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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 42: A Small Push In The Right Direction Bahasa Indonesia

“What do you think Blake is doing?” Tina asked as she and Lillia walked down a somewhat cleared out path between two buildings.

“It doesn’t matter as long as he doesn’t come back with a bunch of girls in tow. He doesn’t realize it, but he is now much more handsome than before. He is a lady killer!” Lillia replied while furrowing her brow. “I need to be extra mindful of the eyes around us from now on.”

“Lillia, I think you worry too much. Blake doesn’t even pay any attention to me, even when he has seen me in my underwear. His eyes are always on you.” Tina said with a sigh of defeat.

“Hmmm, now that you mention it. But do human men like girls in their underwear?” Lillia asked. She had never really thought about it before.

“Of course they do! I do not know what it is, but guys are a sucker for girls in sexy underwear.” Tina replied with a nod.

“Hmmm…” Lillia fell into thought. After a few more steps forward, she stopped and hooked her arm with Tina’s “Teach me how to make Blake like me more.”

Tina looked at Lillia’s serious face and almost burst out laughing. She really found this girl to be really cute.

Ahh perfect! Blake cried out after searching three floors. He was finally getting to some good stuff. Bret, however, had been watching Blake pick up one thing after the next and shove it into a small pouch that was hooked on his neck no matter how big it was. He kept seeing one crazy thing after the next.

“This is the jackpot. Who would have thought this college was actually creating something like this!” Blake looked at the plans in front of him with glee. These were plans to make a fusion powered generator a mini version. One so small that it could fit in the palm of your hand. Blake was not caring about the makeup of the fusion part but the idea that this could work with magic in some way.

“You are a strange one. What good is all this going to do us now?” Bret asked. He really did not see the value in all of this.

“Bret, let me say this. In what I think is, three to four months from now, this world will no longer be the same. What you see outside will soon be covered in foliage of all kinds. What you are seeing now is nothing more than the end to a new beginning. Like I said before, the Age of Magic will soon arrive, and before that happens, before the Dragonic decide to wipe any record of our civilizations off the map, we need to hoard as much knowledge as possible. These files. These books can be a gateway to creating weapons that will allow us to beat even the most powerful dragons.

“Knowledge has and always will be humanity’s best ally. We need the knowledge of today to mix in with the knowledge of tomorrow if we wish to at least hold a place in this world. When the other races show up, even normal guns will not work on half of them. Beings wielding amazing powers or skin so tough it could be considered stronger than steel. Bret, answer me this, have you fought a dragon?” Blake asked. Bret stared at him and nodded his head while lowing it.

“I lost half my platoon a month back to one. What is left is just the faction we started to try to survive. We saw no hope in protecting anyone anymore. Our fighter jets did nothing. Even the nukes they set off were nothing but toys to those damn things. So many people died. In this city alone, millions died. When we heard these things called factions, where men were enslaving others and doing as they wished, me and the boys from my platoon banded together and tried to create a place for others and even began destroying the factions that were doing horrible things.

“I just don’t get it! Humans are facing the hardest trial of our lives, and we can’t even band together properly. People with sick minds are leading the way to a future that is bleak.” Bret’s brow was furrowed as he complained. He had not even realized how much of a rant he went on.

“That is why….” Blake spoke up. ” I decided to talk with you. What do you think? The world has begun to change. But that does not mean we can lose all hope. I can offer you and your people a chance to evolve before the age of magic arrives. I can offer you a chance to wield powers beyond your imagination. I can allow you to protect those you wish to protect.”

Blake’s last words struck a chord with Bret. He looked at Blake’s expression that showed no hint of kidding around and thought about how this young man had been doing one amazing thing after the other. Bret scratched his head in frustration. “I can not make the decision myself. You will need to speak with the captain. He has been doing his best to hold us all together.”

“Then we will do that. We got one more floor to go. That is where the good stuff should be. After that, I will head to the other buildings. While I can not promise immediate results, I can promise that if you and your people are willing to follow me, I will bring you to a brighter future. We will grow stronger and stronger until we are finally ready to strike.” Blake replied. He was happy his little pushes were making progress. Now he just had to convince the person in charge.

“Let’s hope you can live up to your words….” Bret still had some misgivings, but he figured if this kid was telling the truth, then it would be worth it. He wouldn’t mind sitting back and gaining strength, this was also a tactic used over the generations. But he needed more proof of what he was saying.


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