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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 49.1: Not Just One But Two Girlfriends Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

[R-18: Since it is their first time together, it will be much more graphical than the later chapters’ sex scenes. For everyone who voted. Please enjoy!]

Tina’s face was flushed red. But at the same time, she couldn’t help but rub her thighs together. She was about to finally graduate from being a virgin to being someone’s woman. She liked Blake. He had treated her so well even though she had just kind of popped up out of nowhere. He did not kick her to the side. To her, he was like her savior. Someone who did not take advantage of her nor ask much of her. And… There was Lillia. Normally one would think sharing a man would be bad, but after talking with Lillia and knowing that she would always be with these two, she felt more relaxed and welcomed this new relationship that was forming on this day.

“So what do we do?” Lillia asked as she leaned over in front of Blake.

“I guess we should undress him first,” Tina replied. Everyone was in their underwear except for Blake. And as for Blake, he was still coming to terms with the fact that two beautiful girls were going to be his from this moment on. He was not even paying attention to the fact that both girls were pulling his clothes off. He even obediently raised his arms over his head so they could pull his shirt off without realizing it.

When it came down to his boxers, both girls gulped a mouth full of saliva and took a deep breath. When the finally pulled his boxers off, a half erect dick sprang up into view, causing both girls’ eyes to grow wide. “So this is what it looks like….” Lillia was the first to reach out and poke it, which brought Blake back from his daze. He looked down to see both girls’ faces next to his dick, inspecting it as if it was some kind of alien being.

“It’s kind of cute….” Lillia said as she looked at it then down at herself. “But it’s big….”

“Mmm… I have seen a few on the computer…. For research purposes… but never seen one in real life, and this is….” Tina reached out and gently grabbed the mega mushroom in front of her and gently stroked it. “Lillia, if you do this….”

Blake grunted as his dick began to stand tall due to the hot breaths and the two girls suddenly stroking his dick. He watched as both girls, one on the bottom and the other on the top worked in sync to make his dick big. This kind of stimulation for a pure virgin like Blake was a bit… “Girls, if you keep doing that, I will….”

A streak of white milk shot into the air surprising the two girls. Lillia, who had her face right over the tip, got hit in the face, causing her to jump back in fright. “What is that!?”

“Lillia, relax.” Tina chuckled when she saw the horror in Lillia’s eyes. She reached over and wiped a glop of it off Lillia’s brow and licked it. “This is the stuff that goes inside a girl when a man wants to get a girl pregnant. It’s called cum.”

“Oh! I see…. But why did you lick it?” Lillia asked as she wiped a bit from her face as well and looked at it. She then stuck her pink tongue out and licked it. “Bleh, salty….”

“That it is. Blake, you need to eat more fruits.” Tina scolded.

“Hey Tina, it’s going down. What do we do now?” Lillia asked as she reached down and flopped the half erect dick in front of her back and forth.

“Umm, you will need to cast that refresh magic on him, and then we will do something I saw on the internet before,” Tina replied as she bit her bottom lip. She had never tried this herself, but she wanted to make Blake feel good. When Lillia finished casting a spell on Blake that would auto refresh his ability to keep going, Tina took his dick and shook it gently before lowering her head down and putting it in her mouth.

Lillia watched curiously as Tina bobbed her head up and down a few times before pulling it out of her mouth. “Do the same, but be careful not to use your teeth. Just swirl your tongue around it and watch his expressions. It will allow you to know if he is feeling good or not.”

Lillia nodded as she lowered her head. She paused just before putting it in her mouth when she felt Tina moving her hair out of the way. It was at a time like this that she was happy Tina was here teaching her things. She lowered her head and slipped Blake’s dick into her mouth, and did as Tina said.

Blake had no idea what the hell was going on, but he was in heaven. He did not know if the girls were doing good or not, but to him, it felt good. He could only grunt in response to their every action. He reached out with his hands and caressed the girls’ backs before slipping his hands down to the thighs. He could feel them both tense up, but neither one moved around. He gently caressed their thighs before gathering up his courage and moving his hands between their legs. Both girls jolted, and Lillia, who had his dick in her mouth, paused her actions before continuing. When he looked at the girls’ faces that had their eyes closed, he smiled. Their cheeks were flushed but seemed to be enjoying his light petting. Tina and Lillia both parted their legs slightly to give him better access. Soon both girls were licking his dick together while softly moaning while he teased their clits. Their upturned eyes as they looked at him with passion made him feel like a very lucky man.

Tina had taken over sucking his dick when he finally exploded. He could no longer hold it as he shot stream after stream into Tina’s mouth. Her eyes widened, but she still held it in. She waited for him to finish before pulling his dick out of her mouth. She then grabbed Lillia’s head and pushed her lips against hers. Lillia’s eyes widened, but when she felt something salty and slimy entering her mouth, she began to take in what Tina had offered. Since it belongs to Blake, she would drink it. When their lips separated, Lillia wiped her mouth and pouted her lips. “Blake was supposed to be my first kiss….”

“I was just feeding you, not kissing. You can still kiss him first. A real kiss.” Tina replied, causing Lillia to nod and Blake to roll his eyes. This dragon girlfriend of his was gullible! He sat up and pulled Lillia towards him, not caring for what she just had in her mouth and gave her a proper deep kiss.


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