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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 215: Eat Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as they entered the tent, they found themselves in a small sectioned off area. And from the front, they could hear someone eating a meal. Now while entering the tent like this could have been dangerous, between Noa and Blake, there really was no danger. Noa silently put up a barrier around the tent and waited. They only needed to wait for Bret and the soldiers to get into place.

Outside the base Bret had his soldiers to half surround the orcs who were all gathered in the center of the camp. Just the sight of them eating people from Destiny city really did not sit well with Bret and the others. Some even felt sick to their stomachs.

Once word came over the radio that they were in position, Bret finally gave the order. “Fire at will!”

*Boom!* *Boom!*

The sounds of explosions rang out as beams of blue light streaked across the camp and pierced through the unsuspecting orcs. Not a single orc was on lookout or even willing to pay attention to their surroundings which showed just how highly they thought of themselves. But now they were scattering like flies as the beams of light fired at them, killing half of them in an instant. “Reload! Next volley!”

Inside the tent, the orc leader stopped eating and ran to the door to find out what was going on, only to find he was trapped inside. “What!? What is this!?” The orc leader raised his hand and chanted a spell, trying to destroy the barrier but even after a few tries, his attacks were not able to do a thing.

“Now, now…. You can’t expect to break through every barrier, right? You still need to practice more.” Blake walked out from the back side of the tent with a smile on his face. As for Noa, she was staying hidden. While the girls now had a means of blocking their scent from orcs and goblins, if they were seen visually, the orcs would be set off. Blake did not want some disgusting orc ogling his wife.

“You!? What are you?” The orc leader immediately went on guard. He had never seen a being like Blake before. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear from this man.

“Who am I? I am me. Who are you?” Blake asked with a smile. His little riddle caused the orc leader to feel very confused. “Now then. You can not leave…. But I can….” Blake opened the curtain to the tent and looked outside. The guard who was standing there suddenly froze when he saw someone other than the leader come out. Blake gave him a meaningful smile before waving his hand, sending a blade of wind at the guard, slicing the guard in half. Blake then dragged the two halves of the guard into the tent and turned his gaze onto the orc leader. ” Now then…”

“We just need you to take a seat. Don’t be scared.” Blake’s smile grew even brighter. He knew for a fact that this orc leader did not use his own magic to break the barrier. He must have used some other means of destroying it. Mainly he felt no fear for this man. Nothing like what he felt from the golden carp.

Blake looked at the meat that had not been finished on the table and waved his hand. The food was swept off the table, and then, with a loud bang, the two halves of the orc guard were placed on top. “Now then….. Eat.” Blake’s expression grew cold. His icy gaze sent chills down the orc leader’s spine. The orc leader did not know why he felt so much fear of this man.

“Eat? You tossed it on the floor.” The orc leader still did not understand what Blake meant.

“Huh? The food is on the table. Eat. If you do not eat on your own, I will force feed you myself!” Blake waved his hand, his magic power bursting out of his body as he used a wind spell to blow the orc leader into his chair. The orc leader felt something was off and quickly cast a fireball at Blake. Blake only smiled, seeing the fireball, and waved his hand, sending it flying back at the orc leader. “You! I will kill you! You dare make a fool of me!?” The orc leader tried to copy what Blake did but for some reason, no matter how many times he chanted a spell and sent out gust of wind, the fireball did not change course!

“Damn you!” The orc leader yelled out as he dodged, only for the fireball to change course on its own and follow after him.


An explosion rang out, catching part of the tent on fire. Blake waved his hand and put the flames out before looking at the orc leader, who looked like a mess lying on the ground with a blue barrier surrounding him. “How dare you! Do you want to make enemies of us, orcs!? Do you think a single man can handle the entire orc clan!? Our orc elders are much stronger than you!”

“Oh~! I am so scared! Look, I’m shaking!” Blake held out his hand, which was as still as a stone on the side of the road, and pursed his lips. “Haha, I lied. I am not shaking. Let me shake it a bit.” Blake literally shook his hand back and forth before continuing: “See! Shaking!”

“I will not let you look down on me! Die!” The orc leader once more sent out a spell, but this time it was bolts of lighting shooting right at Blake. Blake did not dare look down on the power of lightning. He quickly set up a barrier and let the lightning hit him. The bolts of lightning arced all around him until finally dissipated. Only then did Blake begin to clap his hands.

“Good! Very good! I thank you for the light show now. I will only say this once more…. Eat!”


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