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“So you are saying that everything from fantasy tales are things that are actually real and existed at one time or another?” Tina was very surprised to be hearing all of this. She felt like her mind had just been blown. Everything she thought was true was actually a lie.

“Yes. When the reset happened, it was not a one hundred percent reset. I tried to make sure everything was wiped out, but it was impossible to be one hundred percent. Although the world did start over, they were able to survive all this time. I am sure many events have happened to this world in the time I have slept, but humans are strange creatures who are able to push through anything. But I will say that everything you have learned up until now was pretty much a lie.” Lillia added, causing even more of a mind blow for Tina.

Tina knew that they were not messing with her. They had no reason to. She did her best to try to slowly take in all the information she was receiving. By the time she came around, a small fire was started, and a tent was set up. And on top of it all, a nice smell was entering her nose.

“Come eat. I am sure you probably did not prepare much, right?” Blake asked as he held out a cheeseburger to Tina.

Tina stared at it, unsure if she should take it or not, but while she had mixed emotions, her stomach answered for her. “Grumble~”

“Haha! Humans are quite amusing.” Lillia burst out in laughter. Blake also chuckled while Tina lowered her head in embarrassment. She took the burger and sat down on the ground, and munched on it quietly. It was the first thing she had eaten since the day before, so it was quite tasty.

“Eat up, then we will rest,” Blake said as he stood up and stretched. “The tent is big enough for all of us.”

“Wait, what about a lookout? Should I take first watch?” Tina asked.

“Nah. Lillia doesn’t really need to sleep, so she can keep watch. And you are still a normal human, so you need to rest up. If anyone were to keep watch, even if Lillia did need to sleep, it would be me and her splitting it. I do not want you holding us back from lack of sleep. If a dragon suddenly shows up and you’re too tired to even run, you will end up getting us all killed.” Blake once again spoke harshly, but his words showed that he was concerned about her not sleeping enough.

Tina lowered her head back down and munched on her burger. She knew Blake was just looking out for her. So she did not say anything else. Lillia looked at the girl munching on her burger and hoped that she could survive. She was very obedient. She would make a perfect sla-maid for her and Blake.

They did not get to sleep long before the sounds of roaring filled the sky. Blake shot up and readied his gun. They had hidden the tent quite well using the hay from the field, and the campfire was buried, so no traces were left. Lillia did not make an underground shelter because if they had to escape quickly, they would be trapped, and her using magic would make them even easier to find.

“Tina, get up!” Lillia poured a bottle of water on Tina’s head, causing her to shoot up from her sleeping bag.

“What’s going on!?” Tina quickly woke up when she heard the sounds of roaring.

“The dragons are on the move. Probably survivor hunting. Be ready to fight at any time.” Blake answered as he peeked outside. “Lillia, how close are they?”

“If they keep moving as they are, they will be here in five minutes or less. We need to move now.” Lillia answered.

“What grade dragon are they?” Blake asked. He was worried that they would be a middle class dragon.

“Hmm, the ones coming you can defeat with your current powers, but you will still need to be careful. They are just wyverns, and they can not use breath, so the basic magic that I taught you will work.” Lillia replied. Even though she said this, she was still nervous as this was her first time seeing Blake fight anything other than a human. Wyverns may be a lower form of a dragon and could only use physical means to attack their prey, but they were still very strong. Especially for a low level magic user like Blake.

“Wyverns are no issue,” Blake replied as she readied his gun. “Tina, when you shoot, aim for the eyes or the open mouth. Wyverns are weak in these areas. But mainly aim for the eyes. If you blind them, it will make it easier for me to finish them off.”

“Understood,” Tina replied and readied her gun.

Blake did not explain anything to Lillia since she would already know these things. She already had her gun ready as well. She felt strange by the fact that her an Ather dragon was using such an archaic way of fighting. This was something they would have used in early ancient times before they learned to use magic properly. But now, since she had to refrain from using magic, she had to use such a weapon now.

They quickly put everything away, and with Lillia pulling Tina, she led the way through the darkness with Blake close behind her. They only got three minutes out when Lillia suddenly stopped and turned around. “Take cover and prepare for battle!”

Everyone quickly found a spot to take cover. Lillia and Tina were hiding behind some bales of hay, while Blake was hiding behind a tractor. Not even a minute later, the ground shook as a wyvern landed on the ground, its wings spread out. If anything, it looked more like a de-feathered bird, but its wings were more bat like, with three claws attached to the tips. The rest of its body was more dragon like, just much skinner and slimmer. Its body was fully covered in greyish scales, and its eyes were a deep red as it looked around for any meaty targets.

It raised its head and smelled the air, and snorted as it looked in the direction that Blake was hiding. It took a step forward and began walking towards Blake. Blake, on the other hand, did not seem to be worried about it. He was only scared of the dragons. Wyverns were just an ill bred version of a dragon and a bird to him. He looked over at Lillia, who immediately raised one finger up. Blake nodded and slipped down to the ground and rolled out from cover with his gun aimed at the dragon’s head.


“Roar!” The wyvern cried in anger. But this was followed by two more shots.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

Tina did not waste any time in giving Blake backup. While Lillia was stomping her feet in anger because her gun would not fire. It seemed she had forgotten to turn the safety off. She wanted to show Blake her cool side and shoot the wyvern in the eye, but Tina took all the glory before she could even do anything!

“Roooaaar!” The wyvern cried out this time in pain as its eyes became blind. Tina was on point with both her shots. She had always been at the top of the academy when it came to her sharpshooting.

Blake did not let this chance slip by as he ran up to the wyvern that was thrashing around due to the suddenly going blind and dodged its wings as he slid up and under the base of the tail with a fireball in his hand and shoved it up a certain sensitive part of all dragon breeds. Its reverse scale, the thing that would anger any dragon breed alive.

“ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!” The wyvern cried out in pain as Blake shot not just one but multiple fired balls up the wyvern’s weak point. Even Lillia was currently clenching her cheeks. She would never go for such an area, yet here was her boy friend in name only, shoving fireballs up a wyverns asshole like it was a Friday night.

The fireballs were made of magic, so they would not go out without using water magic or if they consumed all the mana, they were made of. So having repeated fireballs firing up inside it, the wyvern s innards were all being burned to a crisp.

The wyverns thrashing around quickly slowed as it suddenly collapsed on the ground, twitching. Smoking coming from its behind. It had actually been cooked from the inside out. Blake looked at the wyvern with a big smile and nodded his head in satisfaction. “Not bad for this life’s first kill.”

“Blake?” Lillia called out as she walked over. Her walk was slightly awkward as she clenched her butt cheeks.

“Hmmm? Give it another twenty minutes and the meat will be fully cooked then we can eat it.” Blake replied thinking Lillia was asking how long it would take to cook.

“No, I wanted to ask…. Why there?” Lillia had a hint of fear in her voice.

“Oh? Dragons have one major weak point. Their anus.”


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