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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 193.1: Dungeon Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake found himself standing in front of a large metal door in the depths of the canyon section of the training ground. The reason he chose this one was because Lillia recommended it to him. She said it was the best place to begin his training in because it was not too easy nor too hard at the start. It would give him a proper challenge.

The metal doors were inscribed with many different runic markings, along with carvings of many different monsters. Next to the doors was a plaque with strange lettering carved into it as well. The dungeons that Lillia and Noa created were special since they were instanced. No one would end up in the same dungeon unless you registered your team to go in with you. It was because of this that made these dungeons really good. They were small little pocket dimensions created using supreme magic. Magic Blake could only dream about using. Just to get to use such magic, he would need to reach the heights of the monsters of the human race that were able to fight on par with the ather dragons against the dragonic.

The reason he wanted to do the dungeons to train was because the outside world was still too easy. It was not helping him progress much. Only the pregnant human monster was able to really do anything to him. He did not know how strong such a monster was, but he worried. The thing inside the pregnant human monster might just end up being something he will need to fight to the death with later on. Something that even the dragonic will need to fear.

He had not really had too many encounters that would require him to fight all out just yet since becoming a drakani. He did not know his limits yet. Blake walked over to the plaque at the side and placed his hand on it, and injected his mana. Seconds later, a rumbling sound was heard, and the doors at his side slowly began to open. But instead of opening all the way, they stop once they open enough for a few people to pass through.

Blake was just about to step through when he heard a voice coming from behind him. “Wait for us!”

Blake turned to see two sets of huge melons bouncing up and down. Mona and Moha were running over as fast as they could. Blake was confused because they should have been with Lillia for training. “Why are you here?”

“Sister Lillia wanted us to come with you, so you did not need to leave the dungeon to feed. She said it would be pointless to run off for a month without any food. So we are here to help you during this time.” Mona explained as she came to a stop, her huge breasts bouncing up and down like two huge blobs of jello.

Blake smiled. He had not thought of that. He reached out and rubbed both girls’ heads and said: “Then welcome aboard.” With these girls here, he was indeed a bit happy. He knew that out of all his wives, the two mookin girls were lacking when it came to understanding on how to use magic. While they would slowly learn, they were not close to being able to as of yet.

But going with him for an entire month and fighting inside the dungeon should help them grow a bit more. Plus, they were both sturdy and could take a pounding from him. When he loses himself in his lust, only a few of his wives could last a while. Mona and Moha were two of them.

“Alright, let’s go in!” Blake took both girls’ hands and walked towards the door. He peeked into the opening to see nothing but darkness. He took a breath and stepped forward, bringing both girls with him.

When he entered, he found himself in a ruins inside a canyon. The scenery did not change much except for the broken ruins and the tall palace-looking structure off in the distance. While this was a dungeon, it was not like one of the dungeons with floors you clear automatically. That was just part of this kind of dungeon. Lillia had told him each dungeon was done in phases. The first part with the outdoor phase, where he would need to clear out the monsters to reach the second phase, which was the siege phase. He would need to break through the enemy lines and charge into the castle or palace in their distance to finally get into the real dungeon phase, where you would need to clear floor after floor, and each floor had a strong boss-like monster. Lillia based it on the games he had talked about before with her.

“Blake, what should we do?” Mona asked. She already had a massive sledgehammer in her hand. Both she and Moha were extremely strong. It was one of the mookin race’s traits.

“I want you to handle any additional monsters that sneak up on us. I will take the front. If there is only one target, just stand back and let me fight. This might change later to multiple targets as work on my combat abilities. But if you are struggling in the fight, please retreat and call out to me. I will come and help.” Blake pulled both girls close and kissed their lips. “Do not get hurt trying to protect me.”

“Mmm…” Both girls hummed and smiled brightly. They could finally be of use to their bull!

Blake looked around at the area he was in. There were a few broken pillars and walls here and there throughout the dusty, rocky landscape in front of him. Only a few leafless bushes could be seen growing out of the cracks in certain areas. The red rock of the area around him looked like an ocean of blood. But not too far away were orcs walking back and forth with large mallets in their hands. “Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?”


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