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“Blake, is it over?” Tina asked as she slowly made it into the room with Lillia. But when she saw the naked girls at the side all chained up and shivering in fear under a blue barrier, she finally understood the true cruelty of man.

“Yes. I leave the girls to you.” Blake turned and took one glance at the girls. Some were not even of legal age, and it sickened him. These men enslaved them and tied them up as if they were objects of amusement. As a man himself, he felt ashamed that his own gender could act so cruelly.

Anger welled up inside him as he drew his sword and walked over to the three bosses’ bodies, and sliced off each one of their dicks. He diced them up and then shoved them in their mouths before cutting their heads off their body. Only when he was done did he finally feel some of his anger subside.

He hated it. It was a sight he had seen many times in his past life, but he could do nothing about it. He had to walk by as if he saw nothing. The eyes of those girls who spotted him and the pleading look for help and then the helplessness in their eyes as he lowered his head and pretended not to see anything. Each time it was ingrained into his soul. This was why he wanted to get rid of the Headhunters. To save many people from suffering. The families that were probably split up because of them, the girls who were put through horrifying experiences because of them.

Since he now had the power, he decided to do something about it and hoped it would help those who would have fallen into their hands. “Blake, they are all ready to move.”

“Alright… We head east. They will come with us. But you two will need to watch after them since having a man near them at this time is not a good idea.” Blake decided to protect these girls. But he saw the fear in their eyes when looking at him. They were scarred for life, but at least for now, they were still alive. He washed his hands with some water magic and then sterilized them with fire magic before washing them again and walking out of the room.

Lillia walked over and hugged Blake from behind. “I took care to make sure they were not pregnant or would be. But that is the most I can do.”

“Mm… Thanks, Lillia.” Blake closed his eyes and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. “Let’s go.”

Ten girls in total left the Royal Hotel. Lillia took up the rear, and Tina took the middle while Blake took the lead. He already knew where he was heading. Luckily he had thought to steal clothing and stuff too before the apocalypse happened. At least now, the girls had shoes and clothing on their bodies as they made their way through the desolate wasteland that was once a town. The girls also had new collars on. They matched Blake’s emblem.

Blake did not wish to be seen as a hero since he had allowed many people to die even though he could have helped them. He knew he was no saint, but in some situations, he would do what he could.

Half a day passed, and Blake and his group were standing at gunpoint. “Who are you!?” Two men in military uniforms were aiming assault rifles at Blake’s head. Blake did not move because the people he was searching for were right in front of him. “My name is Blake Harris, my small group is called Slayers. You are the Fifth Platoon of Peace?”

“You know us?” One of the soldiers asked. He lowered his weapon and looked at Blake, then at the shivering girls behind him. He also noticed two girls were acting as guards as if protecting the girls.

“I know you are a military group who is trying to help those in need. Just so you know, the Headhunters are no more.”

“What!? They are no more. What happened!? A dragon killed them?” One of the other soldiers yelled out in surprise.

“Not a dragon…. I killed them. All of them… That is where these girls came from. I was hoping they could come under your care, preferably the care of another woman, as they have been through hell.” Blake’s eyes did not waver in the slightest, so the lead soldier did not know if he was lying or not.

“You will come with us. I do hope you can hand your weapons over for the time being. If you see that you are no threat, we will give them back to you later on.” The lead soldier offered.

“That’s fine. Tina, Lillia, hand your weapons over.” Blake ordered as he took his gun holster off and also unhooked his sword. He then laid them all on the ground and did a spin to prove he had no more weapons. Both Lillia and Tina followed suit as well.

“Alright, we will be sure to give these back.” The lead soldier smiled and motioned for his men to pick up the weapons. They also lowered their weapons now that Blake was unarmed. The leader walked over to Blake and reached out with his hand. “Name is Mack. I am the squad captain here. I will bring you to the General. He will want to hear about the Headhunters.”

“Then please lead the way. I also wish to speak with him about a few things as well. But please keep your men a distance from the girls” Blake turned and nodded to Tina and Lillia, who nodded back.

“Don’t worry. I got two girls in my squad. “Gale, Nicky, you stick with the girls.”

“Yes, captain!” The two girls saluted and went to the back of the group. When they saw Lillia, they said hello, but Lillia only gave them a nod and went to stand next to Blake. Gale and Nicky looked at each other before shrugging and following the group.


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