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–An) one more on the way—

“So much power!?” Frank felt like he was going to faint. To think that Blake and his wives alone could do that much damage.

“That is just those of us who are here and not in the city itself,” Onz added. He got the gist of Destiny Cities’ power from Blake, and he knew that there was no way their orc clan could win in a frontal confrontation without external help.

“I see… But my South City would be easily destroyed. Just thinking about it makes my hair stand on end. I can not make this decision myself. I will need to talk with my people. Can you give me a few days?” Ricky asked. He did not need to hear anymore.

“I can but you must also know that by joining my city there is a magic contract everyone must enter.” Blake began explaining what a magic contract was and what it entailed. Only after hearing everything did Ricky and his people return to South City.

Blake did not leave right away as he laid back and used Tina’s thighs as a pillow. “What do you all think? Do you think they will accept?”

“It’s hard to tell…” Josline replied.

“I agree. It is hard to tell. While on one hand, you told him what he really should know, and then on the other, Ricky and his people have worked hard to build their current home. To suddenly leave it might be hard.” Noa added.

“True….” Blake sighed. “I can only do so much. I just do not want to see good humans dying needlessly.”

Tina snorted: “One of them can die without issue, and I won’t complain.” It was obvious who Tina was talking about. She did not like that Becky girl one bit.

“Just ignore them. It’s more my fault than hers.” Blake reached up and pinched tina’s puffed out cheeks.

“Humph! Trying to defend her.” Tina turned her head, not wanting to look at Blake, but her teasing smile showed that she was not actually mad. She was actually touched when Blake shot at the girl. Because she knew he got mad for her.

“So what should we do? Just wait here?” Mina asked. She had been quiet all this time, but she was starting to get antsy. She was currently hugging one of Blake’s horns.

“For now, yeah. He does not know where our camp is, and he said a few days, so we will only wait four days. If he does not return, we will leave for the elves.” Blake replied. He was not going to wait around forever.

As the fourth day came, Blake stood up and stretched his arms as he exited his tent. Bret and Onz were already eating breakfast at the campfire. “Blake, what are our plans?”

“We are going to go. It sucks that they did not return, but there is nothing we can do about it. After the girls wake up, let’s head back to our camp, and we will head to the elves.” Blake answered. He looked off in the direction of the city and let out a sigh. He did not know what to think about this. He could only feel it was a pity that this city would soon be destroyed.

A few hours later, the girls all woke up and were ready to go once more. They began packing things up and were about to leave when Bret heard people walking over. “Blake, hold on. Someone is coming.”

Blake turned to see Frank running after him. His clothes were in tatters and covered in blood. A huge claw mark was visible on his chest, exposing his insides. For him to even be running in such a state was already a miracle. “Frank, what happened!?”

“I don’t know! Some strange monsters suddenly showed up and began attacking us this morning while we were getting ready to pack up. We sent out a person earlier to tell you what we had decided, but they came back half dead, and soon after, we came under attack.” Frank explained as he collapsed to the ground. Bret quickly walked over to help him up while Mina flew over to heal him.

“Strong monster, huh? Can you tell me more in detail?” Blake did not wish to make a move until he knew what they were up against.

“It was similar to one of those monsters that humans turned into, but it was jet black. There were at least twenty of them, and they could all use magic. They put a barrier around the entire city and began slaughtering people. They are still trying to fight it off, but half our population lies dead on the ground…. I only escaped before the barrier finished forming after being slashed in my chest and pushed out of the barrier. The rest are trapped inside.”

“This….” Blake immediately thought back to that pregnant human monster. He wondered if this was the offspring of that.

“Okay, we will go take a look. Tina, you are the quickest, so go back to the camp and mobilize the entire army. We will be trying to stop this thing. We will try to hold it at bay until the rest of you can come.” Blake closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Everyone be extra careful. I have a feeling this enemy will not be easy. Move out!”

“I will be back with backup!” Tina disappeared. She was so fast that even Noa, who had keen eyesight, could not spot her as she moved. She had really adapted to her super speed.

Luckily Mina could quickly heal Frank and Frank led them to the city. And sure enough, when they arrived, a massive barrier covered the makeshift city. Blake flew up into the air to get a better look to see twenty black scaled monsters fighting the humans inside. Luckily the humans had some ability with magic, or they would not have lasted as long, but the dead were what bothered Blake the most. He saw elderly and even small children dead on the ground. He took a deep breath as his eyes turned blood red. He raised his fist and smashed it off the barrier.

The barrier shook violently but did not break. Blake’s expression was not good as he channeled his mana into his fist and punched out once more. This time a thunderous boom was heard as all the trees within a ten mile radius of his attack uprooted and blew away. Everyone on the ground had to form a barrier around themselves to block the powerful undulations that were spreading out in all directions.


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