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Seeing Lillia’s expression Noa shrunk back like a frightened kitten causing Blake to chuckle as he reached out and pressed his hand on the slight bump on Lillia’s stomach. “Is this what I think it is?”

“Hehe….” Lillia smiled and placed her hand on Blake. “Mmm…. It will be our first child together.”

Blake smiled, leaned in, and kissed Lillia on the lips. “Then do not work too hard. If you need a break, sit down and rest.”

“I know…” Lillia pursed her lips. She gazed at Blake with a beautiful smile on her face. She was happy Blake was worried about her and their baby.

But… “By the way, Blake, who are the others?” Lillia asked.

“Oh, right. I wanted to ask, Nellie here is an old world human. She was forced to wear a collar or die to the dragonic when they were sealed off. Do you have any way to take it off? And as for the kids, they are new age humans. I plan to have them be taken in by one of the women here.” Blake asked. He had forgotten that Nellie and the kids were still standing behind him.

“I see… To think a human from the past was able to survive. You are very lucky. As for the collar.” Lillia walked over and touched the collar. “I see no tracking spell, so it should be okay for me to take it off. If the dragonic were to have it marked so that it would notify the one who put it on that the collar was removed, it would make things difficult, but this seems more of a seal than anything else. They did not wish for her to use her magic and did not care about anything else. This is just like those bastards.”

With a snap of her fingers, Lillia removed the collar like it was nothing, causing both Nellie and Noa to stare at Lillia in a shocked daze. “Umm…. Sister Lillia, I must ask but are you an Elder Ather Dragon?”

“Hmmm? Elder? I am not that old! I’m only nineteen!” Lillia yelled out.

But Blake was confused. Because before he could have sworn, she said she was twenty. If you do not count the other years she has lived for. “Lillia, you said before that you were twenty….”

“Nineteen….” Lillia glared at Blake as her hand began turning into a dragon claw. Sweat began to build up on Blake’s back as he quickly nodded: “Yes, yes, nineteen. I remembered wrong…. Hahaha….”

“Humph!” Lillia snorted before grabbing Blake’s hand and saying: “Come, Tina and the others are waiting patiently. Sam and Erica have become very sensible younger sisters, so make sure you treat them kindly, okay?”

“Right…” Blake scratched his nose as he was pulled along. Noa held on to his shirt as she followed him while Nellie and the kids slowly followed behind. She was still in a daze as she felt her mana slowly filling back up. Her eyes were already filled with tears. She had dreamt of this for so long, and now…. Now she would stand beside her princess once more proudly. And this was all because of one man… Her watery eyes looked up at Blake as a new feeling began to spring up within her.

The group went downstairs to a door that Lillia suddenly turned around in front of and said: “Ahem! This is now the new master quarters. Meaning this is Blake’s new home and is the best within the entire base! Tina, the girls, and I have worked hard during this time, making it a place we can truly call a palace!”

Blake looked at the double arched door with wide eyes. The door was embedded with gems and made of what looked like some kind of ancient metal with intricate designs. Lillia turned and pushed the doors open to reveal a huge cavern built out of the bedrock of the earth and a large lake with a single bridge leading to a three story grand palace. With six tall towers with sharp peaks and a massive stone wall surrounding the palace.

“Lillia, is this really needed?” Blake asked as he looked at this place. It was huge! He never thought Lillia would go out of her way to do something like this. He would have been fine with a small room with a large bed!

“Of course! You are the leader of this base and the one who will bring about a new era! You can not live in a small place. I worked hard, so praise me!” Lillia said with a proud look as she put her hands on her hips and raised her nose in the air.

Blake was really taken aback. He walked forward and hugged her waist and kissed her neck and then her chin before landing firmly on her lips. “Hehe…. Do you like it?”

“Mmm…. You really surprised me.” Blake replied.

“But the surprises are not finished yet!” Lillia said as she pulled Blake along.

Noa, who was being dragged with them, refused to Let go of Blake because she was very nervous! She did not mind Blake being intimate with other girls, but she was now in unfamiliar territory. It would be different if things were normal. But in front of her was an ather dragon! A dragon of legends and much more powerful than any dragonic!

The surprise Blake was in for, was not the grand hall or the intricate decorations and carvings, but the girl standing there waiting for him with a small bump on her stomach, the same as Lillia’s. Blake looked at Tina and then at Lillia, who was smiling away, and shook his head. “You two….”

Lillia grinned as she said: “Hehe! What’s done is done. No going back now!”

Blake could not argue with that as he walked over and placed his hand on the girl’s belly. He then looked into Tina’s eyes, who were filled with a hint of worry, and smiled: “Don’t worry, I am not mad. In fact, I am happy. To think I would be the father of not one but two children soon.”

–AN) If we can break into the top 150 in Power Stones, I will make this a two chapter a day novel.–


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