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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 110: Live to Sienna Pt.110 Bahasa Indonesia


The two fell into the lake, causing a loud splash of water. The men in black masks looked down, checked that the two did not rise above the water and left.

The two jumped from a high place and were plunged into deep water. When they relaxed, their bodies slowly began to rise above the water. As Shaylin said, the water was very peaceful. They couldn’t feel the river’s speed.

When she came up to the surface of the water, she breathed out, “Puha!!!’ The surface of the water was still because Carl hadn’t come up yet. Sienna took a deep breath and went into the water. Fortunately, she found Carl floating not far away. Losing consciousness, he was motionless with his eyes closed.

His skin looked paler in the water. Sienna was frightened at the sight of him being so pale. She moved her arms rapidly and headed for him. The water felt heavy because the muscles were tired from the long run, but did not rest. Sienna clasped Carl’s collar behind his neck and headed for the surface.

Two people rose to the surface of the water, creating a huge spray. She dragged him up to the water. Sienna breathed heavily and looked at Carl’s condition.

Breathless. Sienna applied compression to the chest. After not breathing in oxygen for a long time, his lips were pale and his hands were cold. A sudden shiver shook her when she thought he might be dead.

“Breathe. Please…”

Sienna buried her face in his chest and said,

“Breathe. You can’t leave me like this.”

Her hand, holding his collar, trembled incessantly.

“Don’t die!”

At last, Carl coughed out water, as her scream had reached him. A smile of relief came out when she confirmed his breathing.

Carl lay face down and looked at Sienna only after a long cough of water. From the corner of her eyes smiling at him, something that was either the water from the lake or tears fell. Looking at her like that, Carl smiled a queer smile.

“It was real!”

His voice was unbelievably serene to be coming from the man who had just stopped breathing.


Sienna, who was surprised to think he was dead, raised her voice.

“Your words of being a good swimmer were real.”

“What? You said you believed…”

Carl smiled at her grumbling. Sienna pushed his shoulder with her fist.

“You liar…”


Of all places, she pushed him where he was hurt, so he frowned and examined the wound. The blood flowed down without stopping, perhaps because the water went in.

“Oh my! I’m sorry. Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?”

Sienna kept asking him if he was okay, tearing, and tying her clothes to stop the bleeding.

“It’s all right.”

When the wound was all tied up, Carl got up and looked around.

“Where is this place?”

“Well, it’s dark…”

There was a deep darkness in the sky as time passed while they were being chased. It was a cloudy night that even moonlight was covered. They could barely identify each other’s faces because they were in close distance, but it was difficult to find out where the others were chasing them.

“Will those who attacked us follow us here?”

“They didn’t seem to know this place very well. Moreover, the knights will send soldiers to search for us, so it won’t be easy for the assassins to spend a long time chasing us. I’m afraid my men will notice us here sooner than later.”

“Are we in distress?”

“We are in a situation where you have to worry about the cold rather than the assassins’ raid, so the word distress may be right.”

His dimples deepened in one cheek as he laughed with his mouth raised. It was a mischievous smile, but his parched lips were shaking. It was difficult to maintain body temperature because the clothes were wet and the sun had fallen.

“It’s cold.”

Sienna felt a chill in his words.


Cough, cough.

Valore coughed continuously. It was hard to breathe because of the pain of squeezed lungs.

“May I ask the imperial doctor to come in?”

When asked by a knight, Valore waved his hand instead of answering. He concluded that even if he called in a physician, there was nothing he could do for him. It just made the surroundings unsettling for no reason. Wiping off the blood splattered on the palm of his hand and pants, Valore straightened his back.

“Have you heard anything from the Tromil area?”

“No. No news has been posted.”

It was a question he asked several times a day. Valore’s spirit was all there with Sienna after Arya drove public opinion to send Sienna to the front where Carl was. Worries that he might have caused her trouble and guilt that he somehow failed to stop her from going to the battlefield bothered him.

Cough, cough. Valore again coughed violently.

He had not been well since he was a child, but after he rose to the throne, his health was even more rapidly declining. It was a problem to have taken over the unwanted position of emperor and play politics, but moreover, his confrontation with Empress Arya has worn him out.

As recently as this morning, Valore had to engage in a war of nerves with the people of Arya at a political meeting. Many opposed the idea that the imperial family host the martial arts competition.

Valore was angry not with himself, but at the officials who were only looking at the Empress Dowager. No, what was more upsetting than that was the fact that it was not them but himself who was being swayed more than anyone by his mother, Empress Arya.

Trying to escape his mother’s influence had been in vain. From time to time, he came to think that he should just live like a puppet, being swayed as she wanted. Will that make me feel better?

-So you’re going to hide behind your mother’s dress? Are you trying to shield your mother for fear of misjudgment? Do you think hiding in that dress is not your choice? If the Empress makes the wrong choice, it is also your choice. So don’t hide. Please don’t let me down.

Whenever Valore felt like giving up, he heard Sienna reprimanding him. He didn’t want to disappoint her.

“The Empress is entering.”

The gatekeeper informed him of Arya’s visit. Valore swept his face down with his wet palms and straightened his back. The pale complexion could not be helped, but he could not show weakness to his mother.


“Here I come, Your Majesty the Emperor.”

It was his mother, not himself, who bowed her head, but somehow, Valore could not get rid of the feeling of lying down under her feet.

“What brings you here?”

“Should a mother have a reason to visit her child? I’m here to see the Emperor.”

“I see…”

It’s not that you missed your son, but you missed the Emperor. There was a sneer around his mouth.

“Good to see you.”

When Valore offered her a seat, she took the top seat as if it were for granted.

“I heard you’re having trouble with your recruits over the Mutu competition.”


He knew at once what his mother was trying to say. She’s saying she’ll come forward with the excuse of clearing up friction with the officials. Since he knew her thoughts, he could not allow himself to appear weak to Arya.

“There’s no such thing as friction. I just need a lot of different perspectives to do a big event.”

“But the Mutu competition is less than three months away. It’s great to hear a lot of different opinions, but if it’s to be done in time, it shouldn’t be processed as slow as it is now.”

He smiled helplessly and looked at Arya.

‘You think I don’t know why they disagree with me?’

Those who opposed were all sided with Arya. Those who shouted “yes” at first began to criticize and hate Valore after seeing Empress Arya excluded from the political meeting.


He was sure who was behind them. They would voice unconditional opposition until the empress was released into politics.

“I’ll try to persuade them if the Emperor allows.”

Arya was now reaching out to Valore. She said not to rebel anymore and hold her hand.

“If the competition is going to be delayed for more than it already is, it’s going to be difficult for you to hold the event properly. Since it’s a big event, we need some time to prepare. So please allow me to convince them.”

Valore shut his eyes tightly. It was as she said. If he delays any longer, the first event he holds on the throne would be a mess. Feeling hopeless at his limitations, he opened his mouth with difficulty.

“…do it.”

Valore had no more physical strength left to deal with her and he didn’t have any power to fight her yet. As expected, he was an emperor only by name and he was powerless.


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