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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 77: An Idiot Bahasa Indonesia

Blake did not have his gun out because the human turned monsters were covered in scales. A gun would not help when fighting them, which meant only melee combat and magic combat. But it was also not good to try to target so many at once because if he did have to fight, he would be in for more trouble as it would attract more monsters to him.

While making his way to the city, he ran into a few of these human monsters. They were always alone or, at most, in a group of two. “I do have to hand it to Lillia’s weapons, they cut things so easily.”

Blake had to be careful with how he fought because one wrong move would bring a swarm of monsters onto him. One could ask him whether he would prefer to fight monsters or dragons, and he would say dragons any day. Because dragons are big and can’t swarm him. It reminded him of the zombie movies where one noise could attract a crowd of unwanted guests. This was the same concept, except smashing heads in did not work, and they were much more violent and quick.

Blake stuck to the side, and when he had to fight, he would move his sword swiftly and quietly, just like how he did in his past life. A sword was your best friend as long as you did not run into something it could not cut through.

As Blake moved toward the center of the city when he suddenly heard a loud yell coming from behind him, causing his face to go black. “What are these things!? I’ve never seen monsters like this!”

“Princess, you need to run faster! Last time you tried to cast a spell to kill them, it only called more!” Hearing the yells of the two girls made Blake’s expression even more sullen because there was a wave of monsters in the hundreds to at least a thousand rushing toward him!

“Hey, look, a person! Hey! Help us out, would you!?” Blake looked at the girl with long ears who was waving at him and shouting and wanted to scream.

“What the hell is this elf doing!? Are they not strong enough to do a nuclear armageddon!?” After questioning himself, Blake made a firm decision. “Run!”

And that he did. Seeing the young man in front of her running away caused Princess Noa to frown. She gritted her teeth and yelled out. “Are you not a man!?”

“Are you not an elf!? Why the hell are you not blowing them up!?” Blake yelled as he continued to run, using body boosting magic to make him even faster.

“Because…. That’s none of your business!” Princess Noa shouted back. She looked at the young man who was running ever faster than her and felt shocked. “Hey Nellie, he’s human, isn’t he?”

“Princess, I do believe so. I think he is a new age human, but I can sense that he is using magic….” Nellie answered she was quite shocked to see a human using magic already.

“Then we will need to follow him!” Princess Noa did not want to miss this chance. She had not seen a new age human yet, but here one was who could actually use magic. She had many questions to ask him.

“First, Princess, we need to do something about the mass of monsters behind us.” Nellie reminded.

“Geh… Right… But I am out of mana after fighting with those orcs and running full speed since then. The last attack I used was basically all I had left.” Princess Noa had run into some higher level orcs and had no choice but to fight with everything she had. And even then, she could only escape with everything she had. But then she ran into these strange monsters and used some of the last bit of mana she had to kill the few she ran into, but that only resulted in hundreds more chasing after her!

“Then let’s beg the new age human for help?” Nellie did not know if the new age human was willing to help or not, but she figured it was their own chance.

“Yes, let’s. Hold on tight. I will squeeze out another burst to catch up to him.” Princess Noa nodded in agreement as she formed magic circles under her feet.

“I’m ready!” Nellie buried her face into Princess Noa’s neck and braced her self for the sudden increase in speed.


A sonic boom went off as Princess Noa accelerated. In just a split second, she had arrived next to Blake. “Holy shit!” Blake yelled out. Princess Noa’s sudden appearance scared the hell out of him. He almost lost his footing.

“You’re human, right?” Princess Noa asked.

“Why are you asking me stupid questions at a time like this.” Blake looked around and saw a spot he could finally take cover in. Without much thinking, he grabbed Princess Noa’s hand and pulled her with him as he jumped into a demolished building.

“Hey, what are yoough!” Princess Noa’s mouth was covered as Blake put a finger to his mouth and whispered: “Shhh! They are attracted to sound….”

Princess Noa nodded, and so did Nellie, who was on her back. The stampede of a few hundred to a thousand or so monsters rushed by, shaking the building they were in. Blake set up a barrier around them to block the falling debris. After almost ten minutes, the mass of monsters passed by as Blake fell to the floor and let out a sigh of relief. He then looked at the elf in front of him and asked: “Why the hell did you not just blow them all up!? Elves are supposed to be strong as hell.”

“I am out of mana!” Princess Noa answered in a huff.

“What? How!? There is so much mana in the air. Why are you not drawing it in like a normal person? You can have infinite mana if you are always circulating as you use it. Well, as long as you’re not firing off massive spells left and right, but only an idiot would let themselves get so low on mana that they couldn’t even keep their mana up high enough to do basic spells. I mean, only a stupid, idiotic person with no brain and long ears would do such an idiotic…”

“Now you are just getting personal!”


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