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A day later….

The sounds of panting could be heard within the barrier inside an abandoned house. Lillia was lying on her back as Blake slid his dick in and out of her. Above her face was a dripping wet pussy that her tongue eagerly licking. Tina was leaning forward, kissing Blake as he massaged her breasts. The trio had only just started an hour ago, but they were already lost in their lust as they did their best to pleasure each other.

“I’m about to….” Blake grunted as he released deep inside Lillia. This caused her to cry out as her juices flooded out of her pussy.

After pulling out, he waited for the girls to switch positions. Tina laid down while Lillia mounted her face, and Blake slid his dick inside her. Tina had Lillia spread her own pussy to allow Blake’s milk to drip down into Tina’s mouth. The girls had kind of formed a habit of using their pussies as cups and would take turns drinking Blake’s cum from each other’s pussies. This swapping back and forth would go on until the girls could no longer take anymore and would pass out. Only then would Blake unload into them one more time each before passing out himself.

The next morning the sun shined down through a hole in the ceiling. Lillia had made it so no one could enter the house nor see inside, no matter how many holes there were. They had taken out a king size bed from Lillia’s space to do their nightly activities. “Blake, I hurt!” Lillia cried out as she walked over to him in a waddle.

“I might have been a bit rough last night….” Blake scratched his nose. He couldn’t help it! The girls were just too damn sexy. After he released inside them the fourth time, they both started licking each other while he took a small break, sucking out his milk as if it was the best thing in the entire world.

“Just a bit!?” Tina cried as she used a piece of wood she found as a crutch to walk over to where Blake was cooking food.

“You girls could have slept in,” Blake replied with a smile before waving them both over. “Come, I will heal both of you.”

He knew they were just complaining for the sake of it so that he would heal them. They could also heal themselves if they wished, but they always made him do it. He guessed they just wished to be pampered. But he had to admit these two girls were cute even when they were acting like this. He watched as they both walked over and sat next to him and lazily leaned against him while he placed his hands on their thighs and began casting healing magic on them.

“Tina, we will be in trouble once he becomes a Drakani. Which means we will be welcoming in more sisters, so we need to choose wisely.” Lillia said as she let out a relaxed sigh. She felt her tightened muscles loosen up, causing her to feel much better.

“Does he really need more girls?” Tina pursed her lips. She knew Lillia didn’t like the idea either, but it seemed that Drakani needed to have at least four partners to sustain themselves.

“Sadly, yes. But only a few more.” Lillia replied. “But we get to pick carefully because if they do not match us, they can not join our family. Blake is my fated one, and I will be damned if anyone dares try to fight me for his first wife spot!”

“Lillia, I do not think anyone in their right mind will fight you for that spot. I mean, you would just kill them. I think that the girls who join will need to like both of us as well. Or they will not be able to join in on our sessions.” Tina did not want a girl who was not willing to join them at night.

“This is true,” Lillia replied. The two girls chatted through Blake, who sat there wondering why his love life was being decided for him by his two girlfriends. He never asked for any more girls. He had always thought that it would be better to get to know each other first before going beyond the bounds of friendship.

A few hours passed, and the trio were relaxing while playing a game of cards when Lillia’s hair went from her dragon style back to human style. “Someone is here.”

“You girls, stay here. I will handle it.” Blake said as he stood up. He patted both girls on the head before walking to the exit of the house and outside. When he exited the house, he saw Mack standing in the street, looking around. “You came?”

“Yes…. I came to tell you our decision. After you left, we had a small meeting between those in the platoon and then took a vote on who wished to stay and who was willing to leave. This was done between those in the platoon and those who were working hard in the small village. And well. We got over sixty people willing to join you. That is about half the people we have rescued. That includes myself and my team.” Mack replied.

“Alright. Have them pack up and come to this spot. We will move out tomorrow. This will give them more time to think as well. I am not trying to force anyone. But those who do come will be under my protection, and I will do my damndest to get everyone to the new base safely.” Blake would not abandon anyone who decided to follow him. He did not wish to lose anyone’s trust, and he was also someone who did his best to keep his word.

“Alright, I will bring those willing to make the journey and join you here tomorrow. Just so you know, the General was not against your offer. It’s just that he wished to let everyone make their own decisions. I will see you tomorrow morning.”


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