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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 231: Reinforcements Bahasa Indonesia

“The barrier is about to break! No one else has any mana left! Where are the elders!?”

“Three of the six elders have already expended everything they have but the others….”

Josline’s grandfather almost blew his beard off when he saw the other three elders had run to hide. As if that would save them, they were dealing with orcs! They did not care about anything else but killing those they deemed as enemies! “Out of the way! This old man will use everything he has left!”

Josline’s grandfather also knew he was only going to be able to buy a few more minutes but the longer their main troops were safe and sound the better. It would give them more time to live. He knew once the barrier broke then, the entire orc force would engage then it would be truly a battle to the death. “Blake, do not let this old man down!”

Not much longer later, the barrier finally fell. The bombardment stopped, and the sounds of orc war horns could be heard echoing through the sky. This was the signal to march. Ancient Earth’s war elephants stood high in the air, almost six stories tall, and carried the captain of the force as they marched forward with their flags waving in the breeze. “Kill the men and capture the women! Remember, the princess is to be left untouched! Anyone who violates this law will die!”

“For the Orcs!!!!!” A loud yell was heard, and the war drums began to resonate through the air. The dwarven shielders rushed forward to form a massive defensive wall. This was the dwarves’ third line of defense. If the shielders were pushed back, then the rest of the force would march forward.

“Shielders! Just prolong the battle. Do what you can to dig in! Do not let them ” Another smaller barrier formed around the mountain entrance. The shielders all pressed a button on their shields, digging them into the ground. While they could probably be blown away by one of the elemental bombs, the orcs loved the fight and would never take the fastest and most efficient method. They would fight face to face and kill their way through.

“Yarrrr! We dwarves are not so easily defeated!” One of the shielders yelled out. This was followed by more battle cries. These war torn men all had their fair share of experience on the battlefield, so they were not backing down so easily.

The orc forces rushed in and began slamming their weapons off the new barrier. The orc mages began casting fire spells to fly over the barrier, but those were blocked by the dwarves, who had regained some mana. The battle had once more entered a stalemate, but this would only last for so long.

At that same time, the sound of a strange roar could be heard coming from off in the distance. A train of iron machines was rushing forward. And sitting on top of one of them was a young man with horns and wings on his back. His clothes were all black, and he had armor pads on his knees. His blonde hair was ruffled by the wind, but it did not drop his imposing demeanor at all.

Blake sat there and looked at the mountain ahead. He knew the barrier had already broken. Josline had already received another message. They were currently in a stalemate, but this would only last a few more hours. With this thought in mind, Blake knocked on the roof, causing Clance to stick her head up through the moonroof. “You have an idea?”

“Grab Yui and me and teleport us over to the mountain. Tina, take over my spot and keep this convoy moving. I want you at the battlefield in less than an hour!” Blake yelled out orders. He could only jump there now and stick up another barrier to protect the dwarves.

“On it!” Tina’s voice came from inside. Clance had already grabbed Yui and was now standing next to Blake. Blake looked at Tina and smiled before kissing her lips. “Remember, smooth and straight. You should reach there in an hour without issue.”

“Got it!” Tina smiled and took over for Blake. He then disappeared from the top of the jeep.

Blake, Clance, and Yui all appeared over the battlefield, where he had Clance bring Yui to assist the dwarves and stick up a new barrier. As for Blake, he looked down at the war below and took everything in. “This is how the old world fights its battles, huh?” Blake sighed before flying towards the front line before readying a spell. He raised his hand up towards the sky…. “Hahaha! Time to test this bad boy out! Cosmic Destruction!”

A massive black orb with black arcs of lightning shot toward the orcs’ front line. This was Blake’s personal creation. He mixed a spell called black lightning with another spell called gravity pulse and came up with this new spell, cosmic destruction. A spell that created a void of gravity one thousand feet out from the impact point in all directions while attacking everything there with black lightning.

“Holy shit!” Blake yelled out as he saw the whole area sink in and the orcs all were crushed to the ground. He kept the spell away from the dwarven front line, but the damage from this spell alone just killed at least two hundred orcs instantly! “I need to be more careful with such spells. Don’t want to accidentally hit allies.” Blake wiped the sweat from his brow before looking at the orcs, who turned their gaze toward him with killing intent and hatred in their eyes. Blake smiled back at them and waved before flying over to the dwarven side.

He had only wanted to test the attack and nothing more. Today’s battle was not for him but for everyone else. It was to see how well they were going to do fighting the other races in a massive battle. Blake only planned to help keep his people alive. If the orc king knew that his own people were being used for training, he would probably die from anger. Just thinking of this, Blake almost wanted to send a message to the orc king.


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