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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 210.2: Faana’s Closure Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

When Faana woke, she looked around in confusion. She only remembered crying in her sister’s arms, but now she was lying against the broad chest of the man she had always thought about. Her little face turned red as she gazed up at Blake’s sleeping face. She looked around a few times before leaning close to his face as she whispered to herself. “Just one will be okay, right?”

“Faana, if you plan to sneak a kiss, it’s best to make sure the person in question is fully asleep.” Blake opened his eyes to meet a pair of shocked eyes. Faana quickly jumped back and almost fell over when she saw Blake waking up.

“I…. I wasn’t going to….” Faana blushed. She didn’t even know what to say.

“It’s fine.” Blake smiled and stretched. “I brought you here because I wanted to talk with you.”

“Huh?” Faana suddenly had a bad feeling. She was starting to worry that she was about to be fully rejected now.

Blake smiled and reached out, and ruffled her hair. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. I just wanted you to know that no matter what, I will wait for you. No matter how many years pass, you will always have a spot next to me. While I can not treat you as one of my wives fully yet, that does not mean I will push you away. If you wish to hug me, hug me. If you want to spend a night like this once and a while, just ask. I will not neglect you. I will treat you as family and someone who will one day become my wife. So do not feel sad. Do not think that you will never reach that point because even now, my wives are trying to figure out ways to fix your body. Once we figure it out, that same day, you will officially become my wife.”

Faana felt as if her heart was going to burst. She had been so afraid that he would never want her, but here he was saying he would wait and that they would work together so she could one day be his wife. Faana’s eyes were raining tears as she jumped into Blake’s arms and nuzzled into his chest. Her heart which had been filled with regret, sadness, and sorrow, was now blooming with pure love for the man she was now hugging. He had given her a new reason for living. Filled the gap that had been missing for so long in her long, long life, and now he was filling her heart with the purest most sweetest sensation ever.

After crying once more for a long time, Faana passed out once again. It was then that Lillia walked into the room to see what was going on since Blake had not come to bed yet. When he saw him gently patting Faana’s head and how this younger sister of hers was sound asleep, she couldn’t help but smile. “She looks very happy right now.”

“She has a lot of problems she is trying to shoulder on her own. While we do not have a way to fix her current problem, I can at least reassure her that I am waiting for her.” Blake replied. Lillia nodded and climbed up on the bed, and leaned against Blake’s shoulder.

“We will designate one night for her to spend with you like this. It will at least give her some more reassurance that she is not being ignored by you or forgotten. Ever since she has come here, she has always kept an eye on you, always looking in your direction. But she is slowly maturing properly, and her mind is now catching up to her age which is a good thing. Now we just need to do something about her body.” Lillia reached out and gently ran her fingers through Faana’s hair. She really did like this little sister of hers.

“Alright, but during the day, I will need to….” Blake had to face it. No matter what, his race was still his race. He still needed to feed and get rid of some of his lust. He was only fine now because he did it with Yui and used Mina’s mouth, but tomorrow morning he would need to be relieved once more.

“I know, don’t worry. I make sure the girls are up early so we can serve you.” Lillia grinned and kissed Blake’s cheek as she got up. “Right…. After tomorrow’s bout, you need to take care of Destiny and Hope for a bit. Rin is no longer around early in the morning, and Nellie has been attached to Sister Noa’s side.”

“Alright. I will take them out for a walk. Also, I got something good today. Mina might have told you already, but if we all take it, we will grow in strength, and I got quite a bit of it.” Blake said as he took out his specially measured bottle of mana liquid.

“This is good stuff. This should put you close to your third evolution. This will even help me grow in power. This pureness couldn’t even be found in the old world. You truly are lucky.” Lillia was quite surprised when she took the bottle and smelled the liquid inside. She put the cap back on the bottle and said: “Alright, I will go tell my sisters we have the night off but will have a rough morning. Spend the day with your daughters tomorrow. Using mana liquid will take a while for you to consume it all.”

“I planned to. I know I am slacking as a father, but I do try to give them attention….” Blake felt bad he was always busy, but he hardly had much time for his babies. Because of his lust, he couldn’t have them in the room at night, and during the day, he was always busy around the base trying to get things done. From the way things were, he would probably be having child after child soon, and his family will grow to numbers unheard of, but he felt that he was truly lacking as a father.

Lilla shook her head as she said: “You are doing what you can to protect us all. That is all that matters.”


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