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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 61.1: Man Vs Tank Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake’s killing intent began to rise. He didn’t like it when people talked like that about his girls. Lillia and Tina were his future wives. There was no way he would let anyone lay a hand on them or even talk in such a manner about them. “I was going to mess around a bit, but it seems you want your head smashed in.” Blake snorted before dashing forward.

The scar faced muscular man also made his move but sadly for him as he threw a punch, his fist was caught by Blake, and a crunching sound was heard as well as a cry of pain. “Shit! What the hell are you!?”

“You dared bring my women into the conversation. No one is allowed to talk any shit about my girls or else they will severely pay.” Blake’s eyes were cold as he pulled on the scar faced muscular man’s arm ripping it from his body.

“Ahhh! Shit! Even if you kill me, the bosses are not someone you can deal with. They are much stronger than me!” The scar faced muscular man yelled out as he held his shoulder that was spurting out blood.

“No one will survive. And as for you…. You will slowly burn up until there is nothing left of your body. You, Headhunters, treat women as objects as nothing more than a tool to wet your dick with but they are much more than that. Maybe if you didn’t open your disgusting mouth, I would have been willing to give you a less painful death, but you ruined it. Burn in hell, jackass.” Blake flipped his hand, causing a fireball to appear. The scar faced man looked at the sudden flame sitting in front of his face and then at Blake with fear in his eyes.

He did not know what was going on, but he knew that this young man in front of him was not ordinary! He suddenly felt like maybe he should have chosen a different path, but it was already too late. The screams coming out of his mouth as he felt his skin melting and turning to ash could not be stopped. He could no longer beg for mercy.

“Let’s go.” Blake’s cold eyes turned soft as he looked up at the girls. They both only nodded and followed behind them. “When this is over, we will do whatever you want. I know it is not easy hearing all these people talk in the way that they are.”

“It’s fine,” Lillia said as she hopped forward and took his hand. “You were very manly just now.”

“Well, I am a man after all,” Blake replied with a chuckle.

“That you are!” Tina walked up and patted his crotch. “Especially in bed.”

“That is true. I am a dragon, and yet he still wears me out. It’s a little unfair if you ask me.” Lillia pursed her lips. She completely forgot that she used a refresh spell on him that was on auto cast.

“From now on, just kill everyone you see. No need to wait for my command. Just kill without restraint. I want to get this over with now. I should have just done that with the other man, but my battle instincts got the best of me.” Blake held both girls’ hands as they made their way down the stairs towards the basement level where the base was supposed to be.

As they descended, the two girls either shot or burned anyone who got close. They were so quick to act that he did not even get a chance to act, but even if he could, the girls were both holding his hands hostage, so he could not wield a weapon of any kind. Seeing them happily killing people Blake did not know if he should laugh or cry. Especially Tina, who was against harming others but now she is one shooting everyone in the head as if she were playing some kind of video game.

When they got to the second sub basement, things were not so easy. “Everyone, stop!” Blake stopped the girls and pulled them to the side. “Look down the hall. What do you see?”

“Is that a fucking tank!?” Tina cried out. It was exactly that. Blake had no idea how they did it, but they got a tank down to the second sub basement and it was currently pointing directly down the hall at them.

“Blake, what’s a tank?” Lillia asked curiously. She had never seen one before, so she did not know.’

“It’s a really big gun that fires a really big bullet. If Tina and I were hit with one, we might not survive it even with a barrier up.” Blake explained.

“Oh? Hmmm…. Well, your barriers can stop a dragon claw from smashing into you, so I do not see why a big bullet would hurt you.” Lillia said as she pulled Blake by his hand and then pushed him into the hall. “Trust me. As you are now, no current technology can harm you.”

Blake looked at Lillia, who was staring back at him with a firm expression, and nodded. He looked down the hall at the tank and took a deep breath. He never knew he would one day be facing a tank with only his human body. But he knew Lillia would not have him do anything that would kill him.

At the side, Tina gripped Lillia’s arm, worry written all over her face. “Lillia, he will be okay, right?”

“Mmmm… Trust me, no matter what happens, I will not let him die. If his barrier shows any signs of failing, I will save him right away. But Blake needs this. He needs to face things like this to gain more confidence. When things change and he becomes Drakani, he will need to have the confidence of a king and not look down on himself. He likes to play it safe, but he is much stronger than he thinks.” Lillie replied as she pulled Tina close and kissed her lips. “So watch, our man is about to do something no human has ever done before.”


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