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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 184: Off Course Bahasa Indonesia

–An) I have no idea what happened but this should have been released 6 hours ago!–

Blake’s consciousness came back to him as he held the dried husk, which used to be a young woman, in his arms. He wrinkled his brow and dropped it to the ground as he looked around. He really hated the feeling of losing control of himself. He did not feel like himself. Luckily he did not seem to need too much blood for the time being, but he figured he should feed a few more times before trying to make it back to the base.

While he felt bad for those he was about to use as a means to feed his hunger, he knew that if he did not do this, he would end up doing the same as he did to the poor girl he had just killed, to many more people until he was full. He would rather control his feeding and at least leave them with their life still intact. He had no feelings for these people, but he did not want to kill them either. He might now be a drakani, but he was still him.

Blake looked around. His vision was still flickering in and out of normal vision and his blood lust vision. He quickly spotted another target and made his way there. When he arrived, he spotted a young woman around eighteen years of age. She was not considered beautiful compared to his wives, but it seemed she had suffered a lot since the apocalypse happened. When she saw Blake, her eyes filled with fear. She wanted to scream out, but her voice got caught in her throat. Before she knew it, she had been consumed by Blake’s charm and was now blushing from ear to ear, and her body was growing hot.

Blake looked at the girl who had fallen to the ground and reached his hand out to her. She shyly took his hand and allowed him to pull her to her feet. He then grabbed her chin and tilted her head to the side. He opened his mouth, baring his fangs, and sunk them into her neck.


A muffled moan escaped the girl’s lips as she felt the blood being drained from her body. But she did not seem to care as her hands gripped Blake’s shirt and her hips pressed up against Blake’s leg as she slowly moved it back and forth. It was obvious that she was turned on. Blake’s lust began to rise as he felt the girl pushing against him. He gritted his teeth and decided to release a little bit. He pulled his mouth from her neck and pushed the girl’s head down, and unzipped his pants. The girl’s eyes lit up as if she was drunk, and carefully took his dick into her mouth and began sucking on it.

The girl had a smile on her lips as she bobbed her head back and forth, her eyes upturned as she looked up at Blake. His handsome face turned her on even more as she shoved her hands into her pants and began stroking herself. Blake did not care too much about what she was doing. He only wanted to use her mouth, and since he was not holding himself back as he would do for his girls, he pulled out and released his load on the girl’s face before disappearing from sight.

He reappeared on top of a building and washed his dick off, then looked around for his next target. He figured he would feed once more and then leave. He did not move right away. He stood there and rubbed the spot between his brow. He wondered just how much of a dick he was to do such a thing….

Sighing, he quickly found his last target and fed once more, this time controlling any thoughts of lust that welled up inside him. His race was quite amazing, but at the same time, could cause problems.

“Now that I am full, I should try to head home.” Blake flew back into the air and looked around. He spotted what looked like the crater he had made and flew over to it and tried to aim for a straight line, and flew off into the distance.

If Blake had looked closely enough, he would have realized that the spot he was floating above was a natural crack in the rock that looked similar to the one he had made. If he had flown around the corner, he would have seen the one he made, which would have made him fly at more of an angle than what he was currently flying towards. While he was not too far off course at this time, the further he flew, the further he would fly away from the base. But since he was in too much of a rush to get home, he had made a stupid mistake.

At the base. Tina, Noa, and the rest made it back to the base. Everyone had finally been healed by Noa on the way back after she had regained enough mana. Bret’s gear in the back was completely burnt away. He did not even stop to take out a new set of clothing since he did not wish to waste any time. “Noa, we are here. Quickly go get Clance and have her bring my brother back.”

“You do not need to tell me that. After all, he is My and Sister Tina’s Husband.” Noa was already moody because of her not knowing if Blake was alive or not. She quickly ran into the base and found Clance sitting and talking with Lillia at a table outside the palace. Lillia quickly sensed something was wrong when she saw the look of urgency on Noa’s face. “Sister Noa, what is wrong!?”

“I will explain in a second.” Noa looked directly at Clance and said: “Clance, I need you to go out and find my husband and bring him back.”

Lillia’s brow furrowed as she stood up and grabbed Noa by the shoulders, and looked her dead in the eye. “What happened to Blake?”

“He…. He was blown away when the pregnant human monster suddenly used a detonation spell. At least, I think so. I can only hope. As long as Clance still has her slave contract intact, he is alive.” Noa’s eyes began to well up with tears again. She wished she could find Blake right this instant.

“Don’t worry. He is alive.” Clance reassured as she stood up. “I promise I will bring Master back alive no matter what or die trying.”


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