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“Ahem….” Blake cleared his throat as he pulled Yui to the front. “Yui, these are your sisters. Lillia is the head Wife.”

“Oh? Yui?” Lillia looked at the girl in front of her, who kept her eyes lowered and was fiddling with her fingers. The tail that swished back and forth and the ears that danced around. Seeing her cute face begin to blush, all the girls suddenly stood up and began fawning all over her. “Blake, you did amazing! You brought us such a cute sister!”

Yui began to get flustered as she felt multiple hands all over her body. She looked at Blake with pleading eyes, only for Blake to turn away. He said a silent prayer for the fox girl. She would not be very free for the next few days. But he also let out a sigh of relief. He was glad the girls did not mind him bringing home a new wife.

Lillia had her fun and sat back down and leaned her head on Blake’s shoulder. She reached out and interlocked her finger with Blake’s. “You know I should have been the only one, but I am glad to have so many sisters who we can all rely on. Back before, I always wondered why men had multiple wives, and I detested it at that time due to the fighting I would see between the girls. But you…. You treat us all fairly without leaving any of us out. And with Tina teaching us about girl-on-girl relations, it has led to us all being able to release our stress as we wait for you to come back. I can say for sure that even if more wives come, I will still be happy no matter what.”

“I am happy that I can make you all happy. When I see you all smiling as you are now, I can’t help but smile. Each one of you is precious to me, so I will work hard to grow even stronger. I will be sure to reach the pinnacle of this world and tell everyone that you are my wife. You will never have to hide ever again.” Blake pulled Lillia into his arms and kissed her lips. He had never thought of having anyone other than her at the start, but now here he was with many he cared about, but he had to say he was a happy man.

“Hehe.” Lillia giggled as she nuzzled her nose into his chest. Yui had already been dragged to sit down by the other girls who were fluffing her tail. Her face was bright red, but she did not pull away. She just allowed them to do as they pleased.

Lillia looked over at Clance and Princess Josline and asked: “What do you plan to do with those two?”

“Hmmm?” Blake looked over at the dwarf princess and the dragonic girl and fell into thought. “I will take them both in. While I know most of it has to do with my charm, Princess Josline is a dwarf princess, and it will tie us to them. Plus, she has shown her interest since the start. As for Clance….. I will decide after Faana. I kinda want to see if I can make every dragonic woman fall for me. Wouldn’t that really anger those bastards?”

Lillia suddenly burst out laughing. “Thinking about. It would. Having the dragonic princesses and women all bowing down to you, wanting nothing to do with their own kind, would definitely strike a blow to their population. They would not be able to even give birth to new dragonic if you stole their women. Although, you should talk with Faana. She is very upset about her body and wants to be with you, but she is afraid of rejection.”

Blake scratched his head. He really did not know how he felt about this. “Is there a way to fix her condition?”

Lillia shook her head. “Hers might be psychological. If she can somehow fix her inferiority, she might blossom a bit. But I am not sure if that will be possible. She has slowly grown to understand many things. But she still has something holding her back.”

“Then we will need to wait. Maybe after she has her talk with Clance, things will work out.” Blake sighed and leaned into Lillia. “Should I take in Princess Josline?”

“Mm…. I think it will be good. Not because of your new race but because it will bring in closer ties to the dwarfs. I think this is beneficial if we are to truly become a full-fledged kingdom in the future.” Lillia nodded. She was already used to new girls joining now, so a few more now would not be too bad.

“Then I will speak with her tomorrow.” Blake felt it was funny how he was actually getting accustomed to this.

“No! Tonight and tomorrow, you are all mine!” Lillia grinned as she slipped her hand up Blake’s thigh and leaned in, and bit his earlobe. “I won the bet. So I get you to myself for two nights.”

Blake chuckled and nodded his head. “Then I guess I will have to make sure I take good care of you then, but, will you be able to handle it?”

Lillia’s brow twitched. She forgot that she might end up dying if she was the only one who was with him… “Ahem…. You can go meet the girls if I look like I can’t go on.”

Blake chuckled and scooped Lillia up. “Then there is no time like the present.”

As Lillia squealed as she was carried away, Tina stopped fluffing Yui and looked towards the other two newcomers, and walked over. She had been listening to Blake and Lillia, so she knew their plans. She walked right over to Princess Josline and took her hands, startling the dwarf princess. “Princess, come with me. It will be good for you to get to know everyone.”

Princess Josline was confused but did not dare reject Tina’s invitation. She was pulled over to the group and then bombarded with many questions along with Yui. As for Clance, she stared at the dwarf princess with envy. But she only got to stare for a few seconds before her vision was blocked. She looked up to see a short girl who looked like a teenager standing there, staring at her with narrowed eyes. “Come with me.”

“Alright.” Clance knew she was probably going to get beaten up, and she was bound by her slave contract and the contract Mina placed on her that disallowed her from being able to harm anyone Blake cared about. Faana, on the other hand, could beat her as she wished. While normally she would never allow such humiliation, she made a promise, and she now realized after meeting everyone today that her sister was treated unfairly. Her view of the world changed after meeting Blake and how he treated people. He did not lead by fear as the dragonic did. He leads by being a good leader and not a tyrant. He had the charisma that made people want to follow him.

A little while later, down in the desert section of the training ground, Faana stood in front of Clance. “I really wish to beat you senseless right now!”

“I know….” Clance nodded. She could see the pain in Faana’s eyes. She could only lower her head. “I will take any punishment. I know I have treated you wrongly all these years and am responsible for some of your pain. You may do as you will, even if it means killing me. I will not fight back. Not that I can, but even if I could, I still would not.”

Faana’s eyes began to well up with tears. She should hate Clance, but she couldn’t fully hate her due to their blood ties. No matter what, they were still sisters. She looked at Clance, who was looking at the ground, and bit her lip. “At least fucking look at me! Why? Why was I being treated so unfairly? Why was I tossed aside!? I did nothing wrong! I never asked to be born this way, and you all blamed me for it. Picked on me and even beat me for it. So why!? Tell me why!?”

“Faana….” Clance raised her head. She also began to tear up. “It’s because of how we are raised. Strength makes right. This is how our dragonic clan was raised. As long as you are strong, you are able to do as you please. You are to look down on those weaker than you. Even within the clan, this is how things are done. Our father hammered this into us from a young age. Pitted us against each other for his own entertainment. You…. I can say you were slightly lucky….”

“Lucky!? I almost starved to death on many occasions! I was forced to eat shit by one of our brothers. I was kicked and beaten until I was on my last breath. I suffered so many fucking years for what!?” Faana screamed. She wiped her tears and stepped forward, drew back her fist, and threw it out towards Clance’s face. But her fists stopped just before making contact. She really could not bring herself to do it!

Clance looked at Faana’s eyes, which were filled with frustration and killing intent, yet did not act on it. “This is why I say you are lucky. You have a kind heart Faana. You are what a true dragonic should be like. Not this twisted mess that makes up our current clan. Our clan is declining. Over the millions of years that have gone by since our rise, we have been slowly degrading. Our powers slowly becoming weaker.

“Faana, you met a good man. You met a man who took you in even though he should hate you. He treats you well and cares about you to the point that he would get so mad at me that he would slap me with everything he had. It was like a wake-up call for me. I know he is not as strong as I am, but he still used everything he had and had the strength to toss me to the ground with a single slap. He did it all for you. While you have suffered, you were able to keep something that is precious. That is your heart.”


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