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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 227: Present Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Two more chapters still on the way!–

In the far north, Darla’s cheeks were red. Her crotch was wet, and she was heavily breathing, just thinking about how she was going to be wrecked by that man. She had flown back to the Dragonic clan’s new home as fast as she could. In her hand was the bloody head of Triana. She did not care about the stares of those around her as she marched right toward the prince’s quarters. He had a large courtyard that overlooked the entire mountain range. You could see that it was the courtyard that was built in a very meticulous manner. Darla continued forward towards the gates, only to be stopped before being able to enter. “Stop! What are you doing!?”

“What am I doing? I am just doing what I was asked to do. I came to make a report. It will be on your head if I do not pass my message personally to the prince.” Darla snorted. Her eyes were still glazed over, but to complete her mission, she would make sure it was done perfectly.

The guards looked at each other before deciding to send on in to tell the prince. Darla only snorted and tapped her foot on the ground. The blood from the head she was carrying dripped down, creating a small pool by her feet.

Not long later, the guard came back out and allowed Darla to enter. Darla snorted and walked in without a care. Her goal was right there in front of her. As she walked into the palace, she was led by a maid to the main meeting room, where many dragonic princes and princesses were gathered. She held her head high, not caring for their glares, as she looked at the prince. “You succeeded? Where is the human?” The prince coldly asked.

“Hehe….” Darla did not reply with words, only a giggle as she tossed the head on the table. The head rolled across the table until it reached the prince with its face turned toward him. Triana’s eyes were still wide open in her moments of death. Seeing this, the prince’s face turned sour as he asked coldly: “What is the meaning of this!?”

An oppressive aura filled the room, but it did not affect Darla, whose mind was already lost to Blake’s bite. She only shook her head and said: “My master has told me to tell you…. If you dare to try to run wild on his territory again, he will not mind wiping out your entire dragonic clan. Hehe…. Isn’t he amazing! Hahaha! And as a gift, this is for you!”

“Not good she is going to explode!” The seventh prince yelled out. Darla’s body began to glow an ominous red as the power within her compact. Everyone in the room’s face turned pale because a self detonation was similar to a detonation spell but only on a smaller scale.

Darla could think of nothing else as she suddenly leaped forward towards the crown prince, Trien. Right as she was in mid air her entire body suddenly shark in on itself. A bright white light began to shine as everyone began to scatter, trying to make it out of the room.

“You dare!?” A roar came from next to Trien as Iseles pulled her brother away and stood in front of him with her arms open wide. This caused Trien to panic. “Sister, no!”


A white light engulfed the entire room as all the seals on the room burst. Everyone except for the few seats near the front of the table and the spot where the crown prince and Iseles were sitting had already escaped the room. In an instant, during that time, the entire room was vaporized. Two princes and three princesses were not quick enough and were caught up in the blast and instantly perished. But as the light dimmed, Iseles still stood there. Her clothes made of her scale were burnt away, revealing a grotesque wound on her body. Her flesh had melted, and her face had almost burnt off. Her entire body stood straight, with her arms spread out in front of her. Her only thought was to protect the one she loved.

“Iseles!” Trien, who only received minor burns, looked at his sister and quickly pulled her into his arms, and began trying to heal her, but the wounds on her body would still take a long time. Unlike normal wounds, a detonation from a person would cause wounds to heal extremely slowly. No one knew why but they would. Trien’s face was bad. He quickly scooped his sister up and walked out of the destroyed room. He paused and looked at his younger brothers and sisters and yelled: “Find out who the fuck caused this! I want them alive! They dare fuck with my dragon clan and hurt my sister!? They will suffer a fate worse than death!”

The third princess and the fourth princess looked at each other and quickly walked away. They both went back to the third princess’s room and closed the door before putting up a soundproofing barrier. “What do you think, Olia?”

“I am not sure, but the person who did this was able to turn Triana and Darla against each other. I know those two. They fought, but they were like sisters. To have such control on Darla to the point that she would even sacrifice her life for them makes this person above normal.” The fourth princess, Olia, replied.

“Olia, you are right. This person is definitely not normal. We should go out and meet this person ourselves. If he is strong, we may be able to use him.” The third princess, Yiki, replied with a sly smile.

“Yiki, I would wait first. Let’s do some intelligence gathering and try to figure this out first. If this person is truly powerful, we might end up like Darla.”Olia did not want to rush things. Steady and slow to make sure everything was done right was the correct path.

“You are right.” Yiki nodded her head. “I am always trying to rush. We will do as you say and do things slowly.”


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