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–An) I owe you all 1 bonus chapter for Power stones and another for the magic castle, plus quite a few make up chapters for the past two days so expect an extra chapter every day next week (5 chapters a day instead of 4). Normal chapter release should be back to normal tomorrow. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful x-mas!—

The days passed by quickly, and Blake’s over one thousand man army found a place to rest close to the human encampment. “We will stay here for the time being. Noa, you are with me.”

Noa nodded, and the two quickly left base camp. This was decided earlier since Noa had the best tracking skills and eyesight out of the group. Clance could have come, but he felt having her stay as a precaution was best. Out of everyone else, she was the strongest.

Noa and Blake made their way through the forest. They were a half mile out from the human base. “Blake, have you decided how you are going to talk to these people? We are both not human.”

“While I would have liked to have Tina come with me, I can not risk something happening to her, which is why we are scouting things out. If the inside of the base looks normal, Tina would be perfect to do the talking to ease the people, but if they do not look normal, then we will be skipping them and heading to the elves. But I wonder, are the elves we are heading towards your family?” Blake had been wondering this since they found out about the elven encampment.

“Most likely not. Not everyone in the elven clan saw my family as the hope for the future. Many of the noble eleven families all sought power, so breaking off while dragging a few common folk elves with them is probably more likely. From what I remember, my family was supposed to head southwest, so they should be quite far from our current location.” Noa explained.

Blake nodded and paused his steps. He pressed his finger to his lips as he pulled Noa behind a tree. Two men and a woman with assault rifles were not too far away. “Frank, didn’t you say you saw a huge group of monsters around here? We have walked a while now and have not found shit. What kind of a waste of time are you tasking us on?”

“Becky, can you do something other than fucking bitch? I mean, come on. Since you were told to come with us, you have done nothing but complain.” Frank replied angrily.

“Hah! Don’t try to act all macho with me. The last I checked, I don’t have a dick, so I could give a fuck less about your ego. I am just saying we could have been enjoying the festivities. Today is our founding day, is it not!? And here I wanted to get drunk and find me a boyfriend.” Becky replied with more of an attitude than before.

“Like someone would want to take you as their girl. From what I know about you, you are so high maintenance that a man would commit suicide just to run away from you…. Shit ouch! Becky, you bitch! Are you trying to kill me!? Why did you hit me with the butt of your gun!?” The other man who was with Frank and Becky cut in but was immediately hit by Becky.

“Because your face pissed me off. Frank, why do you even hang out with this asshole?” Becky asked before turning back to the other man. “Jerry, this is why you will never get to lose your virginity. You have no idea how to talk to a lady. You will forever be a virgin boy. The whole of South City knows you are the virgin of the city. Never even got laid during the apocalypse. Fucking virgin…. Shit! Don’t point that fucking thing at me!”

“Then shut the fuck up!” Jerry yelled out as he lowered his gun. He really wanted to kill this woman right now!

“Becky, you better watch your tongue, or Jerry might drug your drink tonight and make a baby with you.” Frank let out a chuckle as he said this.

“Urp! Don’t make me sick. Fuck Frank, I would rather lay with you than this virgin boy.” Becky made fake puking motions as a disgusted look formed on her face.

“Save me the STDs, please.” Frank quickly rejected, only to be kicked at by Becky, who sadly missed her target.

Noa and Blake, who were watching the exchange, both looked at each other and laughed. “They seem down to earth, let’s go out and talk to them. After all, even if they shoot at us, it’s not like it will do anything.”

“Ah…. True….” Noa nodded with a smile. The two walked out from behind the tree and appeared behind the trio.

“Excuse me. But could you give me directions to the nearest convenience store?” Blake asked jokingly. While Noa held her head and shook it.

“Who the hell asked such a stupid joke at a time like…. Holy fuck, a sexy demon…. Handsome demon man, My name is Becky. How about we go behind that bush… Ouch! Fuck!? Did you just throw a rock at me!?” Becky was the first to make a remark. When she turned and saw Blake, her cheeks immediately reddened, and began trying to hit on Blake, only for now to flick a rock at her forehead.

“Please speak normally. We want to ask you three a question.” Noa cut in coldly as she wrapped her arm around Blake’s. Blake looked at Noa, who was like a cat trying to protect her kitten, and smiled, but this only caused Becky to fall into a daze.

“Don’t mind this girl, she is like this with any man she deems as hot. From what I can see, you are an elf and some race we have run into yet. My name is Frank, my companion over here is Jerry, and the bitch in heat is Becky. May I know what you need?” Frank was acting politely because he knew better than to try to start shooting. If he did, it would most likely end with them all dying without knowing how they died.

Blake was quite surprised to see this man remaining so calm. He could also tell he was still on alert, which showed he had his fair share of experience here in the new world. “I overheard your conversation just now. Did you say your city is called South City?”

“Hmmm? Yeah, but calling it a city is an overstatement, as it is just a bunch of makeshift buildings at this time. Eventually, we want to begin building the city up more and making a new home for ourselves.” Frank replied. He was still cautious, but he did not sense any hostility from the man or the elf girl.

“I see….” Blake remembered this city. Well, more like he heard about it since he never visited it himself. The city was one of the cities destroyed in the upcoming wars. Blake was at a kind of crossroads. If it was just an encampment, that was one thing, but if it is an established colony, it would be hard to convince them of anything. He was trying to remember the leader’s name. “Is there, by chance, a man named Ricky Sun in the city?”

“Hmmm? You know Ricky?” Frank and the other two were surprised that this man, who was not human, knew the leader of the city.

“Not personally, no. But I do wish to speak with him. I won’t go to the city since it will cause an uproar, and I do not want to disturb your peace, but if he could come here to speak with me, that would be great.” Blake did not want to enter the city as it might send the wrong signal at this time. He just wanted to speak with Ricky and see what he thought. Moving all the people to a new location would be easy as can be.

Frank looked back at the other two, who both shrugged, not knowing how to answer. After scratching his head, he turned to Becky. “Becky, go report this and see if Ricky is willing to come here and speak to….”

“Names Blake, Blake Harris,” Blake answered.

“Blake Harris a common name…. Becky, go ask if Rick is willing to speak to Blake here.” Frank ordered. Becky did not want to leave, but when she was kicked by Jerry, she snapped out of her daze and nodded her head. She took one glance at Blake before turning around and running back to their city.

“Noa, go bring Tina and Bret here as well as Josline, Mina, and Onz.” Blake wanted to show that his group was very diverse. He hoped this would help with his persuasion. He could tell these people seemed to be good people, so he hoped he could save them from the outcome that was coming to them. However, he found his memory and the things that were currently happening strange unless Onz somehow failed to take the city.

“Okay.” Noa did not waste time as she suddenly disappeared from where she stood. Seeing the elf girl disappear before their eyes made both Frank and Jerry feel a cold sweat run down their backs. They wondered just how powerful one had to be, to be able to move that fast. They did not think a human could do such a thing. That was until a few seconds later when Tina suddenly appeared out of nowhere and jumped on Blake’s back. “Blake, you should have let me come with you in the first place!”


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