’ seemed proper.

It wasn’t because they looked alike. Sienna and Roy had a similar atmosphere. Like people who have been together for a long time.

“You’re early today.”

“Your majesty. I’m glad to see you again.”

Even now, they looked at Carl and smiled the same way. Carl felt like his heart was on fire. But he couldn’t get angry without a reason.

The priest in front of him was from Leipsden, but he was a representative of the Holy Empire. No, before that, he didn’t want to show an ugly side of himself in front of Sienna.

Carl hoped that he would not sound conflicted as he spoke. That he would not speak like a man who gets angry at his wife just because she’s with another man.


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