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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 115: Live to Sienna Pt.115 Bahasa Indonesia


“This is the chef’s new cookie. It has dried fruits inside, so the texture is fun and it goes well with tea.”

“It’s very pretty with colorful colors.”

Sienna picked up the cookies Marie recommended and answered. When she bit into the cookie and tasted it, the texture was nice as she said. Every time she chewed on the dried fruit inside the crumbly cookie, a refreshing aroma spread in her mouth.

“I heard you had a hard time at Tromil. I was so shocked to hear that Carl was seriously injured and you were threatened by the assassins, so my heart is pounding even now. I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Said Marie, sweeping down her chest. Sienna was grateful to know that Marie was genuinely worried.

“The Emperor also had a hard time after hearing your news saying that you went down there and got in danger because of him.”

“Thank you for your concern. And how could I have gone there because of the Emperor? Rather, I’m grateful to the Emperor for letting me see Carl.”

At Sienna’s words, Marie looked surprised for a moment and said, “I’ve felt this before, but I’m jealous that you two have such a good marriage. I can tell from the outside that you love each other.”

Sienna, who thought Marie was just being polite, said that Valore and Marie also looked good.

“To be honest, we’re more like siblings than couples. We grew up together for so long, and the Emperor took care of me as a child.”

Sienna nodded. The fact that the two had grown up like siblings had been said by Valore before.

“Have you seen the Emperor recently, Princess Sienna?”

Marie asked with a sad face. Sienna recalled the visibly sick complexion of Valore. He was so thin that it didn’t feel strange to say that a dead man was walking around.

“I met him the day he came in from Tromil and I haven’t seen him since. I heard that these days, he can’t even attend the state meetings. Is the Emperor’s health okay?”

The question darkened Marie’s face.

“I’m afraid he’s not in good health. I asked the doctor who is in charge of the Emperor, but he didn’t answer…apparently the Emperor has ordered that no one should be told about his current conditions. I can only assume that it is serious from the amount of medicine he has been taking recently.”

The room also smelled of medicinal herbs. Sienna thought of talking to Marie, who was worried about Valore, about the Priest Roy, but couldn’t spit her words out.

Although it has widely spread since his wedding that Priest Roy has a fairly high status in the Holy Empire, few knew that Roy had the power of healing. Roy’s existence was kept secret because it had the ability to influence the relationship between the Holy Empire and the Leipsden Empire.

Sienna couldn’t ask for another favor to Priest Roy while he was already deeply in debt for her aunt Kelly. No, maybe all this was just an excuse. If she risked her burdensome heart and asked Roy, he might be able to cure Valore’s illness.

But the reason why she could not bring herself to talk about it was because of the fear that the future may change. If Valore regains his health and stays in power for a long time, the influence of Empress Arya could grow and do whatever she wanted.

Between revenge for Arya and the life of Valore, Sienna was choosing revenge. But even if this choice would save Bluebell, her child, and many others’ lives later, this guilt won’t be erased.

“Don’t worry too much. I’m sure the Emperor will be fine.”

Marie nodded at Sienna’s consolation.

‘At least for half a year.’

She swallowed her thoughts inside.

Valore dies half a year later. Having been ill and weak since he was young, he was stressed out when he became an emperor so he died without overcoming a lung disease. At that time, there was no child between Valore and Marie, so the only heir next in line, Carl, became the emperor.

Sienna bit her lower lip. She had to stay strong. She couldn’t sway Carl’s fate because she was overwhelmed by sentimentality. Nevertheless, it was as heavy as hanging a weight on her chest.

After finishing her tea time with Marie, Sienna was walking back to her residence with heavy steps when she ran into Empress Arya.

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

She didn’t want to say hello to Arya, who was looking down on her all the same, but she didn’t want Arya to pick on her etiquette. Sienna bent her knees slightly, lowered her head deeply, and then raised herself.

“I’ve heard about your trip to Tromil, but it seems like you came back all right.”

“Yes. Thanks to you, I was able to have a good trip. By the looks of it, it seems like you’re on your way out of a political meeting.”

Arya smiled cockily in a condescending manner towards Sienna.

