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“Say that again….” Blake instantly became angry. He only just met Lillia, and while they may have become a couple in a strange way, he would not stand for anyone talking to her in this manner. Standing behind him, Lillia’s eyes were glowing with happiness seeing how Blake was willing to stand up for her. But this glow only lasted while she was looking at Blake. As soon as her eyes moved to Darrel, they became filled with killing intent.

“Huh? Do you really think you can stop me? You are nothing but trash and will always be trash!” Darrel yelled out. The people entering Falmart did not even dare look in our direction. There were five other people with Darrel, and each one was yelling at the passerby, threatening them to mind their own business.


Blake turned to see a huge chunk of the wall crumbling under Lillia’s grip. He grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him as he calmly said: “Lillia, let me handle it. Don’t worry. These punks are not worth your time.”

“If you say so….” Lillia lowered her head. It seemed like she was blushing at Blake’s words, but if one could see her eyes, they would know that she was filled with murderous intent. She really wanted to make these humans disappear for threatening her mate.

“Hahaha! Guys, listen to him. He says he can deal with all of us!” Darrel yelled out while holding his stomach and laughing. But this was his fatal mistake. He had forgotten that Blake had already beaten him up once and how he did not want to give Blake a chance to get the first punch in, but it was already too late.

Blake’s fist landed on the side of Darrel’s head, causing him to stumble to the side. Blake reached out and grabbed Darrely by the collar of his shirt and threw another punch to his face right onto his already broken nose.

“Shit! You fucker, you are dead!” Darrel yelled out while kicking Blake in his stomach to make some room. This kick really hurt as the current him did not have the strength of his past life. He couldn’t help but gasp for air. But before he could get his bearings any more, a shadow appeared in front of him, and a loud bang was heard.

He could only watch as Lillia grabbed Darrel by the head and smashed him into the ground with so much force that that ground cracked under the impact. She seemed to have held back. “You dare threaten to kill my mate!”

“You bitch!” One of Darrel’s followers yelled out. They had not been paying much attention to what was going on because they were scaring everyone else off. But when this follower turned to see Darrel on the ground and the girl yelling at him, holding his head to the ground, the follower instantly got mad and charged at Lillia.

“Watch your words!” Blake kicked the follower in the head, knocking him to the ground, before retreating back to Lillia’s side. He looked down and saw blood pooling by Darrel’s head and knew the dipshit was probably either dead or brain damaged now.

He could hear the sirens in the distance, which meant someone had called the cops. Without much thought, he grabbed Lillia’s hand and pulled her away as he began running towards the back of the store. “Blake, why are we running? We can finish them all and be done with it!”

“We can’t kill people just yet! While I thank you for holding back, you still seriously hurt that bastard. I have no idea if he is dead or not, but the fact of the matter is, is that I struck first, it would look like self defense on their part. So we can not stay here when the cops show up.” Blake explained as he continued down a small grass slope entering the back parking lot of another business.

“Why is this world so full of stupid rules!?” Lillia complained with puffed out cheeks. She just wanted to kill the man who dared to threaten to kill her mate. What is wrong with that? Such people should die no matter what!

“There is nothing I can do about today’s society, but that will all change when the apocalypse happens. There will be no rules, and probably like what you are used to, the world will become a place where the strong rule.” Blake knew very well the horrors of the apocalypse. It was not just dragons and monsters that one had to watch for but also people. Humans would do anything to survive. Every sin one could think of was committed during those times. And Blake was no saint either. He also had to commit many sins in order to live.

“Why do I kinda wish this apocalypse thing will hurry up and arrive….” Lillia pouted as she gripped Blake’s hand.

“Don’t worry. Each one of those bastards will die this week. We just need to wait a few more days. I will not let that Darrel off so easily. If he is still alive after having his head smashed like that, we can just go to the hospital he will be staying at and finish him off there. But the main culprit of all of this is someone else. He will also die as well for all the hell he has put me through.” Lillia could feel the killing intent coming off Blake causing her to smile. It seemed her boyfriend in name only was not as soft as she thought. This made her happy. Because if he was too soft, he would not be able to last long in a world of magic.

Blake and Lillia ran to the nearest store and walked inside. It was a clothing store, so he pulled Lillia to the women’s section and had her pick another outfit to wear. Before going to the men’s section and grabbing something for himself. After going to the changing rooms and putting on the new clothes, he had Lillia store his old clothes in her space, so he would not leave anything behind. Only then did they leave the store after paying and walk around normally.

“It seems things got a little messed up, so for now, let’s head to grab some food,” Blake suggested, and Lillia happily nodded her head.

“There is a semi decent restaurant over there. It’s a steak and grill, but it is pretty good. I will try to get reservations at a better restaurant tomorrow night.” Blake wanted to treat Lillia with a least one really good meal to celebrate their new relationship, but sadly he had not had time to actually set things up, and he only had two days left, not including today. So he could only try to find a decent place by the next night.

He also hoped that they could skip the watchful eyes of the police for the next three days and deal with the people who have caused his life to be hell on the final night. He would wait a few hours before the start of the invasion, which was Friday night at midnight, to deal with those he needed to deal with because once midnight hit, the world would be dropped into chaos.

On the first night alone, many cities would end up in ruins. While his city would not get touched until the next morning, the power would go out throughout the entire state. The air raid sirens would also go off, and panic would soon ensue. Cell signals would only last until noon the next day, and after that, it would be a total information blackout. No phones, internet, no means of communication.

People will take to the streets, and some will begin breaking into businesses and stealing everything they can. The chaos that would ensue looked just like what one would see in those doomsday movies. No country would go untouched. There was no safe place. You could only run and run some more. Humans became nomads once more and had to keep on the move because staying in one place was as good as asking to be eaten or burned alive by the Dragonic. This was just the first six months. What came after was the start of the Magic Age and the rise of a new era.

When Blake walked into the steak and grill, the smell of food entered his nose, causing him to salivate. He had not eaten much the past few days, so he planned to eat a decent meal today while he still could. “Table for two?”

“Mm… can you make it a more private area, please?” Blake asked. The waitress nodded her head and brought them to a corner table further away from the other guest.

“Oh! This is like the Inns of the past. You can order food here, right?” Lillia asked as she looked around with great interest.

“Yep. They will give us a menu in a moment, and we can order whatever you want.” Blake answered with a smile. While he was nervous that they would be tracked down, and he really did not wish to rely on Lillia’s strength, but if things got too bad he could ask her to fly them some place else.

“Here are your menus. Do you want some water?” The waitress asked as she handed out the menus.

“Yes please.” Blake nodded and allowed the waitress to do her thing. He looked up at the girl in front of him to see her pouting away as she turned the menu around over and over. “Blake, I can’t read any of this!”


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