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The orc general’s blood was boiling. This was how orcs would do things. After hearing drakani’s words, he was very willing to fight. If the drakani won, he would become his subordinate. If he won, he could bring back a drakani head and move up in the clan!

“Then so be it!” The orc general readily agreed before jumping back up on top of his war elephant and yelling out: “My brothers! Halt your step! Our battle will be decided by a duel!”

The orc general’s voice echoed across the area, causing the other orcs to repeat his words as orcs stopped attacking all over the battlefield. Next, Blake’s voice was heard across the battlefield as he yelled out: “Dwarves and Destiny City! Cease fighting!”

Upon hearing Blake’s voice, both Tina and Bret had their people hold their attacks. They slowly moved back from the orcs with weapons ready. The same happened with the dwarves as they began to make their way back to the mountain. Yui, who had been using a special kind of fox fire, wiped the sweat from her brow. She had never used so much magic since gaining sentience.

“Since the battle has stopped, let’s set up a battlefield for the two of us. Move your orcs to the north, and my people will move to the south with the dwarves.” Blake wanted to gather all his people into one spot just in case something happened.

“As you wish.” The orc general had his people move, and soon the remaining orcs were on one side while Blake, his people, and the dwarves were on the other.

The area for their battle was a half mile wide. Blake flew over to his wives and landed in front of them. “Clance.”

“Don’t worry. If it looks like you are going to lose, I will step in.” Clance walked forward and kissed Blake’s lips.

“Thanks. While I do want to test my strength, I do not wish to die just yet.” Blake let out a dry laugh. Tina and the other girls all hugged and kissed him while wishing him good luck. They knew they could not talk him out of this battle.

“Lad, you do not need to do this….” Josline’s grandfather looked very concerned. He knew how strong a general was in the orc clan.

“It’s fine. If I win, I get about a thousand orcs and an orc general under my command. Not a bad deal, right?” Blake replied with a smile. He was quite excited about this fight.

“He’s doing it again….” Tina sighed. She remembered when Blake wanted to fight dragons to test his strength. The man would not just admit that he loved to fight!

Blake waved at them before flying into the air and landing back near the middle of the makeshift arena. The orc general stood there with a massive sword stabbed into the ground and heavy red armor on. On his back was a massive shield. “Orcs always state one rule each for one on one battles! State your rule!”

“Mmm…. No massive magic attacks. We do not want those who are around us to get hurt.” Blake did not mind the demand as he scratched his chin and replied.

“Understood. Mine is no flying. Orcs do not have wings.” The orc general rule surprised Blake, but he could also understand it.

“Alright, agreed. Shall we start?” Blake asked. He just wanted to get this started already. He never knew pre fight that an orc could be so chatty with someone who was supposed to be his enemy!

The orc general did not answer right away before pulling out a dagger. “I will toss this dagger into the air. Once it touches the ground, the battle can start.”

“Good!” Blake smiled as he pulled out his sword and got into a battle stance.

The orc general did the same his massive broadsword was lifted off the ground and propped up on his shoulder. The dagger in his hand was then tossed into the air, high into the sky. Both the orc’s and the man’s eyes were staring right in front. As soon as the dagger rotated back down to earth, their eyes both followed it as it passed by them and stabbed directly into the ground.


Blake stomped the ground causing the ground to crack as he shot forward. The orc general also stomped his foot and charged forward. This first attack was to test one’s strength! Both men were very quick. For some, it was hard to follow their speed as they sped toward one another. They were originally a quarter of a mile away from each, but now they met in the center just above the dagger where a loud clanging sound was heard as metal one metal rang out.

Blake and the orc general’s swords clashed, and both came to a stalemate as they pushed hard off each other and jumped back. But Blake did not waste time as he immediately sprang forward while the orc general seemed to be reading some kind of magic spell. But before he could finish it, Blake was already attacking him again. His speed was faster than Tina’s! This was because he also had hellish training with Lillia on top of his bloodline and magic boost he had placed on his body at the start of the fight!

The orc general laughed out loud as the swords clashed once more. “Good! Now, this is really a battle!” He did not seem to mind that his spell was interrupted. He actually had a big smile on his face. Both men were crossing swords left and right. The speed at which they were moving began to grow faster and faster. Soon all you could hear was the clashing of metal, and you could only see sparks through the thick cloud of dust that they were kicking up!

“Great two battle junkies!” Tina whined. She had hoped the battle would end quickly but seeing how the two were having fun, it seemed this would not end anytime soon. “Anyone hungry?” Tina asked, causing everyone but Blake’s wives to look at them in amazement. They all wanted to ask: “Is eating the right thing to do at a time when your husband is busy fighting!?”


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