“The Emperor has no one else to trust in the state affairs. I wanted to spend the rest of my life taking care of my grandchildren like an old grandma in the back room, but everyone says that if it weren’t for me, the meeting wouldn’t be going on. For the sake of my country, I have to contribute…”

Sienna wanted to laugh out loud, but she said while forcing down the corner of her mouth that was creeping up, “I know. Indeed, the Emperor must have been very worried. That he has to borrow a cat’s hand, to make these ridiculous political affairs work.”

Arya’s blue veins popped out on her forehead when Sienna underestimated her ability by comparing herself to a cat. Sienna added quickly before Arya struck back.

“More than that, I heard it has been more than a month since the Emperor had failed to take care of state affairs. He must be very ill.”

“It’s just a mild cold. He will be back in shape soon and be in charge of the state affairs.”

“I guess it is true that Your Highness has a talent for politics. There should have been words of concern among the officials, but they’re still quiet.”

At Sienna’s words, Empress Arya replied, “No one can say such rude things.”

“Yes, by the way, I’m upset. Recently, more and more people have been looking for Prince Carl. I’m losing my time to meet Carl.”

Then Sienna got friendly with the nobles who were standing behind Arya.

“I forgot to acknowledge Lord Florill and Lord Materon who were with you. We’ve been seeing each other a lot lately. I believe we met yesterday at Carl’s residence.”

Arya looked back at the two Lords with her eyes raised. Florill and Materon shook their hands, saying they were not, but Arya’s anger seemed unlikely to ease off easily.

“No, you’re mistaken.”

Sienna said to Aria not caring about the two who were shaking their heads with perplexed faces.

“I recently heard a very interesting story. Where there are no tigers, foxes act as kings. But only until the tiger came back into his cave and bit their neck.”

“How dare you!”

As Arya flustered and tried to raise her hand, Sienna stepped back and said, “Are you mad at me?” I’m just saying this because I thought it was a funny joke. Please don’t mind. It’s just a talk of the town.”

Arya somehow managed to contain her anger. She changed her face and answered calmly as if it couldn’t hurt her.

“What do you mean mad? I’m just worried about the princess, who finds rumors on deserted streets funny. You have to keep your dignity. How would you do if you cannot judge what you are supposed to say as a member of the royal family? I’m afraid that you would be told that you are not well educated.”

Sienna glared at Arya with a cold face. Arya, too, stared straight into Sienna’s face and continued, “I’m just afraid others will insult the Waters family because you seem to lack education. It would be such a shame if the only Duke family in the Empire were to be stripped of their dignity because of the princess.”

Sienna wondered what would be the best comeback to make her feel good again. But before she could strike back, Arya left.

She returned to her palace with a sense of defeat. She started the day in a good mood and now it seemed to be a mess. She could judge that it would be an unlucky day just by having a face-to-face meeting with Arya.

When Sienna arrived at her quarters, a familiar shape ran out from the inside.

“Your Highness!”

“Yes, Shaylin. What’s the matter?”

“Your husband was very worried that the Crown Princess had left the palace alone. Lord Taylor is now being scolded for not having the Princess accompanied by a group of knights.”


When Sienna first joined the palace, the Phoenix Knights ignored her so she was not escorted. So Sienna got used to walking around the palace by herself.

At that time, most of the Knights personnel, including Clorel Simon—who was the head knight that looked down on Sienna, were cleared up, and Jamie’s harsh training made the Knights look so different that they could be said to have been reborn. But Sienna was still uncomfortable accompanying the knights.


Even today, Sienna refused Milton and Havali’s offer to escort her and went out alone. She felt sorry to think that they were scolded for nothing.

“Is Carl very angry?”

“Yes, he’s so angry that he is saying that the knights should put their swords down and quit right now. The head maid told me to bring Your Majesty at once.”

“Okay, I’ll go fast.”

Sienna tapped Shaylin’s breathless shoulder and walked quickly into the palace. The sound of Carl raising his voice came out of the door.

Knights guarding the palace stood with discipline but their eyes were shaking. For the knights, Carl was a figure of a great admiration who has a lot of experience and honors in the field. That was why they were so restless.

“Your Highness the Crown Princess has returned.”


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